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  1. You are a bit naive it is not Khatumo specific that her leaders hold foreign passports. Your president holds what passport, oh I forgot SL passport was? :) ... And remember Khatumo is a year old entity, change takes time, Khatumo landmass and its population are neither small nor less resourceful compared with other regions. However, there has been a lack of leadership in my community, still many things are not right in the relatively new State but they appear to be on right trajectory to put their past faults right.

  2. Mintid Farayar;929950 wrote:


    As you allude to in your previous post, the cruelty of geography makes the region dependent on either SL or PL.


    So what's the solution?

    Indeed you don't choose your neighbors, you also stuck with me and bad or good our association is a bidirectional one but this is beneficial to only those who are willing to accept the reality on the ground. Nevertheless, solution is simple, each clan state should respect the other's wishes if not you know what can happen. With that said, no clan state will be viable in the long run but having it now is a necessity.

  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;929943 wrote:
    The looters incorporated


    I think the Garaad clan those who still have hope that with waving the blue flag you will be valued in Mogadishu and given a share of the political pie. Will soon also see the light its just a matter of time. I think Taleexi is a rational guy he sees what went wrong right now or the past 21 years and how he wasted time first on Puntland than the SSC than the Khatumo project its time for a radical approach.

    Radical approach of restructuring Khatumo State and crafting/setting new visions for the State. Creating new realities on the ground and taking into heart the education, development and other civic engagements.

  4. Oodweyne;929939 wrote:


    You may consider yourself to be the "chosen ones" when it comes to Somalia, but as professor Galeydh found out to his cost, in Mugadisho, the fleece-ridden dogs in the street corners, has more of a consideration for the political elites of that city than you could ever hope to have in their eyes..


    But then again I am sure if the "looters incorporated" who runs that thieves-infested city call you up to be yet again a "shilling-a-day" foot-soldier, like you were for Gen. Barre, then you would be right here of SOL, proceeding to belly-dance for your new vocation...


    Hence its no use I suppose to think that one of these days you will grow to have a discriminating mind of your own in which furthermore you could use it to tell as to what price your political dignity should be worth to others who now seems to purchase you rather cheaply.


    Assumptions remain merely to be assumptions - I am here to promote think globally act locally for Khatumo folks. For too long they've been fighting for national idealism and their return of investment was in the red. Without name calling, can you articulate how your experimentation entity survive without Khatumo approval? of course which is highly unlikely.

  5. Saaxiib what works for you may not necessarily work for me so, your monolithic view in Somali politics isn't the solution. However, Khatumo has to do their homework first, a view many of my kin folk may disagree, and then we must work with our neighbors be SL, PL or Somali Region, and Khatumo has to have a nominal relationship with the Federal Government. That is my strategy. Relatively, Khatumo may seem bit disoriented and less economical power house than your clan enclave but it has the right to seek its inalienable rights for self determination and has the potential to bring the chicken home to roost.

  6. Clan is our religion - the earlier we accept that the better for all concerned. Wixii intaa ka soo hara waa shimbirayahow heesa, akhyaarta golaha ku jirta ee brainwash-ka lagu sameeyey, oo laga dhaadhiciyey wax Somaliland la yiraahdo, oo midaysan baa jirta, waa wax lala yaabo, wanaag badan oo ay dhulkooda ka sameeyeen waa jirtaa balse beelaha bariga aan ka soo jeedo have nothing to do with its political aspirations therefore, SL should redraw its map and rewrite its constitution if they want to be taken seriously. If not ha wareegto giraantu :)

  7. Abwaan;924584 wrote:
    I think this is good news. The ball is now on the government's court; they need to arm their forces wisely and handle arms carefully. They should also think about a national plan to disarm the civilians. Let me just remind the critics over here that this decision applies to all Somalia not Mogadishu so we should all celebrate together. There is no such a thing like one side winner I guess. It is not like that Abwaan, Oba and Gabbal can and will bring guns in
    but we are talking about a government over here and government forces will be stationed all around the country insha Allaah.

    Abwaan: Haddii 4.5 loo qaybsanayo dhibi ma jirto!