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  1. Shall Somalia's an ever evolving, renewing ethnic conflict and cycle of violence come to an end? - In an other words, will we ever just all get alone?, I believe we will but it will be too little too late, what do you guys think?

  2. Compromise is attainable phenomena within the sphere of ethnic conflicts. Clearly, we Somalis abuse the term compromise to the extreme and for some odd and mysterious reasons - we always proof wrong some natural centrifugal characteristics we possess which were supposed to make societies more cohesive and strong. We remain to be some sort of unique species on the planet. In sum, we are so close yet so afar. Our president can not exercise freely a selective justice when it suits him and at the same time regional admins can not operate in a vacuum as if the country has no government. Their efforts should be streamlined while the stipulations of the current professional constitution honored.

  3. Prof. Samatar is a capable, self-made man and role model to many however, his current political gaffe and misguided change of heart will not amount to anything - he all of a sudden believes the Somaliland of the sixties as it were to be restored, it isn't only impossible but morally wrong, Eastern clans are gone for good, Awdal is on the balance. The fallacies of his recent logic are many for instance; where he thinks Somalia and Somaliland could sit together as equal partners where they share resources and power equally and in proportions, are southerners id-iots or what and we all know there is no way Delaware and California could've a same representation in any shape or form possible. And finally, whose Somaliland is he talking about.? As it stands, SL is one clan project and should be treated as such - any other assumption is protracting the misery of our people.