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  1. XX: Somalia is a unitary state as we and the rest of the world know it. The chances of reversing to how it was in 1960 is very slim if not impossible at all. The choices are very clear, the scramble of Somalia where every clan has its clan state or the nation stays together where genuine reconciliation committees bridge the gap in our fractured societies. Clearly, some zealots have been programming your lot for quite some time therefore, it is very hard for you to accept the reality insofar Makhir and Khatumo folks are concerned. They opted out to be part of your experimentation exercise - You always refer to colonial boundaries, don't you understand political evolution, the border between former colonies ceased to exist in 1960, rectifying it is insanity. In particular, only one clan of the north wants it is even worse. My State, California, used to be part of Mexico at once, the chances of it going back to Mexico are what?... !, In sum, the longer you stay in isolation, the longer you don't only lose political leverage in Somali political arena but the longer you leave your kids with social scars where they only even resort to and feel comfortable with one clan off-springs. Saaxiib, I see social problems in the horizon.

  2. ah, I hope inaanay sheekadii Shiikh Nuune oo kale ahayn in his other thread where when one tells a girl "I love you" she responds bax waad edeb daran tahaye -

  3. STOIC;912451 wrote:
    This is a true story from a guy that lived in my side of the USA (DMV area)..He was from my Clan and Join Sheikh Shareef government...Now read this The secret of getting a Somali governmental job if you are Reer Waqoyi (I.D.
    .R specifically) is this; Start a blog to praise the president and his government.Once in a while post a column in Hiiraan Online and let your name be known...Distance yourself from all the secesionist get-togethers (or May 18th celebrations)..Post your pictures and status on facebook how you are meeting with ambassadors from different countries..and when the Shiiiit hits the fan comeback to your Xamaali...

    I may know the guy u are referring to .. A or C is his initial :)

  4. Malika;912396 wrote:
    Lol..Taleexi, your getting soft in your 'mature' aged brother - iska dicii, iska dicii baan kuleyahay, whats this about getting along eeh?..Lool

    Por favor, remove the quotes mature aged brother. it is legit my dear. Ma iska dhici baa sheekadu, wallee nin haween dabada kaga jiro baan hurdo ledin.

  5. If people believe in themselves nothing can stop them hence human will is stronger than iron bars. For the secessionist lot, deduct Khatumo economic input to your next fiscal budget. Considering all odds against Khatumo, SSC will prevail. Quite frankly, Khatumo landmass is richer in many places but it has suffered bad leadership for many years. Fortunately, people are more self-reliant than ever and that is a positive development.

  6. Yes to regional federalism, no to clan federalism, which part of my stand you don't understand. Don't look our differences from further - In my case, I didn't disown my clan but unlike you I don't believe it either that my clan agenda being divine and holly. SL as we know of it habrahaa iska leh and on behalf of Makhir and Khatumo, we want to live in peace with your clan enclave aka SL. If you think SL is my government, keep preaching.


    What infrastructure are you talking? about the port and the highway of former government , what good governance; the so called multiparty system = multiclan - habraha i mean, waging war with its neighbors and causing much more mayhem and further destruction is a good governance in the views of your lot. Private sector advanced and I concur this. With that said, Khatumo is not a problem free, but sure it has changed the political landscape of the north for the better, give 5 more years and we can discuss its impact, I'm only asking a quarter of the lifespan of your enclave. Halkaa ha inoo joogto maanta.

  7. Clan States will not work in the long run (the scramble of your ill-conceived SL is attestation of that) that doesn't mean regional states are not possible in Somalia's envisaged federal frame work guided by its operational constitution. Wax baad maanta fahmaysaa, your clan should not worry about Khatumo rather their own problems, war wax fahan, Khatumo and Makhir are must to have for your likes to see the light. What about the two countries talking horta, In sum, Khatumo waa ku deysey, bal ii sheeg waxa SL u qabatay dadkeeda for 20 years only it brainwashed you and filled you up with hate and animosity for the unknown (the rest of Somalis):)