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  1. walaalkis;951979 wrote:
    I don't suppor this and never will.


    I wonder how the people in Khatumo and awdal state feel about this . Lets talk to the real people not the one in power

    Let us not spoil the party and wait the politics till tomorrow for goodness sake. Khatumo & Awdal have other days set in their festive.

  2. XX, Jimce wanaagsan which nation shall we share, ma ka habraha, xaasha igama suurowdo? haddaan si kale u dhigo Dhu-los iyo War-sangeli weren't, aren't and will not be part of your experimentation, koleyba i fahmimaysid ee qof nool oo soo taagan waa in aan wuxuun ku iraahdo.


    Waa saas Aaliyah bal mar mar odayga u jawaab :)

  3. They are my people, without them I wouldn't be here, and I believe in one way or another I'm obliged to find a formula of which we can live side by side in peace and mutual trust but it takes two to tango. Clearly, Khatumo and Makhir communities should resist the naked aggression of "SL" militia and pay any price for their birthright liberty. Iga gunud, Clan states will not work in my view, or they will work for every clan in Somalia.

  4. Marwo Soofe at least she is honest about her feelings unlike many here on SOL.


    Caku Aaliyah sow Xaaji Xunjuf ma barato, monolithic, programmed macro script he is. Habraha ruling Darwiishta is a devine in his books, how can you have a civil discussion with such a person, the only way forward is having a real narrative on the ground - and it is there.