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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;957683 wrote:
    Waxan anigu ahay muhiim maha eeh dadkan caruurtan laga dhadhiciye burco iyo buhoodle isku dhaqan ahayn hadana raba Somaliweyn oo leh Somali wa isku dhaqan isku diin isku af, Salaadu halkay iska qabsan laaadahay.Dadkan wa dad is wada burinaya, i dont blame these kids abayashood ba waalay.

    Eebbow haa iyo maya meel ha nagaga wada yeedhsiin. For the record, you've been claiming for years there is nothing between your tribe and the rest of Somalis. Changing your position happens with time and space.

  2. nuune;957297 wrote:
    , do you want to know a secret or you probably already knew, the level of divorce was zero during our grandfather's times, why, because they paid hundreds of camels for the wife, and they would not let her go that easily, so that is the survival mode, and that is what the communities now need with your suggetsion of gold, waa inuu ninka 1,000 gram iyo ka badan dhigaa before even consumating the marriage, that will reduce the divorce rate drastically, of course,the Jinnis in my neck of the wood, ma naqaano wax furniin la dhaho and we don't pay camels or gold, we have a simple procedure for arranging the Jinni girl to be married off, we call it: Qidanlufajkal(just writing the sound in Somali), and it means markaad aragto gabadha waa aragtida ugu horreysee waxad qodeysaa hog dheer si ay ugu dhax dhacdo, waad ka daba tagi, waad ka soo bixin hoga ayadoo tunta kuu saarantahey, and that is the romantic side, maba ku diideyso, I wish I could export this dhaqan to our Somalis.

    Xaliimooyinka qaar baa smart ah oo taladaada qaadan doono :)

  3. Ibti, I feel disgrace and empty that I cannot honor and pass on the tradition of my ancestors. I will see if the gurus of your family (Ngonge, Oodweyne and et tal) can make any other arrangement of going forward. I'm camel-less but I've a heart, how about if we make a deal though, no camels for you and you delay having babies for couple of years!

  4. Gender war shall carry on. Each group must fight to their inalienable rights until mutually beneficial settlement surfaces. Since human inception these two mysterious opposing species have never been in harmony in a grand scale and if history means anything the future looks bleak :)

  5. Ahhaa, priceless. U penned and summed it up artistically in here "There are no ‘Drone’ phalluses that can fly, make a woman feel like a woman, and then return to their base." - This is a homework for the gigs, nerds and gurus of Silicon Valley for the years to come. Keep 'm coming.

  6. Ace of Spadez;954922 wrote:
    Taleexi, ever since Somaliland liberated the capital of Sool, you have been reduced to smiles. Saxib sidan isu dhaan.

    Liberated from who? - Saaxiib for once call spade a spade, your dogmatic clannish admin will either work for every community or will not work for anyone thus, your admin is not an exception.