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  1. Bluelicious;950161 wrote:
    Taleexi sorry will make it up to you


    Besides i'm not really a big fan of weddings don't attend them. Are you gonna keep it small and modest or is it gonna be a big party?

    Hope you discharge your promise un dias. I was for modest but tan waa lay marsaday :), balse sheekaa ka danbayn.

  2. Ahahahahha, I need one more coffee, fadlan share the full version of it. Clan states remain the right for each clan or none will work. Xaggee lagu jaraa baa isku fuuqsatay, Allow na astur.

  3. If the person is willing to change there is lots of help out there. "The will to change" is a precondition before any heeling process can begin. Recognizing the problem and its source and what strategies to combat with it remain to be secondary.

  4. Alpha Blondy;946497 wrote:
    yeah i'm serious, inaar. i'm SICK and TIRED of these imagines ruining our collective will. we are a good, beautiful and hardworking people....but these terrible imagines ruin our overall imagine. do a google search on 'somali people'.....beside the cat, everything else is negative, ma garatey? :mad:


  5. This president revived clan rivalry, applied the theory of federalism selectively, somewhat become a catalyst for the disintegration of Somali Republic however, his government has the right to have some sort of influence over the regions - nothing works in a vacuum but his strategy to get there is corrupted one. Overall, I believe Hon. Hassan's presidency is a lost opportunity for Somali people.

  6. While Mogadishu government, SFG, and Hargeisa admin's talks should be welcomed the exclusion of the real stakeholders of the said talks makes its outcome predictable and many who expect a positive outcome will be disappointed. No Justice, no peace. whether The President Hassan is doing this by design or arrogance remains to be seen.


    The meat and flesh of the talks are yet to be addressed, who is Somaliland btw, is a legit question to be entertained by the political pundits of the Horn.

  7. Ahaha, haddaadan xishoonayn waxaad doonto samee/ku hadal, Mr. Siilaanyo say, Buhoodle is a part of "Somaliland", the lady replies, it is not, and the ailing Siilaanyo once again utters; it is a part and parcel of Somaliland - And the spin oscillates. An oppressor never gives up without a fight but the oppressed must know freedom has a price tag. Btw, using photo app, like photoshop, and drawing a map and calling it my land, doesn't work this time and age, cause a challenger can use a latter version of the same tool, and do wonders. Hope Hargeisa folks get their sanity back and opt out their claim of Makhir and Khatumo lands before everyone in the area, friend and foe alike, looses too much treasure and human life.