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  1. Northern clans' landmass is well known if Saalax and XX manifestos can alter that remains to be seen. The chances of them going under SL's spell are extremely zero to none and therefore, SL claiming the whole former British protectorate is neither se-xy (legally binding) nor northerners are in unison on this adventure therefore Hargeisa admin must make some adjustment if they care being taken seriously. No matter how hard President Hassan supports subtly the secession the world around him can not accept it.

  2. rudy-Diiriye;932354 wrote:
    ok Maliky.......My dream is to see u wearing this dress and posting it in sol!!! lol Sorry, i am in Vegas for job this weekend so me is lil bit nutty tonite!! u know...whatever happens in vegas stay in vegas!


    So.plz, make my dreams come true..plz

    Waryaa weli ma joogtaa lama degaantan .... Eebbow nabad nagu guryo celi.