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  1. isnt it wonderful? Somaliland Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how much the private bungalows go for?
  2. oo waryahe Cyne isnt that part of Somaliland? Stop cinfusing people, ****** time is ticking off. Ohhh so whats going on in your meeting anyhow? Who left now? Better yet ya dudaya? -Ibtilo
  3. God rest his soul he was a good man that fought off the our killers. Worrior cant you just wish the man a good life in the here after without bring politics into it. What a shame, let him be. He was the one that kicked your kind out. God bless him.
  4. Keep talking to ease your worries of Somaliland seperating, ITs already gone my friend. May I suggest that you guys try and focus on the meeting thats going on to make peace in our Somalia, and forget about issues that dont concern you. Somaliland this Somaliland that, get a life, better yet a hobby.
  5. Well darling if that is the case, then please please stop begging soooo pathetically hard for us to join the union will you? Regards, Ibtilo
  6. Sorry we are too busy building Somaliland to mess with Xamar Xaar wayne, build it yourself! Deal with it all your Somali wayne regurgitators dont have a leg to stand on, and your running out of time. Cry on the net all you want, while your meeting burns in Kenya, and Somaliland is born into the nations of the world once again. Tick!, Tick!, Tock! Times Running out Quick ****** -Ibtilo
  7. P.S. how come Paltalk isnt being kicked out? And anyone who supports Somaliland is blocked? Admin do ya hear me? Better smarten up before I hack into your system. Hell I gave ya fair warning. -ibtilo
  8. Lmaooooo I probably am going to get kicked out of this forum for saying this. But didnt Barre trying something like your suggesting Paltalk? What happened to your uncle I wonder? Ohhh where Ohh where has little Barre gone Ohhh where Ohhh where can he be? Rotting in Nigeria was it? Which African country did he run off too after he and his uncles army got weeded out? -Ibtilo
  9. Mr Odewayne I dont think Somaliland should be the first to strick, lets face it Allah has helped us this far because we were never the aggressor, never the wrong doer that is why Somaliland is such a heart ache to somalia right now. Every time they have moved against us in the wrong Allah has given us the upper hand, why? Because we were not looking for a fight, we wanted to keep our nation, by birth right, and Allah helped us with it. As a somalilander from Sanaag I can say whole heartdly that Sanaag is with Somaliland, Sool on the other hand is 50/50 Hawd, I dont know about. If we keep our heads and our hearts in the right path as we have done in the past, then Allah is with those who do right. Lets face it Puntland only wants SS for Clan reasons, Somaliland is the only place offering then a real future without clans, and a peacefull one at that who knows when Yusuf and Jama are going to go at it again. Let alone whats going on in Xamar which remains a joke. All I say is Keep the cool head and steady hand. Allah will help us sort it out all in the end. After Somaliland is enjoying its God given rights because we were fair and only faught for what was ours, and Somalia is in shambles because of their lack of well faith, calm, and most of all their lack of keeping to the right path. They sought to what take Somaliland, and kill off its people what did they get in turn, their house burned to the ground. Enough said. -Ibtilo Allah will sort it out in the end. InshAllah.
  10. First of all I dont have a problem with them posting picutres of Somaliland, but please dont refer to it as somalia, but as Somaliland. Read what they write, dont be just overwhelmed with the pictures it our home, we can see that all the time, the language pay attention to that.
  11. P.S. if you open a bank in Somaliland, it has to have Somaliland money only, since that is the country your in. Or are you going to bring back ****** money? If so start a bank in Somalia and stay away from, Somaliland yet again for your own safety ofcourse. P.S. Somalilands central Bank is going to be started soon, so if you want to go back ask yourself the questions I have mentioned. Because although ****** money is sometimes used in trade with Puntland, the government is launching a project to inforce the Somaliland shilling, so its not really time for a Barre child to come in no matter what and start putting in ****** money, Silanyo and many other leaders will take up offense and before u know it the bank is going under.
  12. I have no problem with you going back, the question is though if you are going to live in Somaliland, do you support Somaliland's independence, if not why in the world are you going to live in a country that you dont believe in? If you dont supports Somalilands independence, I say you can live in Somaliland, but it would be better for you to live in Mogadhisho where there are like minded people. However, if you do support Somaliland, and the wishes of its people then go ahead. -Ibtilo I left when I was young too, and am going back to Somaliland. If you are for the peoples freedom, and their self determination then go ahead however, if your not then stay where you are or go to Somalia. Secondly, talking about Somaliland as Northwest Somalia is your first mistake, I wouldnt advise that as you walk around those that your family has killed, for your own safety ofcourse.
  13. Lmaooo yes my name says it all, atleast where Somaliwayne is concerned.
  14. Warya Bari These are pictures of SOmaliland, and Axmed never even told us who these houses belong to, so please stop puting useless captions under the homes and lives of people you dont know, just because you have hateraid flowing in your vains. VIVA SOMALILAND, and much luck to all my Landers building up Somaliland. Bari Nomad Stick to what you know best, MOgadhisho ya dig. P.S. I thought you guys hated Edna Aden, whats up with all the pictures of her Nursing School? P.P.S. We(Landers) luv you Edna, keep up the good work, Ado. -Ibtilo
  15. AS A SUCCESS STORY, SOMALILAND IS AFRICA'S BEST-KEPT SECRET by Iqbal Jhazbhay (1) Some major African players are taking a new look at Somaliland, that state on the strategic Horn of Africa that continues to pay the political and economic price for declaring independence twice (1960 and 1991). Somaliland is labeled as a "breakaway state" by some analysts, while others describe its success as "the little country that could" (2). In fact, Somaliland did nothing more than end a union it had entered into as a sovereign independent state, and has since pulled itself up by its own bootstraps. Recently, Senegal, the European Union and Somaliland's neighbour Ethiopia have shown promising signs of wanting to end the impasse. Ethiopia hosted Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin on a state visit late last year and President Wade of Senegal hosted the Somaliland president recently. A South African delegation, paid a fact-finding visit to Somaliland in January 2003 and declared it to be "a challenge rather than a problem for the African Union".(3) "The country has shown the African renaissance spirit of self-reliance and resilience and has produced a sustainable government and constitution." "They have got their act together while in the south (Somalia) the Transitional National Government (TNG) has been unable to do so." "The international community must take notice of this. It cannot remain ostrich-like with its head in the sand", said Fatima Ismail, a human rights activist. (4) The energy that the international community has put into the process that led to the installation of the southern TNG has not produced the desired result. (5) The Kenyan government earlier appointed a new mediator to take over the Somalia peace talks in Eldoret, Kenya, which have been bogged down since they began in October 2002. Bethwell Kiplagat, a senior Kenyan diplomat, will replace Elijah W. Mwangale, who was blamed by Somali warlords and Western diplomats alike for not properly managing the talks. "Warlords continue to hold sway in Somalia and violence has resumed to a disturbing degree. The international community should be looking at the reality on the ground," said Ismail. "If the international community plans to apply the principal of territorial unity and the fiction of a "sovereign Somalia" without understanding the history, facts on the ground and the genocide experienced, it would be planting the seeds for conflict more deadly than previously seen in Africa", said Professor Hussein Bulhan, head of the Somaliland Academy for Peace and Development and former head of the Anti-Apartheid Movement at Boston University. "The expectation of the Somaliland people has rightly been raised by the success of their democratic and modest economic development. To frustrate this expectation and to force a union with the South, against the will of the people, is also to court a deadly conflict," he said. Supporting peace in Somaliland where it only prevails, providing an incentive to it and extending it, is a worthwhile and realistic target. Ethiopia, which makes increasing use of the Somaliland port of Berbera, has opened a diplomatic trade-liaison office in the capital of Hargeisa along with numerous EU and UN agencies. The United States and other Western powers, mindful of the strategic importance of the Horn, continue to investigate establishing an interest office in Somaliland - something that would be impossible in the ungovernable Somalia. Somaliland's major problem is that is too small to wield any muscle against the international organisations that ignore it. But as the African focus moves increasingly off the Great Lakes and onto the Horn of Africa, this country of 3,5-million people will become an example of stability, good governance and economic discipline. Geographically Somaliland, an area of 137 600 square kilometres forms the top of the figure seven made by the Horn of Africa. It is roughly the size of England and Wales. It was formerly British Somaliland while Somalia, the bottom of the 7 - was an Italian colony. Both colonies gained independence in 1960. Somaliland decided shortly after independence to form a union with the south. Before taking this step, however, it had already been recognised by 35 countries. The partnership was decidedly biased in favour of the south. When southerner Siad Barre took power in a coup he brutally crushed northern opposition. This included flattening the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa, using a combination of artillery, South African mercenaries and bomber aircraft that took off from the airport on the outskirts of the city. On the outskirts of the capital, lie a number of UN acknowledged mass graves as testimony to southern brutality. After Barre's fall in 1991, the Somalilanders wasted no time in ending the union with the south. After months of deliberations attended by many sectors of society, the grand conference of Burco as well as the second conference at Borama, a sort of South African Codesa, revoked the act of union and reinstated the independence that their territory enjoyed. This action raised hackles in the then Organisation of African Unity, ever nervous about secession and determined, for better or worse, to maintain colonial boundaries.In fact, Somaliland's declaration of independence transgressed neither of these. The country was not breaking some pre-independence bond with the south. It was merely breaking a union that it had entered into as an independent state, for which there are numerous African precedents. Somaliland has not violated colonial boundaries. It has occupied no more than that territory once occupied by the British and recognised as independent in 1960 by the international community. Not only are Somaliland disenchanted with the uneven arrangement and traumatised by the civil war that killed more than 50 000 of their compatriots and 500 000 displaced, but they see no inducement to return to formal ties with what is to all intents and purposes an anarchic state. The TNG of Somalia - that carries the seat at the United Nations, the Arab League and the African Union, cannot pretend to control anything more than a few blocks of Mogadishu. What caused this rush towards recognising a government with no territory nor administration, after having ignored arguably real and effective government in Somaliland? The remainder of the country remains ungovernably in the hands of warlords. Following the withdrawal of United Nations peacekeeping troops from Somalia in 1995 the international community, and particularly the United States that pulled out a year earlier, wanted nothing to do with anything bearing the label "Somali". However security considerations post September 11 2001 have reinforced the strategic importance of the Horn that is now being patrolled by a German led European force. The rebuilding of Hargeisa, which Barre reduced to rubble and turned into a minefield, has happened without assistance from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The economic development has been largely supported by Somalilanders in the diaspora. Proven oil reserves, coal and gemstone mining, livestock and fisheries production, remain untapped. (6) More importantly Somaliland has built a strong democratic society that seamlessly passed the test last year with the death of President Mohamed Egal. Within hours of confirmation of his death at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, vice president Kahin was sworn in as national leader. Both Egal and Kahin had been nominated by a council of elders in 1993 that re-elected Egal in 1997. Kahin faced a full electorate in the country's first presidential elections on April 14 this year. International observers, including South Africans, declared the presidential elections as "peaceful, orderly and transparent". (7) Somalilanders had their first taste of democracy in May 2001 when an internationally observed referendum confirmed their wish to remain apart from Somalia and endorsed a new constitution. Highly successful municipal elections - also internationally observed and the first since 1969 - were held on December 15, 2002. Somaliland is undergoing a full house of democratic procedures with parliamentary elections due to follow shortly on the presidential ballot. Relations with northern neighbour Djibouti were chilled by that French dominated enclave hosting a conference that parachuted the Transitional National Government into power in Mogadishu. By all credible accounts, the President of Djibouti, considerably interfered in this process and some conclude hijacked the process driven by his specific interests. Observers have rightly questioned: where in history has a president enjoyed the right of nominating delegates to a parliament of a neighbouring country? In addition the election of a long-standing minister of interior in the scorned Barre regime as TNG president was received with shock in Somaliland. This gut-wrenching shock is captured by a Somali refugee in Kenya who said "Mogadishu has fallen into the clutch of thugs, no better than hyenas, who have no idea what honour is, what trust is, what political responsibility means". Asked whether he would go back to Mogadishu. He went on, "Would you ask a hyena to watch over your beef stew? Because you would be a fool if you trusted a hyena, wouldn't you?" (8) By contrast, a recent UN 2002 review declared Somaliland as "the exception to the violence" and the prevailing anarchy in Somalia.(9) Clearly, Somaliland's extraordinary indigenous conflict-resolution methods may provide an example to the southern Somalis. But, now the international community and notably South African agents of peace, cannot be delicately silent on supporting Somaliland's success story and its emerging democracy. Are we ready for this critical Nepad imperative? NOTES AND REFERENCES Iqbal Jhazbhay teaches at the University of South Africa and is a member of the ANC's Commission of Religious Affairs. He also serves on the Board of the Institute for Global Dialogue. E-mail: jhazbmid@unisa.ac.za See < http://www.csis.org/africa/ANotes/ANotes0211.pdf - > for an insightful overview article by David Shinn with the title: "The Little Country that Could". See also the article by the eminent scholar Ioan M Lewis with the title "Mohamad Siyad Barre's Ghost in Somalia" at <http://www.waltainfo.com/Conflict/Articles/2002/April/article8.htm >. Another text of importance is the unpublished article by Matt Bryden, "The Banana Test: Is Somaliland Ready for Recognition". This fact finding visit was undertaken by Mr. Welile Nhlapo, Head of the Presidential Support Unit in the Presidency of South Africa. The Unit primarily focuses on conflict resolution in Africa. Amnesty International, while not the favourite of all political activists, called recently for acknowledgement of Somaliland's record of stability, political pluralism and media openness. It recently convened its regional conference in the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa. See the recent report of the International Crisis Group, "Negotiating a Blueprint for Peace in Somalia" at < http://www.intl-crisis-group.org/projects/showreport.cfm?reportid=911 > The report depicts the situation on the ground and has noted that the TNG has collapsed and shows no sign of life on the streets of Mogadishu. See the article by Shannon Field, "Somaliland elections boost oil prospects", Sunday Independent, April 20 2003, page 7 and the article by JJ Cornish, "Hope in the Horn of Africa", Mail & Guardian, April 25 2003, page 20. "Interim Statement of the South African Observer Mission on the Somaliland Presidential Elections of 14th April 2003", issued on 15th April 2003. The 10-person South African election observer team also included members from the Johannesburg-based Electoral Institute of Southern Africa. See < http://www.news24.com/News24/Africa/News/0,,2-11-1447_1348911,00.html > Farah, Nuruddin. Yesterday, Tomorrow: Voices from the Somali Diaspora. London: Cassell. 2000. See "Somalia: Review of 2002", dated 17th January 2002 on the website of the United Nations Integrated Regional Information Network < http://www.irinnews.org --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Somaliland has done well so far, besides I think its teaching us how not to rely on outside forces lets face it, all the warlords get their backing somehow, Abdi qasim from the arabs, some from ethiopia, etc... Somaliland has been doing its own thing all the time and we are doing better for it. I think if we continue to build our nation Somaliland, all will be well. But the main thing is not to get off topic as the Somalia people do, by that i mean, when they constently talk ish about Somaliland. I think if we keep to our own affairs and our people, with the help of Allah all will be well. Gardaro has never been our style, so let Somalia have a dealing in that area, but we stay clean and easy. -Ibtilo Go to Somaliland News they have alot of good articles written by non Somalis about the support for Somaliland. P.S. support is growing guys soo much soo that am kinda shocked. ohh well whooo piiiiiiiii
  17. Edna this Somaliland that, we have heard it all before. Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wow I love the Somaliland flag, I just went into a flag store(non Somali) in toronto and was surprised that they had it, well u know I got myself a tee shirt printed with the flag and anything I wanted, and also one huge flag to frame for my room. Ciiltire Darn it looks soo good am about to cry!.
  18. Great reply's guys. But Somalilanders cant stand Abdullahi Yusuf so how in the world are they going to join with Puntland? I personally I stand the bia...sh He talks alot of bs about Somaliland, I think the everyday people of Somaliland would vote that down in a heart beat. Besides, I dont think many Puntlanders would like it either. I think each area should work on itself, thats it. Why should we be in one big country, it certainly didnt work out the first time. Walalo lets face it, Somalia is a failed state, its not just anything its a fact. Look who is trying to get power, the Warlords. Somaliland doesnt have time for that. I personally would rather have three peacefull Somali countries, rather than one big killing machine, because lets face it, Somaliwayne what was it really, for our people in Somaliland and many people in Somalia now it was and is a big killing machine. -Ibtilo
  19. If you want the history of Somaliland, which am sure you alreayd know, but are blinding yourself of, go to Somalilandnet.com. Somalilanders never liked the British, and we were and are a country, for 5 days back in the sixties until we joined the horrid union, and now. Does that help you? The funniest think people from Somalia like to refer back too for lack of actual discussion is that Somaliland is called Somaliland. Well honey it was called that before so what. So was Somalia, but that didnt stop you from killing fellow Somalis both in Somaliland and else where did it now, stop the bull and stop hiding acting like your some angel. Somalis know what you did, be happy with Puntland and leave it at that. Secondly, the Somalilanders are talking about ways to develop their country, on their forums, and ways to get recognition, but about the union and anyone who brings it up is told that it will never happen, why because its the will of the majority. If you dont believe me about going back home and asking then go, by all means before you. -Ibtilo
  20. Honey I dare anyone of you to go to Somaliland and start talking about a union. I DAREEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU, see if the everyday people dont look at you like your a mad man! Our politicians cant be taken however yours I am not so sure about ohh wait you dont have politicians you have warlords. Somaliland and Somalia and Djabouti will always have some connection, i.e. trade,language, etc...., but that doesnt make a country. If that was the case all the Arab nations would be one big grease ball. But with regards to union it will never happen again(inshalllah) and thank Allah that he gave us our freedom from the horror that is and was Somalia. My question is , dont people from Somalia have any other topic to talk about other tha Somaliland? Salad dressing man cant seem to get it off his head. All the warlords cant seem to breath without sqweeking out Somaliland every once and awhile. What is it? Jealousy? Hate? If you want peace for all Somalis, then really should it matter whether we have different countries? In the end isnt it more important that we are not at each others throats like in the union. Kodos to Djabouti for staying out of the union and to the NFD and the parts in Ethiopia, if you know whats good for you, STAYYYYYYYYY AWAY. In the end all the matters is the well being and safety of SOmalis no matter if they are in Somaliland, Somalia, Djabouti, NFD, or Zone what ever. But i guess that doesnt matter to you guys, you would rather everyone suffers together, and no one has peace, says alot about who you are. Take a min to think, its not about brotherhood anymore, its about jealousy, and you can always tell, because they go into cussing mode soon as they see a supporter of Somaliland. Ibtilo on the scene
  21. Federalism wont work, you know why? Because Somaliland doesnt want anything to do with Somalia. Somaliland is and was a country, and a country and people who dont want nothing to do with SOmalia, so how can there be a federation, if the people of Somaliland have voted 97% for redecloration of independance? Ohh wait i forgot you guys actually dont consider democracy, atleast where SOmaliland is concerned you dont care, our people voted deal with it. Ibtilo
  22. So now Silanyo whome in the elections many people from Somalia were praising b/c they thought they was going to support union, is now being called a warlord? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Lets see, is he now in control of an area, and does he have a militia at his beckon call? The answer is no! Is he terrorising the population of Somaliland? No! Has he ever put international workers or anyone for that matter up for ransom? NO! Is he in anyway having an on going mini war with any other people in Somaliland? NO! Is anyone else in here confused? What people from Somalia dont understand is that a warlord can never be a statesmen! Silanyo was apart of our military in its infancy, and after the war was over, the SNM was dismantled to make way for democracy and a national military. After that did Silanyo make a fuss? No he steped down like a Somaliland man should with honor. The situation in Somalia is no the different side, just take all the answers and apply a name like Morgan or Aidid and you get a yes answer everytime. You do the math. Get off the hateraid Somalia, cause its getting tired. Ibtilo
  23. "nothing in somaliland, all the green and farms are in south not to mention animal resources or what is left of, somaliland is a dry land how would people survive, beside that eithopia has a big eye on somaliland and will eventually take control if we dont do something about it..." Man and people wonder why people in Somalia cant even operate a Papya farm! What did you think we have been living on before the union, air? How about After the Seperation? I think Somaliland is doing a hell of alot better than when in the Union. Also your lack of underdtanding about economics is really frightening, so you think unless your country is "green" as you so childishly put it is something important, one word Israel, Egypt, there are many ways now to turn the desert into a jungle, and Somaliland is on its way, just give us our peace and our time. YOu however, have your "green" and yet cant agree on whether to plant it there or here or on the moon. I dont think its Somaliland that needs Somalia, rather its the other way around, just look, Somalilanders arnt the ones crying for a union, its Somalia. We didnt need your bananas before the union nor after it, so take a chill pill awo moti, concentrate on Somalia and leave Somaliland out of your heads, because it seems that its causeing you guys alot of unnessary stress among other things. Somalilanders have been businessmen before the british set foot in Somaliland, just ask your grand parents, and business is going great here now too, without anyone but Allah. So please stop the hate, and get on with your business, and get out of SOmalilands Ohh and another thing, stop being soo paranoid about Ethiopia, if you had your ish... together they wouldnt be a problem so you know who to blame for your paranoia, yourselve among other things. Somalilanders keep your head up, the world is watching in amazement as we are working over everthing fellow somalis and muslims put on our way, Allah helps those who help themselves. But we have our own issues to deal with like how we can build our nation, those are better issues that we need work on, like the roads, lower taxes, better social services, more books, computers that we can send back home to our universities, and building the Sheikh school to even greater heights. But even better is better our governance, Somalilanders by nature are a political people, its a new age for us, where we can lend our voices and have then heard by those in power, so let them hear us! VIVA SOMALILAND Ibtilo
  24. First of all the so called blood shed isnt in Somaliland. Second, she is the first I think in Somaliland, which is what counts, and we in Somaliland do have women in power, like Edna and countless others. So maybe the problem isnt in Somaliland, but the neighbor to the south where there is blood shed and warlords.