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  1. isnt it wonderful? Somaliland Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how much the private bungalows go for?
  2. oo waryahe Cyne isnt that part of Somaliland? Stop cinfusing people, ****** time is ticking off. Ohhh so whats going on in your meeting anyhow? Who left now? Better yet ya dudaya? -Ibtilo
  3. God rest his soul he was a good man that fought off the our killers. Worrior cant you just wish the man a good life in the here after without bring politics into it. What a shame, let him be. He was the one that kicked your kind out. God bless him.
  4. Keep talking to ease your worries of Somaliland seperating, ITs already gone my friend. May I suggest that you guys try and focus on the meeting thats going on to make peace in our Somalia, and forget about issues that dont concern you. Somaliland this Somaliland that, get a life, better yet a hobby.
  5. Well darling if that is the case, then please please stop begging soooo pathetically hard for us to join the union will you? Regards, Ibtilo
  6. Sorry we are too busy building Somaliland to mess with Xamar Xaar wayne, build it yourself! Deal with it all your Somali wayne regurgitators dont have a leg to stand on, and your running out of time. Cry on the net all you want, while your meeting burns in Kenya, and Somaliland is born into the nations of the world once again. Tick!, Tick!, Tock! Times Running out Quick ****** -Ibtilo
  7. P.S. how come Paltalk isnt being kicked out? And anyone who supports Somaliland is blocked? Admin do ya hear me? Better smarten up before I hack into your system. Hell I gave ya fair warning. -ibtilo
  8. Lmaooooo I probably am going to get kicked out of this forum for saying this. But didnt Barre trying something like your suggesting Paltalk? What happened to your uncle I wonder? Ohhh where Ohh where has little Barre gone Ohhh where Ohhh where can he be? Rotting in Nigeria was it? Which African country did he run off too after he and his uncles army got weeded out? -Ibtilo
  9. Mr Odewayne I dont think Somaliland should be the first to strick, lets face it Allah has helped us this far because we were never the aggressor, never the wrong doer that is why Somaliland is such a heart ache to somalia right now. Every time they have moved against us in the wrong Allah has given us the upper hand, why? Because we were not looking for a fight, we wanted to keep our nation, by birth right, and Allah helped us with it. As a somalilander from Sanaag I can say whole heartdly that Sanaag is with Somaliland, Sool on the other hand is 50/50 Hawd, I dont know about. If we keep our heads and our hearts in the right path as we have done in the past, then Allah is with those who do right. Lets face it Puntland only wants SS for Clan reasons, Somaliland is the only place offering then a real future without clans, and a peacefull one at that who knows when Yusuf and Jama are going to go at it again. Let alone whats going on in Xamar which remains a joke. All I say is Keep the cool head and steady hand. Allah will help us sort it out all in the end. After Somaliland is enjoying its God given rights because we were fair and only faught for what was ours, and Somalia is in shambles because of their lack of well faith, calm, and most of all their lack of keeping to the right path. They sought to what take Somaliland, and kill off its people what did they get in turn, their house burned to the ground. Enough said. -Ibtilo Allah will sort it out in the end. InshAllah.
  10. First of all I dont have a problem with them posting picutres of Somaliland, but please dont refer to it as somalia, but as Somaliland. Read what they write, dont be just overwhelmed with the pictures it our home, we can see that all the time, the language pay attention to that.
  11. P.S. if you open a bank in Somaliland, it has to have Somaliland money only, since that is the country your in. Or are you going to bring back ****** money? If so start a bank in Somalia and stay away from, Somaliland yet again for your own safety ofcourse. P.S. Somalilands central Bank is going to be started soon, so if you want to go back ask yourself the questions I have mentioned. Because although ****** money is sometimes used in trade with Puntland, the government is launching a project to inforce the Somaliland shilling, so its not really time for a Barre child to come in no matter what and start putting in ****** money, Silanyo and many other leaders will take up offense and before u know it the bank is going under.
  12. I have no problem with you going back, the question is though if you are going to live in Somaliland, do you support Somaliland's independence, if not why in the world are you going to live in a country that you dont believe in? If you dont supports Somalilands independence, I say you can live in Somaliland, but it would be better for you to live in Mogadhisho where there are like minded people. However, if you do support Somaliland, and the wishes of its people then go ahead. -Ibtilo I left when I was young too, and am going back to Somaliland. If you are for the peoples freedom, and their self determination then go ahead however, if your not then stay where you are or go to Somalia. Secondly, talking about Somaliland as Northwest Somalia is your first mistake, I wouldnt advise that as you walk around those that your family has killed, for your own safety ofcourse.
  13. Lmaooo yes my name says it all, atleast where Somaliwayne is concerned.
  14. Warya Bari These are pictures of SOmaliland, and Axmed never even told us who these houses belong to, so please stop puting useless captions under the homes and lives of people you dont know, just because you have hateraid flowing in your vains. VIVA SOMALILAND, and much luck to all my Landers building up Somaliland. Bari Nomad Stick to what you know best, MOgadhisho ya dig. P.S. I thought you guys hated Edna Aden, whats up with all the pictures of her Nursing School? P.P.S. We(Landers) luv you Edna, keep up the good work, Ado. -Ibtilo