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  1. The Best Tv-series. Which TV-series are your favourite of all times. My list 24: one of the best shows:D Scrubs: lol very funny show Roswell: The Nr.1 show ever (sad it got cancelled ) The Shield: Nasty, but good. (Any one seen the last episode “Aceveda ewww”). C.S.I: learn how to get away with murder Seinfeld: One of the funniest shows ever
  2. hahaahhahaha OMG LOOOOOOOOOOL Code name NightRider Wedding type Stealth
  3. Somali females are truly beautiful beings. Though they aren't many Somali girls at my neighbourhood, or should I say NON! So I haven't hade the pleasure of meeting a Somali girl at my age I recall once when I was traveling to Somaliland, I was transit in Dubai, and I saw this family with their two daughters at my age (My God The Were Beautiful) I coudnt do anything, I was so nervous..... By the time I got my act together, they were gone. They were on another flight :mad: Don't worry people, they were from "Sweden" their aren't allot of places Somalis live, I'am sure I will run into them once again
  4. You all wish i leave LoooL Correct me if I'am wrong, didn't you have your goodbye party last week? If I'am not mistaken aren't your the one whom said, "I'am leaving SOL" guraad I do not wish to see you leave, but I don't care if you stay or leave. Just make up your mind "STAY Or LEAVE"
  5. guraad surfing the net ---> www.allpuntland.com -----> Ctrl "C" ----> www.somaliaonline.com ----> Ctrl "V" ---->
  6. ABU-AMMAR You should send your post to the Nairobi folks, I think they would appreciate your friendly advice. Peace
  7. guraad Why don't you get on your high horse and see that Somalia is already divided.
  8. Posting negative stuff about Somaliland is an addiction for you right? Even though you said “I’ am leaving SOL” you just couldn't help yourself right? It’s alright guraad I may have found something for your addiction. Check this site; make sure get the help you need. http://www.addictionresourceguide.com Peace
  9. Hibo Are you calling us all TRIBALISTS? If not, then whom are you calling TRIBALISTS?
  10. Here is a video interviews on that day, done by Somtv http://www.somtv.net/
  11. Fyr

    Cyber Threats

    This coward apologize after some of the posters said that they will contact international anti-terrorism agency. He apologize to Yvette and her family for the pain and the suffering that his comment caused them. ^^LOL^^ how pathetic. He was just scared of being registerd as "international terrorist"
  12. Somaliland Foreign Minster Adna Adan Highlighted Somaliland's Achievements in a Radio Interview in California. Hargeisa, Somaliland 11 October 2003 When the foreign minister was asked what passport she is using in her travels, she replied " Somaliland passport". She said during her short tenure as foreign minister she traveled to many African and European countries as well as United States with Somaliland passport.
  13. World sure coming to the end You got that right!
  14. The toilet picture was funny LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  15. OG_Girl Well there are some countries that have already recognized the Somaliland passport.
  16. ^^LOL^^ Sorry, but they don't use the Somali-Passport Here Is The Somaliland Passport
  17. nervous-chic Your right, she was imprisoned by Peter Her punishment was to be imprisoned in the Novodevichy monastery to become a nun, LOL Peter was funny
  18. Sunflower seeds oooyeah Big Mac Or Mc Feast