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  1. What will Barwaaqo take? Adeer la isma hafro. Something are too precious. Lakiin I know some of you do not believe it. You will be waiting until Yomil QIyama. Iska suga.
  2. Guulwade is the worst insult anyone can give another person. It pretty much means you are an opportunist. Welibana the lowest of the low. In fact for those of you who are not aware a "Guulwade" in Somaliland was known as a "Green Dog". LOL It thrills me immensely that the green dogs have been eliminated from the Soil of Somaliland. Allahu Akbar.
  3. Saalax the video you loaded and what you wrote don't add up. They said one man did this. LOL You keep cheering on One Man armies. You remind me of this one chap called Something Yabarag who used to write long articles that concluded with the LAST NAIL ON THE COFFIN of Somaliland. LOL The past 4 years you've been doing a one man halgan and you are not anywhere nearer to your goal. You didn't even move on inch. Maxaa talo ah? Sidan caafimaadkaaga wax bay u dhimaysaaye. Ma haboontahay inaad isa soo dabiibto? Talo qof kaa naxaya weeye. Ha sharaysan.
  4. Suldaanka...Puntland are good people. It is tragic their politicians keep on this madhalays baali xoofto. Iyagii baa dadka isku soo jeedinaya. The tukaraq issue has largely died down. Goobta dagaalka has changed to the attempts by Somalia and its federal member states to try to put the squeeze on Somaliland by lobbying to have its aide be cut. There is very little Somalia hasn't done to poison any kind of future friendly relations between Somaliland & Somalia. Fortunately, the people of Somalia are not the same as their political leaders who are parasites that have not allowed them any kind of peace & progress for the past 50 + years.
  5. Happy Independence Day Somaliland. In sha Allah may you continue to prosper.
  6. He really believes that nonsense. LOL Isma yeelyeelayo. It pretty much explains why we can't seem to come to any respectable terms with our neighbours. Our definitions for the same thing are totally different. For them up is down and down is up.
  7. Galbeedi show kama koro habaarka iyo calaacalka.... soo tii la odhan jiray xitaa hadii aad dhimanaysid dhereerka waa la iska duwaa?
  8. Coldoon said his life is in danger. He ran away to Qatar. He wants to come home. Mogadishu is not what its cracked up to be. His eyes has been opened and it seems he finally sees things for what they really are. I welcome this new found maturity from his part. He should get back to what he does best and that is help those less fortunate.
  9. If I got five cents for all the time I heard people discount or wish Somaliland ill will I'd be rich by now. It is really tragic, we wish Somalia well and they are busy trying to make our "Kaffan". I guess misery loves company. There is a reason why Allah instructs us to not be a "Xaasid". It will only delay Somalia's prosperity if they continue with their hate and evil in their hearts. Somaliland in badan bay soo kaafa kacaysay. We take 2 steps forward and one step back, one giant stride and one step back and so on. We've seesawed along the way. We've built institutions that have been proven resilient despite the complexity of the situations we've faced. We've always come out stronger, more experienced & more determined than ever to perfect our consensus building. We are after all an egalitarian society. It is something in our DNA. We sit, we deliberate, we debate and finally agree on a way forward. Unfortunately, along the way we have had loss of lives. One life is one too many. We mourn and grieve and hope to see a better tomorrow where we no longer see people die due to protests. May Allah have mercy on those who passed away a few nights ago. May their families find the strength to carry on. The eventual winner will have to deal with how to control demonstrations. We must ban the use of live ammunition. Too many times we've lost people from Lascaanood to Borama and all the other cities in between due to stray bullets after police fire into the air. I want to thank Suldaanka & Barwaaqo for their even measured tone in providing us updates. It is clear you want Somaliland to succeed while other are hoping we miss the mark. Alhamdulilah, Allah is the best of planners. We trust in Allah SWT and are confident in His grace that Somaliland will continue to progress. We await the final tally of the NEC........
  10. Somaliland is making strides. This is the level of maturity we want sustained and advanced. Campaigning door to door, calling voters and requesting their support and the candidates walking about and mingling with voters ala Faisal in Wajaali. That picture of him squaiting in the traditional Somali stance is pure gold. The campiagn is almost over. May the best man win In Sha Allah
  11. The good thing about our democracy is that every one is entitled to their opinion. It doesn't matter who is President, Cirro, Faisal or Muse as long as they are advancing Somaliland's interest. It is a good thing the world does not run on Galbeedi's calculations. Waa Ilaahay mahadiis. Galbeedi waxan aad xoqayso meelna kuma gaadhaysid. Waa iska hadlow ina igare. Somaliland people are past your score settling and ciil kama kor attitude. If Riyale can be president of Somaliland and voted in democratically, there is nothing that will bar Muse Bihi if he wins. Wax kale la kaalay min fadlak.
  12. Suldaanka, although Silanyo's administration has not accomplished many of the things we as a nation were promised, we can at the very least say that his term and a half has moved Somaliland in the right direction. The presidents who come after him will need to step up their game or they will only have one term.