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  2. What do you call a basement full of somali women: A WHINE cellar ahhahahaha True that!
  3. I downloaded it too, but didnt have enough courage to watch it, so I delete it.
  4. L000000000000000000000000L heheheeee
  5. Casey, can you pass me the link? I feel more comfortable reading it from the source. Articles&Opinions www.Awdalnews.com
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    or a Somalilander who has seen the light!
  7. If you trust George Bush and Kofi Anan, We trust our Suldaans and Graads After reading the article titled “If Somalia is Divisible Somaliland is Divisible” published by Addis Tribune on May 7, 2004 and posted on Awdalnews Network, I am compelled to challenge the author’s claims. Much of the content in that article is based on the well known phenomenon called “Somaliland phobia”. Moreover, the author’s claim of *********** and Warsangeli tribes becoming like the Kurdish minority of Somaliland is laughable, and I should say that is the joke of the day. It would be worthwhile explaining why the above claims are based on an utter nonsense, but explanation would be redundant since the reader already knows the facts. If the author can distinguish *********** or Warsangeli tribes from ***** tribes, then he deserves standing obviation because such observations would be equivalent to the discoveries of an anthropologist. Don’t forget, the Kurdish people have never been in control of their land and its wealth. In addition, the Kurdish and the Iraqi Arabs are two different ethnics, and not to mention the long ethnic cleansing that the Kurdish people have experienced in Iraq. In contrast, *********** and Warsangeli have never been mistreated, displaced or oppressed by Somaliland government. In fact, some of the top leaders in Somaliland are members of the above tribes. Historically, apart from the tribal wars that used to erupt between the northern tribes of former Somalia, in general people in that region have demonstrated their willingness to get along with each other, and respect the Somali culture. It is needless to say that Somaliland people are homogeneous. What is more, the code of trust between the tribes, and their ability to settle their difference without foreign intervention is the backbone of much enjoyed peace and stability in that region. Of course, there is a political disagreement about the future of our country but that is beside the point and it should not be an excuse for anybody to make claims that he can not back up. The author’s attempt to divide Somaliland people by revisiting the darkest history of the nation and at the same time expressing sympathy for the victims of the civil war is a classic example of a wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. Thanks but no thanks. Let me quote the author “There are reports of people from the Dhulbahnte and Warsangeli tribes fleeing their homes in Hargeisa and other urban areas because of fear” I challenge you to produce your evidence and prove your assertion. The deeply implanted fear of ***** dominations or the accusations of ***** tribes intimidating other tribes is absolutely unfound. According to the United Nations latest report, Somaliland has shown economic progress, democracy, and respect for human rights. The author’s claim is not supported by the United Nations agencies that operate in Somaliland, so how on earth did he obtain information regarding the situation in Somaliland while he is living in the heart of Canada? In deed, very recently a number of trucks that belong to ***** tribes were burned in Ethiopia by ONFL members. Also, another truck with six passengers was held for days in Buuhoodle village settled by *********** tribe. Fortunately, through dialogue and negations, the truck and its passengers were released. Thanks to the villagers and the tribal leaders. Ironically, the ***** tribes that many feared and hated for no apparent reason are struggling to understand the lack of justifications for these attacks. It is unfair to blame ******* tribe for the genocide and unjust of Siad Bare’s regime, for the same token ***** and Somaliland are two different things. It defies common sense and logic to attack somebody’s property because the decision made by president Dahir Riyale Kahin. Again the author says “I would like to call upon Mr. Kofi Anan, the General Secretary of the United Nations, and Mr. George W. Bush, the President of the United States, to send immediately to the region whatever it takes to prevent genocide worse than the one in Rwanda.” First of all, George Bush has no solution for his own illegal invasion of Iraq let alone preventing an impending genocide in Somaliland. Besides, do you think the well enjoyed peace and stability in Somaliland is the effort of an American president or Mr. Kofi Anan’s intervention? Of course not, you trust George Bush, and Kofi Anan to solve non existing issue in Somaliland, but we trust our Suldaans and Garaads because the model peace that they have established in Somaliland is the one that members of the U.S congress are asking to be applied to Iraq and to southern Somalia. Dalmar Ottawa, Canada dalmar_k@yahoo.com
  8. Is that an ADSL connection? No it's VDSL connection. Im on my way to upgrade to 100 Mbs and it will not cost me more than 45$. Casey I suppose you have broadband true phone jack, 24mbs is the max you can get. With fiber Optic Broadband you can get much more than 100 mbs. Yes dc++(x direct connect) is faster but still kazaa have more files. Yes Cabdulmalik I have broadband through phone jack, but 24mbs is not the maximum speed. Visit my broadband company websites and see for yourself. (www.bostream.se) I am not sure which broadband company you use, but I think its “Bredbandsbolaget” Well if it is the one, then the monthly fee for 100mbs would be like $65 US dollars. If you have broadband through phone jack, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade to 100mbs, but I’ am guessing that you have broadband through broadband jack, If that’s so, then you are able to upgrade. And you your monthly fee would be much higher then $45. P.S Kazaa doesn’t have the latest releases, plus the chance of getting a viruses, Trojans or worms is very high. And the download rate is much slower.
  9. How many of you have 10mbs connection? it cost me only 40$ month. Its very good if you want to download movis from kazaa I have 26mbs, it cost me 400 swedish kronners a month, about $50 US dollers. Believe me it only takes about 25 min to download a whole DVD movie. Kazaa is nothing compared to DC (Direct Connect) or BitTorrent. If you want to download DVD,DVDRips,Music Albums,Games Apps etc use the Filesharing programs above.
  10. Casey if you are in doubt who the people of SOOL want then go to Las Ano the capital. If you have no doubt on which side the Sool inhabitants’ support, then you should really take a trip to Sool, and not just the capital Las Anod. I don’t think you should base your facts just on the capital. Please visit the whole region, before you make your baseless facts.
  11. Casey I dont speak for Mr Garaad I suggest you phone him and ask him yourself If you haven’t got any idea on were he stand's on this issue, then please keep your cheap sarcasm to your self. I am in no doubt that the minority are those who support Somaliland None of us here can identify which of the camps is the majority one, so let’s not jump to any conclusions here. Has it been any clash between these two camps before or is this the first time?
  12. Shaheed Rantisi The discussion is not about the Recognition, it's about Mr.Garaad response to Puntland claims of Sool people supporting that administration were true. Obviously there are two side here, one Pro-Puntland and the other Pro-Somaliland. Can someone tell me more about each side? ( Please ) And can any one tell me where Mr.Garaad stands on thís issue? k?thx Peace
  13. LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL These Two Fit Iraq Much Better
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    The Somali Oil

    Any Comments On This Quote? Oil is always more important than people for the West; it always has been that way. Case in point Somalia and Somaliland, one of the reason why Somaliland is not being recognized even after people vote for independence from the rest of Somalia is that oil is in the North(Somaliland) and oil contracts are signed in Somalia. Abdul, USA
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    The Somali Oil

    http://www.netnomad.com/fineman.html http://www.peaceactionme.org/june1somalia.html http://www.somalilandforum.com/news/all/Oil-Prospects.htm Could This Oil Save Us From Poverty? Please add more articles if you can!
  16. Puntland leader denied entry to UK ANN Staff Reporter ABU DHABI, 13 April 2004— The leader of Puntland, Abdillahi Yussuf, who left the UAE Monday evening for London was denied entry to the UK and returned to the UAE. ANN learnt from informed sources in the UAE that Yusuf who was rushed to the UAE early this week for medical treatment is now in Sharjah. Meanwhile, Yusuf blasted Britain for committing an act of enmity against the Somali people by receiving Somaliland President who recently paid a visit to UK and addressed members of the British parliament. Taking to the UAE official daily Al Ittihad on Monday from Sharjah, Yusuf said the British government’s receiving of Somaliland President and its acceptance to open a British representative office in Somaliland as well as allowing Somaliland to open a representative office in London was tantamount to recognition of the breakaway state, warning Britain that such action would make it an enemy of the Somali people. Yusuf, whom the paper described as the first man to take arms against Siyad Barre’s regime, said that the Somali people would not allow any violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and would not accept the creation of separatist cantons. He affirmed Puntland’s persistence on the unity of Somalia and the establishment of a federal system of government where every region would be free to run its own affairs without harming the unity and sovereignty of the country. On the Puntland-Somaliland dispute over Sool and Sanag regions, Yusuf said that the two regions historically belong to Puntland and called for the holding of a referendum in the disputed area in order to avoid armed confrontation, destruction and bloodshed.