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  1. cirkaas iyo caadas Paragonow koob cadays ah ayaa ii shuban, ina cabdirashiidna waa la doortay dee igama qasna inaba boowe.
  2. its up to 140 now, shocking stuff. Ibti i don't think any somalis live there, its a very popular camping areas tho. i was there 4 days earlier. I hope no Somalis were caught in.
  3. i don't get all this fuss man we had whole week of 40+ weather last week. why is today any different?
  4. Originally posted by Haneefah: I agree Che, some women have no mercy on poor fellas why is that Haneefah we sure just can't figure that out NG & Che
  5. NG heres a mathematic proof that back Che's claim first, we state that women require time and money: Women = time * money ...and as we all know, "time is money": Time = Money ...and therefore: Women = Money * Money = (Money)^2 ...and because "Money is the root of all evil": Money = sqrt(evil) ...therefore: Women = (sqrt[evil])^2 ...and we are forced to conclude that: Women = Evil .. some tho not all
  6. Originally posted by Valenteenah: I always like the Honda adverts but this is my absolute favourite: best commercial ever!!
  7. Ibti apparently persistence pays, so i shall keep at day IA North i will PM you soon sxb
  8. ^ i have a job for you Ibti but first please accept my present, a one way plane ticket to Australia. Nuune JB qasacadu naf maleh sxb
  9. North and also the Tan countries Kazakstan, Uzbekistan etc. as for my score
  10. JB ma adigaa ayaa dabtay mise waa laguu soo dabay?
  11. taasi waa xanuun, urug iyo uurku taalo, its where we are at today JBoow..