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  1. Ayoub do you know something we don't, if so then tell us, if not to them perhaps to your Ayoub brother here
  2. ONLF Why would these guy wanna another enemy on their hands?, isn't Ethiopia enough? Why would you fight another war when you can't even win your première war? Bari_Nomad What do you accept the Somaliland Army should do? Go in and fight in the city? Come on are you san? You know what would happen if the Army rush in, innocence people would be caught up in the fight, you wouldn't whant that right? I just hope the Somaliland Army finds a better way to end this conflict.
  3. I found the article on the haatuf Newspaper site, and the date thing is just a typo. Go to the awdalnews.com and you would see that the article was posted yesterday 21/01. "For reliable news, I suggest AllPuntland.com" I hope that was a joke bro.
  4. **********DELETED BY ADMIN********** Please edit your article and remove qabiil names before you post next time. Thank You Admin [ January 23, 2004, 02:08 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  5. U.S. to help in protecting Somaliland's territorial waters HARGEISA, 18 Jan 2004 (The Rep) – Somaliland Foreign Minister Ms. Edna Aden Ismail who returned from a 7 day visit to the Republic of Djibouti, told a press conference held in her office that Somaliland and the United States have reached an understanding, on jointly securing the security and safety of the territorial waters of Somaliland. Ms. Edna said, “We have met with diplomats from the U.S State Department and US embassy in Djibouti and requested them to look into question of Somaliland’s sovereignty and its recognition”. The Foreign Minister added that piracy by pirates from Bosaso on Ships; on the sea line to Somaliland have increased insurance on these merchant Ships. Ms. Edna Aden Ismail speaking about her visit to Djibouti stated that she has met President Ismail Omar Ghelle and other senior Djibouti officials. She said; “We discussed on strengthening relations and the completion of the bilateral agreement reached (last year) such as opening the diplomatic mission in both countries”. On the occupation of Las Anod by militia loyal to Abdillahi Yusuf, she said; “Somaliland’s security forces will respond soon. Those who defeated the armed forces of Afeine (the late dictator Siad) are here, rested and with greater energy, they will not hesitate to deal with outlaws, who have few technical (mad maxis)”. Mr. Edna Aden described Somaliland as a peace loving country, who had been patient for long and that it will not tolerate any longer the interference and incursion by the Garowe Administration of Abdillahi Yusuf. She said; “Somaliland has forgiven the people and States that committed genocide and crimes against humanity. It has also forgiven those who air bombarded it. Today these same people are remobilising themselves to annihilate Somaliland, because it did not perish in their first attempt. Somaliland will not allow robbers from ********** to loot and subjugate our people in Sool.” The foreign Minister added that she would go Ethiopia, where she will meet British Minister of state for foreign Affairs. She also stated that she would meet Ethiopian officials, with whom she will discuss the incursion of militia from *****ten into Somaliland territory. Ms. Edna added that she would meet diplomats and at the same time conclude preparation for her forthcoming visit to France.