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  1. Salam Everyone I once wanted to take a year off from school, work full-time and of course travel. Then I thought about it, I thought why not finish everything first rather then putting it behind. Alhamdulilah, I did not take a year off and I'm happy. I would advice you to do part-time rather then taking the whole year off. It is quite boring without school trust me. take care
  2. Masa'Allah nice article i really enjoyed reading it
  3. Roach: you kinda cute and I really like you.. I mean you have the personality and character going on.. looool like this part,how cute an insect saying that! Hey Darman that was a nice story man keep them coming
  4. Do you own a van?Yes No Do you own a truck with oversized tires?Yes No Do you own a waterbed?Yes No Do you own a pickup with a mattress in the back?Yes No Do you own a condom(s)?Yes No Do you own any Pornography?Yes No Do you have an earring, nose ring, or a belly button ring?Yes No Do you have a tattoo?Yes No (If you answered YES to any of the above questions, discontinue application and leave the premises immediately.) loool@discontinue
  5. Good Topic Rudy This is a very important issue which needs to be addressed, It's sad how somalia's define beauty,ur light skin..that's it ur beautiful A stupid theory indeed what these people need to understand is that the description of beauty changes from one person to another, There is no one who's ugly dark skin or light skin... How dangerous is bleaching?? extremely dangerous maybe not in the short run but without a shred of doubt in the long run!
  6. woow very interesting pictures shukran M_H.
  7. :eek: :eek: what happen to pappa smurff?
  8. but Samiha showed her hate hate without any fear of violating human rights and she also showed alot of dislike toward the brother.. lol come on there :rolleyes: brother no one is showing u hate or anything.. this issue is real and i start to feel threatened.. and never call me a lier cause i never lie... HA HA NICE joke! but i kinda knew u were playing with our minds