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  1. Hey Kafaaxiye, I see you have kept the avatar then. I just glanced over the topic you posted in GENERAL and it did cause a lot of people to sweat unnecessarily which is a shame really because the pic is actually quite pleasing to the eye. Lets face it there aren't many Faraaxs who have such a stunning is usually two green coloured teeth from all the chewing and a breath like chicken fart.. And finally, it sounded to me as if a lot of girls send you PM after seeing this infamous pic, and then where terribly disappointed after the truth, hence the hostility. In order to compensate for all the heartbreak caused 'Would the REAL Kafaaxiye please stand up' ?????
  2. I am really pissed off cos for some unknown reason I am not able to load images. Anyways folks check out this is absolutely SEXY!!!!... *faints* Ultimate fashion accessories ENJOY...I know I have!!!
  3. ^^^ LOOOOL...corset over dirac. Please send us a pic once you have tried that never know you might start a fashion frenzy... Besbaso I know your intentions are good, but please refer to Sheherazade response since that is exactly my view on matters. Sheherazade my dear..I want to make a trip to the far east. I was thinking to maybe go to China, and you what China is like....anything goes. Plus Shanghai is a MUST see place. A friend of mine has just returned from Dubai. She has brought some designer bags as gifts for people and she has informed me that there is this shop where all the bags sold in Europe are imported. She has acquainted herself with the owner and he is up for a bit of business. Anyways I am going to Dubai in June after me exams and I am more than happy to take orders . In the mean time I will look out for your request.
  4. Scarlet dear, it is your lucky day. There is a guy who I have recently met in London who is originally from Canada who sells any designer bag on earth. Unfortunately he just travelled to Dubai on business so I am not sure when he will be back. But keep in touch though, cos he will get in contact when he is London next...or so he says... Sheherazade...I LOVE bags aswell...always have..a bag makes or brakes an outfit.. I got my chloe for 80 quid from a very reputable source. They are selling the same one in Camden for 140 to 160...and they both look REAL..This person will deliver to you or you can meet up with them anywhere...(where do you live?) infact we are meeting him tomorrow so I'll have a word with him on your behalf and please don't get sacked...
  5. :confused: :confused: :confused: Why??? I am not technically the one dealing in supposed illegal goods...I just buy it or direct people to those goods. In my defence however, they shouldn't make them so expensive. See it this way, atleast I have PAID for mine. Don't tell me you don't buy the DVD's from those Chinese know those ones with bac bleu. At first I thought it was Qaad and was in shock.... My offer about those bags still exists. I will sort you out .
  6. This is utter bizarre: Hey Mr poster...come here and allow me to twist your ear until it falls off.. Xishood or the lack of it is not for you to regulate. In other words everyone who participates in SOL is an adult and therefore is deemed responsible for their behaviour. Shame I can’t actually say the same about you at this stage. I don't visit this forum often, but equally I have not witnessed any misdemeanours from anyone. As stated by one honourable friend people are allowed to express their opinions within certain parameters of course. Let’s not take the piss with the freedom of expression notion. Advice: if you can't stand the heat GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN (the same goes for anyone with issues) Have to go back to work now…
  7. LOOOOL, you people are sooooo funny. What a topic considering that most xalimo sisters can't even dress to save their life!!!! Anyways here is a website that I have recently discovered via one of those magazines. It is fab!!! I love it. Basically what they do is copy the stars outfits and then make it accessible to folks like me and you. Grand isn't it?!! ASOS Also to sisters Sheherazade and Luna Sunstar I actually own a chloe bag. Not the real one I am afraid, but you can't tell the difference. I have checked it out in Selfridges (the original is £700 I think) and they are both identical. Try Camden town, but not on a Saturday. Usually on the weekend the Trading Standard people are snooping around and those Orientals who sell these bags get the jitters and hide them away otherwise they get confiscated. Failing that PM me and I know someone who gets them imported directly from China and the Far East. They will do you a good deal . Bye!!
  8. Raganimo although you are right to believe that deliberate abortion is haram, I think you need to be less sweeping with your statements. Abortion and contraception are indeed permitted in Sharia law as long as they are exercised appropriately and not abused. Islam defines life as starting in the pregnancy 40 days after the fertilisation of the woman's eggs. Muslim narrates from Ibn Mas'ud that the Prophet (pbuh)said " when 40 nights have passed on the nutfah (egg fertilised by sperm), Allah sends an angel to form it. He creates its skin, hearing, vision, flesh and bones. then the Angel says, O Allah! Male or Female? Then it will be ordered....." In another narration '40 nights' was mentioned instead of 42. Any intervention before this time is considered a form of contraception and so it is NOT FORBIDDEN. However aborting a child at 24 weeks (current UK legislation) for purely selfish reasons is not only extremely xaram, but morally wrong!!!
  9. 58 WOMEN !!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Filthy, there is no other word for it!!!!!
  10. Allah yarxama to those who perished in this huge quake Indeed, Allah yarxama, ameen. There was a lengthy article about this tragedy in the Guardian today, but all it seemed to concentrate on was the British casualties who are a small fraction of the total death toll.
  11. Although I am not an American I too mentally voted for Kerry (even though I don't see the difference between the two candidates when it comes to foreign policy and Israel which is extremely important). I can see that a lot of nomads who have casted their votes yesterday are regretting the fact that their chosen candidate appears not to have won the race. However let me say this: Voting is exactly what we need to do in these troubled times. That is the only way we can have an influence in what happens to us. For too long Muslims have not participated in what goes on in mainstream politics and affairs of the countries that they live in. The way I see it is that if legislations are passed by the ruling party, then those rules are likely to have an effect in your daily life, for example anti-terror legislations. Therefore it is important that one has a say in how matters are conducted and consequently there has to be someone out there representing OUR/MUSLIM interests. Take the Jews in America as an example. All across that country, jewish lobbies exert pressure and control on the administration and as a result Israel remains extremely powerful in the Middle East and Palestinians are humiliated/murdered/their land is taken and their children are left starving. So to all those voted GOOD ON YA!!!! Keep up the good work. I myself will be flying down to the polling stations next May, when we here in Britain will elect a party and a Prime Minister. And Bush, in case you are reading this message : EVIL NEVER PREVAILS. GOD IS ON THE SIDE OF THE MUSLIMS!!!!!!!! , YOU EVANGELICAL PSYCHO. Salaam.
  12. The propblem with the present SOL is that there is tooo much POLITICS, and you know that Somalis and this discipline don't really get along. Just look at the civil wars the country has experienced over the last decades. The other issue is that nobody seems to have read/understood what admin wrote. They were merely INFORMING people of the proposed changes that are due. What they were not doing is giving us a CHOICE. It seems to me that they have already made up their mind about this matter. Therefore in my view this 'debate' is highly inappropriate and uncalled for. To admin: Perhaps in the future you shouldn't bother to announce your plans for this forum so publicly since all you'll get are hostile responses and counter accusations. Transparency is not the right tool for SOL, however dictatorship is. Salaam
  13. Mutakilam dear, I get the sense that you lack the lack of lacking....get it?! Rising Phoenix...All I gotta say is YA ALLAH !!! XU, I lack any sort of common sense when it comes to SHOES, which is really worrying.... I think :confused: Jacaylbaro love thy self before loving other words try some self loving... Classique, I exactly know the feeling... I never call a family member apart from my immediate kins and I also try to ignore them in public, bloody people! AND OH...Like many people I also lack MONEEEEY.
  14. I'll start... I lack things to do (obviously) and good friends. Any volunteers?
  15. Dear Nomads, one beautiful afternoon when I had nothing to do (for I collect wellfare and do not have a job) I let my mind wander and, all of a sudden, found myself wondering about the world. It seems to me that the world, and its inhabitants, are sorely lacking in...well, practically everything! The world is lacking in space, a decent envirnoment, etc. People are lacking...well, I dont have that much time. To cut a long story short (although I'm sure you'd love to hear it) I find myself on a desperate search of information...about you! Tell me, what do you lack? What do you find yourself in dire shortage of? What makes you one short of a dozen? What is your missing cabbage in the salad? (okay, I sound like Ann Robinson from Weakest link now...UK will know). Please do a charitable act and elevate my boredom and give me something to gossip about... WHAT DO YOU LACK??? Disclaimer: No profanities or "lacking in size" please.
  16. Nefertiti, Just because there is a war on Islam does not mean we can't talk about the problems in our community. DA, I am actually not opposed to your argument and I do agree that we should always discuss our Islamic domestic issues. How else can we collectively resolve them if we don't have a healthy debate about it?!. However what I was criticising was the source of your info. (The Murdock Press)and the personal attacks and derogatory remarks expressed by certain nomads. My sister did not go to the local mosque this friday because that's how uncomfortable she was with the place. I think that is sad personally. I think that is terribly tragic too . I am currently experiencing the same difficulty in finding a mosque where I can quitly pray and reflect on life. This forces me to travel miles when I have a day off. (There is a mosque near my back yard but there are no facilities for women)
  17. I actually couldn’t be asked to read all the replies posted, but I must admit that this is the sort of debate and discussion we need in SOL. It is mind challenging and interesting, so thank you DA. Secondly, I was extremely surprised by the NY Times to feature such an article. I personally cannot tolerate the Murdock Press as they seem to find irrational answers to the issues and the problems we face in today’s world. However, having said that it is not the article that is on trial, but its substance. Yes, there are some problems here and as Muslims we need to collectively resolve these outstanding issues in a satisfactory manner among ourselves. The NY Times can be accused of opportunism and using the current climate of Islamaphobia to its advantage by reinforcing these existing stereotypes about this great religion. Let’s face it, the readers of this broadsheet news paper are likely to be conservative and Evangelical Christians who HATE Muslims anyway. An important factor that the author conveniently forgot to mention is that all the religions are associated with patriarchal traces justified by mid-evil myths. I am not one to bash other faiths but Christianity seems to be the worst of all. Women in there have no role in society as ‘they should be seen and not heard’. When a woman is married she takes the name of the husband and proper inheritance laws have been enforced only during the last 30 years, something that Muslim women have always enjoyed. Judaism itself practises the separation of the sexes during prayer. Any of the deviations of the Holy Quran that appears in modern society is subject to cultural interpretation rather than a religious regulation. No verse in the holy Quran says that a woman cannot drive a car for example or be a prominent member of a mosque board. Going back to your question DA, I do agree that there is a lack of women’s involvement in many aspects of the religion purely because of the dominance of patriarchal ideologies in societies they live in. I think it is absolutely crucial to distinguish from what is regarded as culture (habits customs and societal ethics of particular habitants) and Islam, the faith and the word of Allah (SWT). Finally, even though the article itself is extremely flawed it does demonstrate that changes are happening and I do not think we should give up. Islam is under attack and it is up to us the educated individuals to defend our morals and strengthen our stance in the world. We should abstain from personal humiliation such as the current style of dialogue present in the nomad’s tone of speech and it is important to respect each others opinions and refer to the Holy Book for any facts. Peace and Love,
  18. You go girl, It is great of you to point out that the Somali culture is not just made out of attending disgraceful wedding parties and wearing a backwards head scarf with a tight jeans skirt. I know you and I love you and keep up the good work. At least you coming out of the shadow is enough to put Somalia on the map, because you ARE so talented. May Allah be with you all the way.
  19. Ameenah: Too late...I already have... Lucky: Thank you for the welcome back....What? You don't like my music? LOL @ Confusion...that was the product of my male VS female side. Liqaye: Thanks for the welcome...*starts giggling at answer and stops abruptly*....erm...I'm not laughing...*flutters long eyelashes*...Not at all.
  20. *cheesy music intro* Do you think like a Man or a Woman? Do people often tell you you're in touch with your "masculine" or "feminine" sides? Are you sick of being confused? Then take this fantastic test to find out: what sex is your brain! *more cheesy music* What Sex Is Your Brain? Go now and put yourself out of your misery! Don't hesitate! *cheesy music outro*
  21. Section6er, I have to say your last post is the best out of all of them... You have a perfect taste in women shoes.. I actually own the brown pair..they are absolutely gorgeous!!! But whats up with the rest of the garments?? And Oh yeah,before I leave I'll have the golden shades in your first post..I believe they're Channel? If so, they should be around £150 which is roughly 225 Dollars, but cos it is in the States I EXPECT them to be cheaper.let me know anyway... Ta
  22. This is how I see it: White women let black men get away with too much ( white women are a bit like some Somali Women when it comes to finance). A white woman will actually support a black man and look after him, whereas a black woman needs looking after. Trust me, I know soo many black girls who expect their men to take them out on their birthdays and valentine and buy them the occasional gift/shopping trips to Paris and New York to say 'thank you for being with me'. This whole palaver doesn't have to happen when a black man is dating a white woman. In other words it is less hassle to date a white woman. White trailer trash woman are much more simpler in that sense. They dont require a lot of attention..and since a lot of the black men are lazy in nature dating/marrying a white woman comes in handy!
  23. Very interesting topic, and even more excellent replies..Well done everyone... I think online attraction is a totally different matter. Internet attractions are a fantasy. You might fall in love with the personality of the person on the other side of the screen, but then what they are describing might not be them at all. Internet gives you the opportunity to be whomever you want and almost "deceive" the other individual. There is no way of monitering whether they are lying or not, so in a way you are inclined to believe what they tell you. However when you meet them in real life and you get to know them properly they might be the complete opposite of what they have claimed thus far. I mean fair enough, there are some people out there who decide to take the other persons word for everything eventough the truth is slapping them in the face. But I guess that is a CHOICE that they are making in their life and if they CHOOSE to take that risk, then GOOD LUCK... Personally physical attractiveness is THE most essential element in a relationship followed closely by personality and the persons status in life.(e.g. their professional attribution).
  24. Wow...i didnt even try to be funny but hey! Well, consider yourself LUCKY then . No but seriously, as long as you speak the truth and nothing but the is all good hon....I believe ya... .