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  1. Unfortunately, it seems that Africans need a leader to speak for them. Seems like all Black People do. If its not Mandela, then it must be Malik or Muhammad Ali. The average African or Black person cannot do anything for him/herself. And those put in the positions to help their people? They are too busy burning and killing, feeding their greed with any and everything they take off the people. The people who are too busy trying to survive. That is if they dont burn and kill on their way to the top. I dont know why the Africans cant speak for themselves. Maybe its because they have been repressed for so long that they have forgotten how to use their voice. But what about the Africans in the West? Hhm? What about the fully "educated" (since that matters so much) Africans who live here? What is stopping them from helping their people. Do we need the white man to come in and "save the day"....after he ruined it? If anyone can do something, it will be us. Who have the knowledge and who can get the power..... But no....seems like we need a leader as well....
  2. I, the chairWOMAN of the WOMEN FOR POWER organisation, will lend full support to my SISTERS in any cause they deem worthy. The reason men should be outlawed? Well, they are the cause of everything harmful... MENstrual stress MENopause MENstrual cycle And I will put the organisations money, and resources into fully wiping men off the face of the earth, making them pay back everything they have done to us until they are nothing but crying,sniveling pieces of..... *disappears into daydreams.....*
  3. Black History Month is October in England. And yeah, I celebrate it. There's a lot of conscious stuff that happens that sometimes you may not be able to get to during other times of the year. It's actually quite good. I wonder why Dinkiwinki thinks black people are niggers ? You do know that if you class other black's as that you are classing yourself as one, since all other races can't see the difference between other blacks and Somalians? Not that there is much difference. Oh, and Aren't we all human beings, aren't we all from Adam and Eve??! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. Bisinka!! Check this!! I scored a 92% on the "How Somalian are you?" Quizie! Never thought that!
  5. besbaaso: thanks for the comments! Bob: my eyes close and roll as I feel the heat we make together woooow....I like it. Expressive doensn't cover it. Keep it up, bro! Thanks for the reply... ~Rising Phoenix
  6. Duke_Valantino: sweet and to the point, thank you very much!! Viewer Discretion: thanks for the comments...but this was written by a sister!!
  7. Amazing. Amazing. AMAZING. As a poet this is a jewel of information. Thanks to all who contributed. I love it!
  8. Salaams Wow, so many people loved "The Alchemist"? I'm gonna definitely have to pick up a copy then! I LOVE to read. I go through like a book a day if I dont have to study! OK, one book you have to read is The Good Women Of China by Xinran (I think! Don't quote me on that!) It's an amazing book of several true stories about different women the author interviewed/spoke to when she lived in China. When I read it, I could almost see Somali Women who have suffered, maybe not the same plights, but had the same feelings of loss/unhappiness/suffering. It was so powerful. To this day I've got to take it out and read it every couple of months, and I've had it over years. Anyone else read it?
  9. Thanks for the comment, sis. But its not meant to be about a "one-night stand". :confused: :confused: :confused: Why do artists always get misunderstood??!! *distraught*
  10. Hershey Kisses Hershey kisses given in sundown rain a sweet pleasure that’s almost like pain and this sweet passion we share is quite insane but then I dont think I’ll see you again I dont want to end this goodbye but there is no us; only space for I and solitude is where I have to fly but how/when you send my soul so high I remember when we laid all night so right, felt like I’d died gone to heaven that night but my heart had to tumble/from that blissful height you…send it to Irrespective of our differences and our past I want to create a love that lasts I want to let you live inside my love make you the star if our love cast but…such a fantasy/ is sadly not meant to be Yet you settled inside my soul with a supple ease/took complete control and before I could inhale your love was in here…made me whole But the worst is still to come/the reaching of our end "Goodbye" is such a hard word to say, my friend I fear you will never truly understand what I feel but even if we part...our passion will always be real ~~~
  11. When I looked Down on my pad To read what I wrote to you Love… There were no words to describe the joy I feel All I seen was just A single tearstain on my pad....... Aaaaah....lyrical perfection. I LOVE it.
  12. Fav. Playlist on the computer: Mozart: 40th Symphony Maroon 5: She will be loved System of a Down Joe: Love dont make no sense Korn Usher: Caught up/Do it to me Sum41: Motivation Alien Ant Farm: Movies/Smooth Criminal African Odyssey ALbum: Funda Mano di mato Papa Wemba: Kings of African Music Armand Van Heldin: My my my Beethoven: 6th Helen Nova: Walk this world with me Rain Album: Sounds of Water ...a few of my more insane songs....
  13. I play the flute, and the djembe, so if you ever need a backing band...
  14. Nefertiti, I am currently working on my problem...but I can't seem to make up my mind on when to do it...hhmm.... I've also realised...I lack the energy to go after what I want... I lack the energy to tell the voices in my head to "shut up!" I lack the energy to finish my book, eventhough the voices are increasing their violent words toward me. Lastly, I lack energy. To do anything. For instance right now...I...have..to... *runs out of energy*
  15. Oh, here we go again. From QQ: i am not saying somali men are perfect. but u should take easy on the brothers who sit on coffe shops. u sould consider that these men that u see sitting on coffee shops were engineers, doctors, pilots, senators in their country. but the country got destroyed and came here to live as immigrants, who probably have to work either in taxi caps. or own xawaalad, or xalaal meat place. u should know they are going through things. it is not fair that u judge some ppl, who have more knowledge than u like that. u should consider everything then be harsh on them. yes there some lazy bumps who don't wanna do anything. but every culture has those ones. That is not a *censored* excuse. They are going through "things"? What things?? Please, I beg of you, inform me! Could it be they are too lazy to go and find a job? Could it be they are too inflated with their own importance to take a look at their children? Could it be that they dont give a d@mn about those children (who they can't stop bringing into the world) to show them a better way? To show them hard work, which will enable those children to become doctors, etc? And if they held such great jobs and were so educated, why on EARTH did that war start? WHY-OH-WHY do they still hold onto their useless tribal views that actually KILLED our culture, our TRUE culture? I dont understand why some here choose to pull the wool over their eyes. Choose to glorify everything. The reason why some sisters bash somali men is because THEY WONT ADMIT THEIR MISTAKES!!! Other races might, but soomalida? Oh, no, they're bleeding perfect! I'm going to watch Location Location Location on C4...thinking of moving...you see.... *wanders off*