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  1. Lucky, It is, it is , oh it is..... *wakes up as if from a dream* What - what do you mean bad?!?! It is not bad at all. Infact it is great. Who needs people when you have an Anaconda???.... *Looks around nervously* Yeah.....
  2. Lucky you are funny for true.. , You have got all dem manz eating out of our hand, so don't tell me other wise. And Oh yeah, you can stop with that "innocent look " right there young lady... You can't fool me . Diamond princess, as rightly said by Lucky, this post has covered many issues. The dirac topic was lost on the third page, so I also would suggest to catch up with the current stage of conversation on your own time. There is no rush..
  3. Your first name of Nefertiti has given you a studious nature, and the ability to concentrate on whatever you are doing. You could excel in mathematics or in positions where persistence, independence, and individuality are required. In personal associations, a lack of finesse in verbal expression often creates misunderstandings with others, especially with those close to you, because you find it difficult and embarrassing to express depth of feeling when situations arise requiring diplomacy, understanding, and affection. Others may often find you reserved and aloof, when actually you desire love and understanding. This name creates a withdrawn, reserved nature. You feel very alone at times and find it difficult to merge with others in a happy, relaxed manner. Really... I am not THAT bad....Some of the earlier points had some accuracy, but the later points were "goobledekook". Alone? Hah! *returns feeling desolate to her empty apartment*....
  4. Nefertiti

    Busy, Busy?

    WLC BACK WITTY SUE... (somehow I think that name suits you better, ne-c'est pas?) Glad to see a spot of insanity; brightens this place up.
  5. Welcome ToppaToppa....wat ta raaas yu talk wiya yu patois talk? Me na can understan yu.... LOL. Just joking sis, welcome. I am just wondering, do you really live in Kingston, or in Tottenham/Harlesden, London, UK??
  6. I did think of a carrot....but that's purely coincidental.... <-----DENIAL :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. Gediid, Lucky didn't play me. I think you're the one who's been played. Perhaps a sore ego? We all know what you're like But it seems you're back to trying your luck with my sis Flying-Still; all I can say, sis, is GOOD LUCK Lucky. I've been around, just not online. Just been busy sorting out my Uni and know how it goes. Whats been happening with you anyway? I see you've got some brothers tamed...huh?
  8. ^^^LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL^^^, this is soooooooo funny. I haven't been here for couple of weeks and the topic has escalated to SHUKAANSI 101 btw Lucky and Continental. Yous lot are hillarious, keep doing yo thing folks and good LUCK...... As for the brother Gediid, Lucky has said it all for the both of us..... Thanks Sis , I know you wouldn't let me down .
  9. *Waves wildy while jumping up and down* I'M A LONDONER TOO!!! (sorry hope I didn't bust your eardrums there but it had to be said )
  10. Gediid walaalo, you are not making any sense.... It must be all that stress that comes with your current circumstances..(you know being UGLY having no MONEY and being HOMELESS ). I almost have sympathy for you. But don't worry, I'll pray for ya. It will be soon over, then you can start on fullfilling that promise you made me . Lucky, I thought I was bad with all these greusome ideas in my head... Girl you have got some heavy imagination...I like that.. Actually allowing him isn't such a bad idea, on one condition... that the man asks FOR MERCY ASAP (within 24 hours or else the worst possible will take place - *evil laugh* mwahahahahahaah)!!!
  11. Originally posted by Mizz-Unique: nafertiti.......thanks for the camel..god i never tought a camel would make me this happy and dance this way SO YOU SHOULD BE GIRL!!!! A Camel is an honourable animal. So you best RECOGNISE!! **wispers to nafertiti *** get over here.....bring ur ears close ***(wispers the name)******* EXCUSE ME, I DID NOT HEAR THAT, CAN YOU REPEAT IT PLEASE????
  12. hahahah @ Gediid's PHYSICAL abilities, bro as Barwaaqo said both being finacially disabled and excelling in FOOLXUMO waa dhiibaato.... . No wonder you can't find a Lady..... Barwaaqo darling, thanks for warning me. I knew something was up. The man took tooooooooo long *yawns* with his posts and MY MEAL. You can't keep a Lady starving!!!! Gediid, just out of interest do have a HOUSE to rest in since you are so broke??? Or do you shelter underneath a bridge? . You know, a good quality of mine is that I am not soo hard on the POOR and the UNFORTUNATE in life..... Also Lucky happens to posses some excellent ideas on how to slaughter USELESS brothers, but since you have all the mentioned drama's in your life we might go easy on you.... . Originally posted by GEDIID: REMEMBER THAT THE RATIO OF GOOD MEN TO WOMEN IS 1:10,000 Unfortunately, when it comes to Somali men only, the statistics seem to reflect reality . Another thing, am I supposed to read between the lines here? .
  13. ^^^Well said sis... LOOOOOOOL @ Silent Sister . You have spoken like a true AYEEYO .
  14. ^^^ LOL ^^^ I have already got this list in one of my psychology books, and the first time I saw it I thought someone was taking the piss. But I try not to read it, just in case I'm confronted with yet another new phobia... *shrugs her shoulders*
  15. Lucky, Thats right!!! We need to stand our ground, or else we will be all walked ova like a door-mat... I can't wait what he'll come up with this time..
  16. Silent Sister, I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. It is evident that you are really determined to make this work, and I wish you all the luck in the world. Sister don't let anyone stand in your way, I have read on several of your replies that you consider yourself to be not brave. In contrary to that, you are in fact one of the most courageous people around. The subject that you have brought to light is very taboo in our community. Ofcourse fellow Nomads will always react fiercely, but please don't let that put you off. Sister, I am willing to help out with whatever neccessary, and if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand .
  17. Lucky,you are right sis such behaviour is not acceptable....hmm what do you suggest we do about it huh? Hey, I got an idea!!! I would say throw him to the lions!! . Perhaps that would teach him a lesson or three: NEVER LEAVE A LADY WAITING!!! :mad:
  18. ^^^ You're back! I thought you'd run away, couldn't bear my list, eh? I must say I am not entirely pleased with your list. You see, its you who is under investigation, young man! I am your potential employer (depending on whether you can cook!) so therefore your list has been found to be DEFECTIVE Now, as Lucky said, Get to getting!
  19. Mizz - Unique, I have only got ONE camel, do you want me to go back home and rub my poor ayeeyo? Please don't do that to me.... .
  20. Flying Still hon, You are forgetting something, I am Somalian, I have got about 25 Nationalities so wherever I go I HAVE GOT RIGHTS, ALRIGHT!!! . Lakkad you know it too???!!! Come on people spill the beans please... *hops up and down*.
  21. . You can't do that...I HAVE RIGHTS .
  22. ^^^hehehehehehe.... I dont think I did either .
  23. Flying Still, are you thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking about who we're thinking about who you're marrying, cos I'm thinking that it's the same you're thinking and you're thinking you don't want me thinking...I think :confused: I am looking forward to meeting this brother we're both thinking about, except I don't think I'm thinking about him the same way you're thinking about him...I think :confused: *Time to take my medicine*
  24. ^^^^Ok ladies lets get down to business. *peers into her purse*.... I can offer you 50 shillings.. one CAMEL..and a couple of DACAS worn by a mysterious Somali legend.... Now Ladies, wot you saying???? Come on, this is an offer you can't refuse!!!!!