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  1. HOLLY SHYTE!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: , Somali gays??????? I kinda heard about some Somali boys who were supposedly gay in London but haven't seen any hard core evidence to take it any further. But... gay men wearing women's clothing. "I thought 'this is it.'" A whole village of gay men dressed as women became a bit too much later, however, recalls the well dressed tall woman. I am sorry, THIS CANNOT BE REAL. It is a story, written like a piece of fiction. And it is taking place in Somalia??? I thought women got shot dead if they were seen wearing trousers back in Mogadisho let alone some man dressed in a dirac. Where is the logic in this?? :confused: :confused: I think this is fake! If anyone IS gay in Somalia, I should think they'd keep their mouth shut, not brag about it and build a whole village. *shakes head* I just dont see it happen. In terms of Somali coming to the Western World, (i.e America - where the worst sh! happens) I suppose - if you dont have any self respect and tribute to your religion - anything can happen. We should not be as ignorant as to think that Somali's are absolute of any evils that can corrupt the weak ones. After all, the Somali community lacks in good men anyway. But I'm not convinced this (article) is happening in Somalia. 2CUTE, let me give you some advice. Show the pictures to the guy, and ask what the h*ll is going on??? Then (if it's true) kick his f*ggot ar$e to the kerb!!! But, be careful, as someone pointed out, a lot of technology is at our hands these days, and the pictures could have been messed with. This could be an elaborate case of jealousy. And if it doesn't come true and he's not the person in the picture, tell him to get new friends, and tell your friend to follow that advice herself. Good Luck. Nefertiti
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    I exercise my eyes occasionally... *switches on t.v. to watch a tennis game* Joke, I go the gym and do alot of exercise classes. For example erobics, cycling, LTB(legs, tums and bums)and dancing. This is the best way of loosing weight and toning up (dont forget your diet aswell,that is also very important. I try to cut down on bariiska saliida badan , you know Somalida iyo bloody saliid :rolleyes: ). Exercise classes are also very enjoyable, as you have no time to get lazy because there is the instructor motivating you to carry on. I often find that when I am in the gym I get bored way to quick and call it a day after only 1 hour or so, which is not good. I usually try to work out 3 days a week, which is equivalent to about 9 hours a week. "Exercising each day keeps the fat away" Nefertiti
  3. girl, first the nick is OG_Girl Is it?? Naa, was joking with ya, it is just that the online chemistry between you and Og Moti is soo big that you have to be a delinqent person not to notice. But obviously I got the wrong end of the stick . Nefertiti
  4. Section6er: Nin Yaaban has got to be an alias of another nomad. I agree!!! I think Nin Yabaan is a fake faraax who is saying these controversial things to stir people up! Reading through his posts, you can clearly see that it is a young, clued-up in the Western's way, Somali dude. I haven't figured out which Nomad it could be though, there are quite a few candidates. PS: Somali men have a hard enough time providing for their own needs, let alone taking care of two or three wives. ***Nefertiti***
  5. "This strange disease of modern life with its brisk hurry and divided aims." Stress is predominant in our society. Most of us are running here, running there, doing something at high speed, never relaxing. To improve upon this stressful way of life we can reassess our values and routines. If possible, we can eliminate some of those things which are not necessary to a contented life, and we can slow down. Achieving a stress free way of life will help keep us healthier and living longer and make our time here a lot more fun. The Western over tension and jerkiness and breathlessness and intensity and agony of expression are bad habits, nothing more or less. Tension is a habit. Relaxing is a habit. And bad habits can be broken, and good habits formed. Make a determined effort to please someone. Offer help, agree, smile. This is much easier than trying to impress others, or trying to be perfect. Thinking of, and interacting with others, can be very soothing on the nerves, particularly if you expect no credits. You can often visualize your way out of tension by picturing yourself in a very calm, peaceful, serene setting, in complete easy control. Picture it vividly and hold on to it. You can use your imagination in many different ways to help siphon off tensions - when at the bathroom sink or in the shower, let all your worries, stresses, anxieties, run down the drain with the dirty soapy water. When you start to feel stress coming on, immediately try relaxing the muscles and fill your mind with thoughts of Allah, peace, tranquillity, confidence, strength, happiness. Take notice of, and enjoy your surroundings all through the day. Look at, listen to, smell the limitless variety of things natural everywhere. Nefertiti
  6. Women don’t say I do, its not their place to say it. It’s the father who makes that BIG decision NOT IN MY CASE, MATE I KNOW, it is halaal for a man to have more than one woman in Islam but that doesn't necessarily mean I WOULD accept it. And I DAMN well would NEVER (I mean NEVER EVER) tolerate it. Nefertiti
  7. lool @ OG Moti's Girl(?), hot aaaah?? Girl the reason I hide away is cos I don't want my dear sweet mum to be shunned from the local Somali community - I AM THAT UGLY. For real. Nefertiti
  8. NIN YABAAN, walaahi waad iiga yaabisay!!!!! Shiirdh your posts are getting more and more absurd (if that is possible). Financially, i can support 2 wifes, and upto 7 babies. looool...Exactly tell me how many hours of cab driving do you need to do for this then? Maybe you need to put that extra shift on eh, just to be able to afford a Third one...Remember every little helps... No, but on a serious tone, WOMEN are not some kind of a toy nor a materialistic trophy that has been won, when she says "I DO." There is something called RESPECT and I don't mean to sound like a councillor but if you ever want to get married (and from your posts I get the impression of desperation) you should try and realise that women are also humans(same as you), not play things to be pawed in your moments of boredom. If you have a hard time thinking of women as equals make sure you read the Holy Quraan...the answers are there ps.jam master jay, spoken like a true gentle man..well done brov.. Nefertiti
  9. Latiff and Magnoona-girl, this kind of thing happens everywhere. I have been living in my area now for a year and when people see me, they frown and try to figure out who the h*ll I am! But then, I do try to stay out of the public Somali eye! Nefertiti
  10. LOOOOOL @ Kool Kat, you go girl, tell them about themselves, ahahahahah... Damn straight, if any man was to ever call me NAYAA, I would whoop his bl**dy ar$e , use my dacas to knock him out and have his backside and my bakoorad get acquainted!!! Nin Yabaan, bisiinkaaaaa, must truly be Nin Yabaan because it seems to me you just woke up after several centuries of hibernation. Welcome to the real world. Nefertiti
  11. Fraternity (Friendship) The word "fraternity" or "friendship" names one of the three major forms of love. All the forms of love involve benevolent impulses toward another, none is an expression of purely selfish desire. Friendship or fraternity is natural, not supernatural, love, as is charity or the love of Allah. It is also a form of love that involves no erotic or sexual component. It is the love that a human being wills to another. The person loved is also a person in whose company one wishes to live and upon whom to confer benefits; in any way possible. If all men and women were friends, there would be no need for justice. The precepts of friendly love are all positive, and the precepts of justice are mainly negative. Prohibiting injury to others.
  12. Hahahahahaah @ Mindstate, that was heavy (as the Faraxs would say) , feery, feery goodh man. I bet you is from London innit?
  13. Nefertiti


    LOOOOOOL @ Batuulo, that was sooo funny , thanks for sharing it with us . Nayaa Mz alpha, I thought your bariis karis skills were up for the best newcomer award, meaning it improved , anyway I demand a six course meal whatever the wheather . Big Mom, looking forward to your contribution sis
  14. Shaka , is Pixie my friend?? :confused: :confused: Hayaaaaaay, you must fill me in next time on who my friends are, cos then I can update my little black book!!!!! Making threats against fellow Nomads (suspected of threatening a female Nomad, staying un-named) are strictly prohibted. PUNISHMENT will be ISOLATION in a dark window-less room with bread and water rations for 2 consequitive weeks. Request made by prisoner Shaka Zula (#412225): to be put in one jail cell with'll need all the "fun" you can have for the rest of your life.
  15. Nefertiti


    Bariis Cooked or boiled, it’s all the same All you want are those sweet grains Full of sauce or even qarax You wouldn’t care even it was marax You’d eat it sitting; you’d eat it lying. And if you had wings you’d eat it flying. “A rose by any other name smells just as sweet” But you’d eat it iskudhexkariis, or even with meat Even Baasto does not come close You need your fix, you daily dose This food of life, so tasty through & through The only thing you live for, Yes it is Live Your wife tried to fry, but oh no :eek: she burnt it. Your husband tied to boil it, but oh no, he mashed it!!! “My love, my life,” you gaze at it lovingly You pick up the dish and eat hungrily. So have you figured it out, or will your amazement never cease? All right I’ll tell you, it is the wonderfully tasting dish of BARIIS. This poem is dedicated to HARMONY ANGEL, as Bariis is the nectar of life to her . Now fellas you know where to take her
  16. L@@@@@L @ cross-eyed left handed girl....rah Harmony since when sis???? I thought you sorted that out with plastic surgery. That means you sold all your dirooc for nothing then....oh well. I hereby bail out Darman. Condition of bail: no one can put him back in jail without relinquishing his/her rights to post on SOL for 4 whole months. (yes, you read it right!) DEFENDANT -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Shaka Zulu -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- CHARGE -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- For the silly and deragatory comments such as "women belong in the kitchen". SENTENCE -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Remaining time till death spent in jail BAIL -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Can only be bailed out by a eunich who must speak the words "OPEN SESAME" Eunich: a mythical creature who has no tongue and can speak no speech Enjoy.......................
  17. Ilaahay haa caafiyo walaalkeyn Insha'allah. Don't worry Darman bro, we are all praying for him so that he will be as fit as a fiddle. Amiin Insha'allah.
  18. L@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@L @ Derman, what is this all about bruv?????? :confused: :confused: .
  19. ONCE AGAIN aimed solely at Clown: As usual certain people have missed the point !!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: . Clown if you had bothered to ACTUALLY READ THE ARTICLE AND THE FOLLOWING RESPONSE you would have realised that my comments had once again NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. I was referring to the Western World, and how we can pick and choose what to believe of their philosophy, NOT their religion.It seems to me that you are the one that needs re-asurance of what he believes of Islam, so don't displace that on me. As mentioned before if you want to challenge my statements please provide the relevant CHAPTER AND VERSE of the Holy Quran, otherwise stop the belly-aching and the spitting out of flimsy arguments with shaky foundations that can be shot down easily (*pow*). Clown, frankly dear brother, I am getting sick of this game of TAG you seem to take so much pleasure in playing. I bowed out already, what more do you want? If you have nothing but deragatory flames to say to me, then please kindly bow out aswell. (Hence the pleasant manner of the request that is put forward to you.
  20. *claps*, Well done to everyone. Shiirdh y'all got soo much talent, Masha'allah. Mz_alpha, ma girl; keeping dem coming sis, I always knew you was talented! Your words cross the distances between us faster than lightning-and-sunlight woven, and they pierce my heart with their intensity, making me feel like your spirit is leaning over me as my eyes trail your words on the screen. To everyone else, owee-wowee-fantastically-done!! Qoxootimammi~
  21. As usual people have missed the point (apart from Harmony and Barwaaqo, thanks sisters, may Allah bless you both.) To clarify, this was not to do with women's role in society, it was to do with women's right in BUSINESS and the WORKING ENVIRONMENT. I dont understand why some Nomads choose to to ignore the initial purpose of the articles posted and bring everything down to their version of Islam :rolleyes: . Islam is a way of life and we all know that, however it is also good to be an open minded and again to pick and choose what is appropriate to you as an individual. I am afraid that from time you start doubting yourself, then there is no hope for you. And just for the record, I have no doubt whatsoever about my beliefs or my myself. Remember Allah helps those who help themselves. And to those Nomads who seem to enjoy preaching so much; how sin-free are you, pray tell? Clown, I see we meet again? I'll be the big girl this time, and bow out.
  22. Do you think that women have the same equal rights as men in the corporative world? Well we do apparently, up to a certain extent, but we are still struggling to attain those top managerial and executive positions. Women are also paid less than men for doing exactly the same job. There has been great debate over the sacrifices required for us as women to assent into the higher echelons of management in the private sector. One of the main active camps believe that the only way we can to break through the glass ceiling is to delay – or not have children at all, work 70+ hours per week, and foregoing normal social lives. In an effort to keep pace with our ale counter part, we are making life choices that are changing societal values. For those who would have loved to have stayed at home and be a proper mum to their children are not able to do so because they cannot get the time off work, and if they do it is unpaid leave, which brings them the parent to be into financial difficulties. The Women and Equality Unit cites that the UK has the highest female employment rate of the major European Union countries and fourth–highest of all EU countries. Though there are more women in the work force than ever before, only 4 per cent of directorships of all UK listed companies are held by women, and in 2002 there was only one female chief executive in the FTSE 100 companies. As a result, many private sector firms are implanting diversity programmes to fill ever-widening gender gaps. Though diversity is often associated with race, in recent years the description has grown to include all non-white male candidates. These programmes are the result of years of passive non – inclusion of women, ethnic minorities and the handicapped in the corporate environment. However despite all this effort the scramble for the crème de la crème is becoming more fierce for women. There are plans in place to help move us through the door, but what plans are there to help move us through our respective organizations into positions of power and influence? The answer is very few. Women are included in the best and brightest selected entry-level roles, but once in the door there is little focused on issues that are unique to us. Some companies are known for their childcare and familial support programmes, and others offer relatively comprehensive human resources support. Often this is not enough. As a result many women are eliminated from the race for senior management early in the game. This is particularly prevalent among women who are in single – parent house holds are not able to work the hours, undertake last minute travel and make the same types of sacrifice as men who can do it all. These women are the models for what we like to achieve, but they are exception rather than the rule and they often have extensive personal – support networks. The data is quite daunting, but hope is not lost. Our challenges are great, thus our approach must change. Unfortunately not everyone would reach the heights of senior management. Some won’t want to and others will not be able to due to difficult circumstances they may encounter along the way. Men often have access to tools that women don’t, including the legendary Boys’ Network that in some form still exists. In a business world run by men, women must learn to speak their language and understand their drivers. We must be the catalyst for change and encourage our daughters. Teach them that the glass ceiling wasn’t meant for them. Expose them to people and events that will increase their interest in assuming positions of power to affect change for other women. Help to build community support networks around those who want to rise, so that they are able to focus without worrying about childcare and financial challenges. This often happens in the Somali community where girls are discouraged from an early age to achieve any success, career wise. Remember the better the job we have, the more we are able to provide for our offspring’s financially and give them all the things most of us never had. It is our responsibility to challenge the status quo and make the sacrifice of commitment to our daughters that will afford them the opportunity to be creators of the New World Order in which we will all be equal Insha'allah.
  23. I don't mean to go on, but am I the only one bothered about having a womens section full of relationship questions .. women have answers to. I agree with you 150% Ameenah sis. There are 110 issues to discuss other than the same old boring topics and scenarios of Farax meets Xaliimo from next door and she is the wrong type and blah blah blah ( I will give you some alternative ideas soon Insha'allah). And about the vacancy for the relationship councellor, count me in. Explanations of the formation of interpersonal attraction and councelling were part of my sylables during my ESOL course, stage 1 , (would that do?)
  24. L@@@@@@@@@@@L, LMFAO, this topic had me cracking up so bad I think I bust ma ribs Rudy, LOOOOOL @ you, you seem to be our resident comedian!! You're funny I agree with somealien, I think you guys should stop with the :eek: and start removing those XXX-XXX rated videos/magazines y'all got! And not to forget those dirty socks and underwear!!! !! Personally, under my bed there's a suitcase with an emergency kit: clothes, money, and (another) fake baasboordh, just in case the Home Office catches me one day I can just shimmy out of the window.. ~Qoxootimammi~
  25. 1 Thing I would neva eva do to ma husband is argue with him in front of our children. That is the biggest NO NO!!! However 3 Things I WOULD DO to ma husband are: 1) Whoop his arse if he ever gets 'rowdy' @ me or starts running around town. 2) Whoop his arse if he ever calls me NAYAA :mad: 3) Whoop his ass with BAKOORAD IYO DACAS if he deserts his duties of being a proper father to our kids. See a theme running here??? ~QoxootiMammi~