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  1. ^^^LOL... darling I am not STARRY anymore. I had a cup of Shaah with lotta Xawaash . Have you ever tried one of them before? It really sobers you up in no time... . Besides, he still has one requirement to meet: Where is ma meal??? . You see I HATE a lazy brother .
  2. London, UK: around the figures of 70 000 to 80 000 Somalis are currently residing in the capital.
  3. Congratulations, Lovely Me, on this joyfull occasion, and may you have many years of happiness to come! Flying-still, what is all this secrecy? aren't we all friends? Ladies: Tell me who flying-still is getting married to, I'm offering BRIBES!! .
  4. Ilhaam sis , I see you now realise why I am so fond of THE Macawees... Lucky Lady, Trust me hon, he will not succeed... I have my VIRTUAL BAKOORAD to knock him back to his seat . You know what they say: a Leopard never changes his spots .
  5. Originally posted by Lucky: I see Gediid is trying his game on miss Nefertiti What is this man shukansee 102...huh? Aha is that what he is doing? Damn I must be too starry eyed from my last day dream . I promise sis, I will start paying more attention to whats happening around me . Thanks for the warning anyway sweety . Flying - Still, Girl you know what I am talking about. Finally, another sister who has seen the light (from his macawees that is ).
  6. ^^^ Ah, excellent! But of course, I will have to test is not just considered boiling water! I've been looking for a brother who can make this meal called "POLLO ALLA CLEOPATRA". That is my favourite meal. So, can you make it? (This is your first task: fail and you will subsequently not be hired )
  7. Ameenah, How big is your suitcase? *plans on secretely folding herself inside it* Just joking sweety, have fun darling and make sure you bring me a BIG souvenir back, alright?
  8. Thank you Lucky, I am sure I will one day. I am determined enough... MMmhhh....*appraises Gediid* Can you cook??? If so, then you're HIRED!!!
  9. Silent Sister, thank you very much for taking my suggestion on board. Children are the future, so in that sense I am prepared to do whatever in order to help. Secondly, I didn't agree with the idea of deleting the whole topic in order to stop people getting deregotary. I thought that was also a part of brushing the problem under the carpet. I think this what we need to do: We need to confront the problems facing us and our youths today. Your post was extremely beneficial. It showed most Somalis true colours. It showed that a lot of us are superficial, they are acters who breeze through life. Life has a meaning, Allah put us on the world for a reason, and instead of re-evaluating our actions and doing things that matter, things that would enhance our chances of being a good MUSLIM, we preoccupy ourself with insignificant matters. It's truly a tragedy. The idea of a youth center is briliant. The only problem with that would be how to fund it. A lot of these centers close simply because they can't afford to stay open anymore. In order to avoid that I think we need to raise awareness amongst famalies. Perhaps start PROPER councelling for Somali mothers (and fathers if they're present)and explain to them what PROPER childcare is. I don't think we should dive in to the issue of child abuse as they will only take this the wrong way. To start with one can explain to those parents the differences between DISCIPLINE and actual ABUSE as most Somali don't know this. This is very important as this will give them perspective. However I am not aware of how realistic this all above is. Silent Sister, I honestly can't see any major changes occur in the short term, but maybe if the good people like yourselves keep pushing for change, then maybe who knows? Sister Good Luck, and if you need any help do not hesitate to get in touch. May Allah bless you.
  10. Lol @ all the reactions.. Ladies I can see the absolute disgust in your faces...looool. I apologise, didn’t mean to give you nightmares....NOW, lets look at the matter from another dimension. Four foolproof ways to guarantee that a brother WILL look SEXY in a Macawees: 1) Get a brother who is MEATY. None of that skinny “findiciil” resembling Faraxs. He has to have a nice well toned-trained-developed-body. The full works: EIGHT-pack, nice skin tone, lovely jubbly smile, straight teeth (etc, etc, etc.) 2) Then, make sure his Macawees is SILK, again none of that cheap market material that scrapes your skin off every time it comes in contact with you. Preferable colours have to be red, OR black OR sky blue. This will then compliment with his smooth-caramel-BABY LOTION rubbed skin. 3) Depending on the ladies style, the Macawees can be just below his knees to all the way down. I particularly prefer the knee length style as this gives me the chance to stare at his hunky Calf’s. "Mmmhh, all I can say at this moment is YUMMY!!!!" 4) Lastly, make him yours and yours alone. Ameenah, had the right idea, NO OTHER XALIIMO gets her hands on your new macaawesed-sexy style man! Good luck folks, and if this works remember who to thank Gediid, do you fit these requirements? Then get in touch for an interview!! *walks of the room pleased and intent on finding this special macaweesed brother*
  11. Originally by Gediid: Darn,I just placed an order for some Abu Serandi ones from Ohio. Nefertitti you gonna pay for misleading me Misleading you? Bruh, I was SO NOT misleading you! Like Barwaaqo said, I truly find Somali men in macawees so sexy, especially when they combine it with the "dhusty sandhal furom Itaaalia", and when they have the "abu serendhi" (bisiinka - what a name!) and lastly, but not leastly, the big "bakoorad" swung around the neck, you know - badiyoo style! Mmmh, yumi...*goes off in a daze* Girls, how can you not find men in macawees sexy? I imagine them all with their hot pink, green and multi-coloured shirts and those macaawes + sandhals, walking in a file, like they did in the movie, FULL MONTY, y'all seen that? Now, imagine that with Somali Men! Yeah....*floats off with a big on her face*
  12. People, Somalis who live in America: It's about TIME y'all woke up and started protecting yourself and propertity. First off, driving a cab is dangerous business, how can you not have adequate protection?? Most of those Somali cab drivers want to increase their profits and so forfeit their safety. I agree with Athena, violence is never a solution. However, if as you said the governement is not doing enough, I guess you should take the law into your own matters. BUT only if your life is at danger. I live in the UK, and the crime levels are not half as high as in America, but yet if I was in danger I would still obtain a gun, even though you cannot never get a permit here. Unless you're from the aristrocacy.
  13. I tell you why Dirac shouldn't be worn outside the house BECAUSE IT IS TOO DAMN COLD!!!!! You try to wear it here in the UK where the temperature in the winter goes way below 0 degrees at times. Also it is extremely impractical. Ever tried to run for a bus wearing that piece of garment AND when its raining? Impossible. Don't get me wrong, I am all up for dirac dressing, as long as it is worn on the appropriate occassion, i.e. @ home or in a wedding. To all the brothers who find Dirac sexy, why don't you wear MACAWEES? I find that SUCH a MAYOR turn-on!!!
  14. Ahahahaha @ Gediid. I am sensing some desperation here . I have to agree with Ameenah, you need to go back to school if you want to have any luck with the LADY . Good luck!
  15. What turns you on in a man? A MAN!!! NOT an over-grown teenager!!! One huge problem I have with MOST (I said most here) Somali Men is the LOW LOW levels of maturity they all seem to display, no matter how old they are. So here's my advice: GROW UP, ALREADY!!!
  16. My Pet Peeves: 1) Breathing 2) Living 3) People 4) This damn earth 5) Me 6) My family 7) YOU 8) He/She, Mark, George, Jeanette, the man down the road, Aisha, Canab and Xaliimoo, the dogs that live across me ( get the drift) 9) Eating or doing anything that keeps me alive 10)The Mental Institute...I mean, let me out already! 11)And oh yeah...EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!
  17. This is a message to Flying-Still and Gediid: GET A ROOM!!!!!! :mad: Just joking, folks, this is great entertainment, please do carry on!
  18. ^^^^LOOOOL... Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!!... Can I be the referee, please?
  19. Salaam Nomads and Nomadettes, It is that time of the year again, the time when sleep eludes you and food is something foreign... the time whence breath escapes at the mere mentions of the E-word...Yes it is Exam Results Time!!!!! :eek: :eek: . I know the months of August and September are supposedly the "life-deciding ones", the two most important months of the academic calander.The pressure to perform is extremely high.(At least in my case), but no matter what, remember Allah never shuts all his four doors at once. There is always a way out. There is always that unexpected opportunity appearing from no please never ever give up on any of your dreams and hopes... Therefore, I hereby wish you all the best of Luck in obtaining your grades, and in whatever you decide to do afterwards. Good luck and may Allah be with you all the way.
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    Da weather

    NIN YABAN: Naferti, if you were given the opportunity to leave that place and come to Amerika would you have then accept it? Nin Yaban, HELL YES I WOULD, just haven't got the opportunity to get up and leave now ...Insha'allah, soon though .
  21. Raula: what's wrong if a brother said you are generalizing? ..I think you generalized too..I mean Iam not here trying to protect the gents but atleast you should've said "SOME" or sorta.... at the same time...majority of who? ... Dear sis, you're entitled to your own opinions, but my observations tell me different. I was not generalising, that is why I said majority rather than EVERYONE. Don't mean to be harsh but please read carefully before jumping to conclusions.
  22. Barwaaqo and Ameenah many congrats to you both Sisters. I feel soooooo proud. YOU BOTH ROCK!!!! Keep up the good work girls.
  23. Gediid: So long as am in the minority there you are right otherwise . You tell me... :confused: . But glad you acknowledged my point anyway . Northerner, we love you too...sometimes...nah just joking..thanks anyway luv.
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    Da weather

    Gediid: LOOOOOOOOOOL what difference will that do for Malis...I always thought that was for the white folks.never seen or heard of a Mali getting a burned Just to let you know that although large amounts of melanin in DARK skin offer some safety during sun exposure, protection is still a must. Brown skin, whether light, medium or dark, can burn. Most Somalis(just like most blacks) don't think of our skin as burning, but it does.And in rare cases, DARK SKINNED people (Somalis) can get basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma, which generally are caused by sun exposure. Make the most of the sun while it lasts,heard you don't get to see that a lot in the UK Thanks for the advice, but if I really want to see PROPER sunshine I would go to the countries KNOWN for their pleasant summer season. Nin Yaban: The bad thing is, this is a country that was suppose to be a modern western nation. The only modern thing about the UK is the name and the location, so don't put your hopes up. The country's systems are in shambles, corruption, failed bureaucracy, you name it, we've got it.
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    The wheather has been nasty these last couple of weeks. London wheather is the worst in the whole country apparantly,they were hoping for record breaking heat.The highest recorded temperature was apparantly on Aug 3, 1990 when the mercury soared to 98.8C in Cheltenham. The people I really feel sorry for are the London Underground commuters who are the worst off in these soaring temperatures. I was watching this program which showed that it was over 40 degrees in the tubes. It was like a sauna in there. People were sweating like pigs. I reckon we shoud all strike and demand for air conditioning installements in tubes, we bloody well pay for it!! Here is an article about how they want to deal with high temperatures in the future, lets just hope they go ahead with it. NO WORK DURING HEAT sounds good to me . TUC calls for maximum workplace temperature As Britain’s workers find themselves in another August heatwave, the TUC is calling for a legal maximum for workplace temperatures. While there is a legal minimum temperature below which no-one should have to work, there is no equivalent if it gets too hot. Too much heat can cause fatigue, extra strain on the heart and lungs, dizziness and fainting, or heat cramps due to loss of water and salt. Hot, dry air can increase the risk of eye and throat infections, and breathing problems such as asthma and rhinitis. The TUC is calling for a maximum working temperature of 30oC, or 27oC for those doing strenuous work. When the heat hits the maximum, employers should reduce the temperature, with, for example, fans or air conditioning. Workers, whose exposure to heat cannot be reduced, should be provided with adequate breaks and offered job rotation. Hot temperatures cause injuries and illness at work. Employees suffering in sweltering workplaces run the risk of: · heat stroke and dehydration · tiredness leading to accidents · irritability and the threat of violence · higher stress levels, with enhanced risks of mental and physical illness TUC General Secretary, John Monks, said: 'It is farcical that we have a legal minimum but no legal maximum for workplace temperatures. Extreme heat can be just as dangerous as extreme cold. While there is no legal maximum working temperature, Britain’s workers are not protected from sweatshop conditions.' Notes to Editors: Working in the heat can cause injuries and illness, directly and as a result of greater stress, increased violence and lack of concentration. Workers affected involve transport workers, retail staff, cooks, farm workers and construction workers. Office workers also suffer problems from the heat - lack of concentration can cause nasty accidents, with slips and trips still the major injury risk. Prolonged concentration at a VDU in a heat wave will have workers stressed, tense, exhausted and probably suffering headaches and eye strain. People who work with the public, for example, benefit staff, leisure workers, shopworkers, teachers and bank staff, could be exposed to increased levels of violence. People who work in the heat already are at increased risk of heat exhaustion when the outside temperature goes up. Cooks, bakers and foundry workers, for example, are at special risk. The law on minimum temperatures is clear and unambiguous - 13oC for strenuous work, 16oC generally. Many of the steps needed to reduce heat at work can be taken voluntarily, and the TUC believes that managers should agree action with union workplace Safety Reps where possible. Workers deserve a legal right to be protected against the heat, a right that would also underpin voluntary measures. All I suggest to fellow nomads is to put some sun lotion if you are exposed to extensive sun. Good luck!!