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  1. Lately I've seen young girls walking around MC wearing the most revolting outfits. Don't these girls realize that down the track their repuation will come back to haunt them? The thing is when a man decideds to change his stripes his slate will be wiped clean. A women isnt so lucky. She'll forever be remebered as heblo so and so. so, does a womans reputation/ past matter? Why or why not?
  2. if this story is true then we should be alarmed at these heinous punishments in the name of god......people should get over the virginity obsession because folks are losing their minds in trying to sustain this ideal hence the reason for circumsions and early not condoning sex before marriage but we shouldn't lose our minds over others mistakes....what the hell happened to second chances and repenting? but sis remember too that the media has a way of misconstruing things so dont be completely bought with the story..... talk about contradictions....
  3. is it inappropriate for a girl to take the iniative in wanting to get to know a guy?i know of girls who believe that its desperate for us to make the first move and that we should sit back and wait for them to come to us------------i'm undecided on the matter ------------------- so girls have u ever taken it upon yourself to set the wheels in motion or are you the type to hold your tongue? and guys do u like it when a girl takes the lead or do u consider that untasteful maybe even offensive to the male ego?
  4. aboowe starving isnt a trivial matter i don't understand your hierarchy of importance but the rest of the world would beg to differ...just saying there is never enough food cause these men have never ending appetites and by the time it reaches us either the good food has run out or there's hardly anything left.... :mad: i'm being selfish? me? shouldnt the person who feeds your ever expanding belly get first dig? and the religion is quite favourable to women and i'm sure starving us isnt very islamic like.....
  5. ashkiro wat about wen u see them relishing the food and those poor ladies who've been cooking and cleaning wait for wat little scraps there are left..... we should change the tradition and have the men and women cook for their respective gender that way everyone is happy and no one starves... what ever happened to ladies first?
  6. lol protocol now now is that anyway to welcome a sister? shame on you buddy..... protocol put yourself in my shoes your out slaving for hours in a heated room with bossy and flustered ladies coming and going......when the task is done doesnt it make sense that i should eat first? afterall i did make the bloody food!! and doesnt our religion hold the women at high esteem? and protocol im not asking to sit with the men obviously i'll have to abide by the customs all im suggesting is that since the men do squat they should wait their turn after us.... abayo23 thanks for that sis cheers.... *If women eat before men then there will be nothing left for men .... marka women can wait but men can't. Welcome Amina ......* jacayalbaro what about the men finishing the food? so its ok for us to starve but god forbid if men were thanks for the welcome...
  7. i've been to many muslim functions where us females are fed last even if we're responsible for the cooking we still eat after the men.....that really ticks me off cause this entire time were holed in a stuffy room with kids (kids are always assigned witht the women) and are slaving off in the kitchen so instead of being rewarded with the first serve we get regulated last and that is very unfair.... sometimes when i see these men stuffing their faces i curse them silently and shoot daggers at them ... and before you say men cant serve the women which i have no qualms with all im suggestng is that we eat first and then the men afterwards according to our unrecognised hard work....that sounds fair right?...if u men want to be served first then you go to the kitchen and help out dont just sit their with the lads and wait to be served for not doing anything...... so ladies say it loud say it proud feed us first and not last.......
  8. somalinet? really? sis come on dont you know that place is's a breeding place for the worst of the worst somalis and why would you want to meet a cyber buddy? that's a BIG no no it's better to humour yourself with the fantasy then have it detroyed though a meeting cause 99% of the time they lie about who they really are ........ try finding a nice guy in the real world and stop this cyber romance cause im afraid you'll end up being very disappointed .... try the library i heard they serve the finest brothers (:
  9. lets face it somali men have been brought up to value virginity so once a girl becomes a woman and then is unfortunate enough to divorce she no longer holds interest to men as she's, how do i say this nicely? Used goods.....note the sarcasm in my writing …. It’s infuriating to see the stigma our community places on single mothers and how these “men” then think it’s ok to abuse them since they no longer are marriage material….there are some men who actually seek out single mothers to get their “groove on” because they truly believe these girls have no morals and would be more than happy to have a man look after them…. And sadly some of these girls start to suffer from low self esteem and begin to believe these lies …they then think they’re trash and therefore act accordingly and this only serves to prove the communities myth of the single mother syndrome………akkkkkkkkkkkkkk……..sometimes I’m ashamed of my community………..
  10. I think there's no problem with having several Somali groups BUT JUST AS LONG AS THEY EACH SERVE A DIFFERENT PURPOSE...for example one might specialize in teen affairs and the other women’s affairs and so on.... having said that and KNOWING my community it's not really practical to have a united front for Somalis……now matter how hard you try to remain inclusive someone will ALWAYS feel left out… but I also don’t want an organization which caters only to one tribe and alienates the others so YES to more organizations so long as they concentrate on one area and NO to tribe focused groups…..