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  1. mhhhhh i for one think am gona cling on this world untill the angel of death beeps me if that is 110yrs so be it. I'd like to grow very old as slowly as possible becoz growing old gracefully its just not me. If that means freazing my birthday to a specific age so be it, i am sure with all the scientific methods out there we can stop age creeping on uz untill THE BIG DAY ARRIVES. I for one intend to stay 27 for 10yrs i shall never give in to old age. "No woman should ever be quite accurate about her age. It looks so calculating." Oscar Wilde
  2. Good GOd no, but come on sophist u know abt the tug - of- war that take places in every somali wedding season?
  3. So long as i keep my clients happy my boss is a happy chap. ps he does not know that i am dee he thinks am such a hard worker yah right blabbing my way through the bonus list!!!!
  4. HAHAHA the idea of love makes me lol walahi its not even a real emotion but a chemical reaction by the brain, and it does not exist pure and simple.
  5. hahaha should u even ask? how many somali man have u seen who venture out of hoyos nest? without looking for a wife ASAP to cook and clean for them? domisticated i think not. As for being romantic come on now somali virsion of romance is a joke to the title of romance, not only ist a facade that last untill they get u chain'd down convert u to a babay vending machine then u dont get the long phone calls or the occational cinema u used to go 2.I am sorry but i am in no illusion whts so ever to the fact expecting a somali man to be romantic or being domisticated is like waiting for Mr bush to grow some brain cells. ps there not capable of it.... mhhh
  6. well i think u do ure best when u are under pressure i dont know am always but i thrive on it.
  7. When all is said and done, the greatest obstacle/ limitation somali woman face is the one they impose on themselvz. PS can someone explain to me y there is a big deficit of somali man trolling down the street pushing their baby prams and no woman in sight i mean just man with his child? OR EVEN Somali couples holding hands in streets? mhhh
  8. lol oky then as u have spoted i am indeed a newbie after a month of deliberation i presume the sol granted me admittancei am still wondering if its the MI5 OR SOMETHING GOSH that long for a site anywho.mhh cynical lady well she is like anyother young ladys out there fresh from uni with alot of radical ideas in her head, firmly believes that the world is her platform to raise her voice at well argue about anything and everything, stuburn as a mule as told by her mother. What has made her a cynic? mhh the world and its inhabitants the constant limitation imposed by certain people, well in short am natural born skeptical and i enjoy nothing but qs everything now i find myself argueing about the the oyster card vs our liberties. Am i likely to lose it? i dont think so actualy i think its getting worse. But since after uni i now work in the city and i added other attributes 2myself competative, bona fide shallow, antagonistic well now am sipping my coffee and dreaming of how to cont kissing my boss *** to increase my bonus for xmas.. + my big fat paycheq....... well in summary thats me ... ps i did not say i am an ANgel
  9. oky it seems we all browsing and adding nothing today, anywho am extremly bored at work so has anyone got something to share? or a topic?
  10. mhhh it all starts with the 20hrs shukansi session, i mean come on have u ever seen somali couple courting its jokes wht can 2humans possibly have to say to each other for 20hrs jeez, then it moves to the expensive wedding that runs them down to a huge debt, not to mention there is no house because all the money the guy brought forward was spend on feeding bunch of ppl who are gona diss ure wedding latter on anyway. Then we have the married life mhh she is still clinging to the singleton life expects to attend every wedding under the moon and spend all the time with the gals, he well he cuts all the romantic gesture no more 20hrs or roses valentine well fgt that shit, fgt the perfume he used to buy u ( come on u know its the fav gift to give the gal when somalis are courting) and add spending time with the bois. Then its 3weeks after the wedding she is pregnent woow not even time to explose each other and get used to leaving with someone u added an addition to the family mhhh 9months letter guess wht house is dirty communication is so low that u see each others backside more than the faces, and here comes the divorce after 1yrmhhhhhh tragic story but one alot of somalis suffer from.
  11. "Is it an Islamic event or a Political one? Or both?" well its both as far as i know.
  12. The trick is ask those gals to take the hijab off u shall find ure ans, i assure u hijab covers alot, one being massive hair malfunction.
  13. mhhh am still thinking about going.
  14. going bk! hahahahaha i dont think so i just cant imagine leaving in somalia and all i see is somalis day and night i shall die looooool oky ppl i just think i wont last 2days in somalia. Thats my view, as for rebuilding somalia come on somali culture foundation is based on older ppl rule, do u think they will let some young people come from urub and rule them hahahahah jokes walahi, am sorry i think somalia once it was wow nice building highly educated man and woman when my mom talks about somalia am like so u used to go clubbing? i mean they where cosmopolitan now they have reverted back 50yrs they dont believe in educated the woman am shocked woman in somalia used to be in high office's now they are lucky if they get a post. OKY so u the educated normads want to go back how many of u are there? i assure u most malis i see dont even finish college down here and when they do they study IT, MIDWIFand even that they dont finish so wht kind of skills are u ppl trying to take to somalia i wonder? lalal shot me now if u want frankly think somali ppl have pride for there nation but its not a unvarnished pride they dont love there nation as the chinese, japs, or the asian pacific do they always say i am somali & proud wht are u proud of tribalisim, division, discrimination, culture that limits ppl to achive goals, or culture that is based on fathers leaving there kids with mothers and not providing good role model for the kids? am sorry go bk no way as for clinging to a country thats not mine well am capitalist money is my country and i have allegiance to country that will earn me the most of it and frankly somalia is not such a state. For the ones who want to go good luck i say my u change those uncivalised savages!!!
  15. *****exposure of the flash*** " woman are seen as an object, not heard, her will is not hear own to control, more likely to be raped, dehumanised and not seen as a factor in this world". Am sorry do u even hear ureself what a load of rubbish i assure u the fact that woman are seen as an object is not down to the fact of adverts,its been happening through out the centuries, as for our will am sure i have mine and i am in sole possession of it, as for woman being beaten and raped am sorry does NO MEAN YES even if a woman is naked does not convey a man the right to rape a woman, man beat and rape woman for other sick issues not because those advert, if such is the case that there is a strong link between rape and naked woman what does that say about man? that they cant control themselvz there weak? sexual pervz? am sorry my take in those adverts is choice some woman will choose to express themselvz as they see fit isnt that what the woman libertine fought for? freedom of choice and expression, anyway why ist its always a man who will grace us with his views on woman and there proper conduct in society so we can fit in? i assure u i am not effected by those woman because i am a firm believer that everywoman is a sole guardian of her virtue and and she can choose when to forfeit them, i do have to remaind u that we are in a state where virtue is overrated but that does not mean woman like I and millions out there are dehumanised by those adverts to tell u the truth i make haste to buy those product does that mean a man is allowed to rape and beat me also? for one am looking forward to the xmas Diet cola advert with the sexy man and the CK boxers adverts does that mean i want to run and beat man, rape them or that dehumanises them NO. Woman have been made secondary class citizens not by those adverts but by the chains that have been forged upon us from the day the doctor declared that a daughter has been born.
  16. ******specific jobs for mothers******* i dont understand woman have been giving birth and raising children for generation its not something thats incongruous to us, why should that limit us from becoming anyone we choose to be? other than confining ourself to the nursery, maternity jobs etc u can still be a banker and a mother,why one or the other? am sure motherhood is not incomprehensible the law in England gives us 52 weeks maternity leave, and not mention the paternity leave the man can take and the flex working hours so my ans to u sis is u can be anything u choose to be and be a good mother u dont have to settle for the maternity ward. ps iron lady was a mother also