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  1. Mac mac kor iyo sideways are you my dear? Now where is mpendwa aka Malika i got a phone call telling me she has a case against me. Imagine my what would i ever do to my beloved?
  2. Old man- Here you go….. and I expect to see some serious donations from you. Juxa- I don’t have time to get frustrated my dear- I was just surprised at the calaacal no one is doing anything crap. Get engaged beyond your money, donate boxes of water, dacaas etc even give us your holiday. p.s I know about that but we can only do so much and alhadmdhulilah people are starting to fundraise for us and were getting the messages/clips/aim and objective out there. P.s I need 40boxes of 1lt water from you btw. Norf- a.)the funds you give them is unrestricted funding which means it can easily be part of the admin cost of the operation/organisation. b.)Since the funds is a drop in the ocean of their response-the funds become part of the initial project and scale up effort. Nothing wrong with that per se, but you don’t have any accountability measures in place for you to ask/enquire in its effectiveness. c.)Muslim aims are fundraising for start cost- apart from one camp in MogD there nowhere else. I know this because I asked them. d.)Islamic Relief no bad- but it was yesterday that they were trying to access Boqol and Geedo-since Al-Shabab gave them the green light and in true IR fashion they took a bunch of media groups with them to show case how they are the first organisation inside Somalia…delivering aid. But they haven’t delivered yet…as they’re flight was double booked yesterday and they were left feeling very deflated at the JKI airport in Nairobi. We’re not saying don’t fundraise, all were saying is get smart about this…the problem is not about funding for this organisations is their lack of access or operational abilities. The UN is calling for the $1billion that will allow them to fight the famine-but WFP has a warehouse in MogD and its full of food and they’re unable to deliver the food from the storage since there not operational. When we ask why not airdrop the food, we are dismissed…..please just ask the right questions and go beyond the appeal image with them. The focus currently is on Dadaab-but the journey to dadaab from the boarders is 90 FREAKING KM. When we ask why must they walk the unnecessary walk of death when they already walked for 2-3months? We get nothing that warrants a sufficient response. If needs is what drives humanitarian response, surely aid must be taken to the affected people…the sad part is the people are calling for assistance close by-not in Daadab. But are we listening? So they walk the inhumane 90km, they’re situation even made worse and they die as they try to get to Daadab: At the end they discover they now also must wait. P.s Aid agencies were not spotted on the route to- where it matters the most in Liboi Kenya-when the affected Somalis transit before the scatter for the deadly walk to the camp…. p.s.s one story-we asked one mother in Dhoobley how many children she started the journey with-she said 6, …..but I had to leave 4 as I was too tired and hungry to push the cart so I left 4 on the road side. Imagine that? Yesterday I got a phone call from Falis mother, saying Falis is now getting worse and the traditional doctor burned her tumour. Were beyond tears, beyond frustration beyond it…all we want to focus is on delivering the next round of essential items and continue to raise awareness around the 90km and beyond. And we call on you for your support: -
  3. In typical SOL fashion you guys talk about- why isn’t someone doing something? Why aren’t people doing something? I wonder have you ever freaking asked yourself what you’re doing. Why wait for someone, why not take your own initiative and get moving? By the way check this out….and if you want to useful/graduate from you nac nac's and do something Falis mother just called today saying she’s now even worse-so what can you do for her today? Help her? Apart from her details don’t come to me with silly questions. Take ownership and do something. Or shut the F-UP.
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  8. Rageh Omaar presents a series c*****ng the life of Muhammad. Beginning in Muhammad's birthplace of Mecca, he investigates the Arabia Muhammad was born into.
  9. COMMUNIQUE OF THE 8TH MEETING OF THEJOINT SECURITY COMMITTEE (JSC): June 2011. 1. The 8th meeting of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) took place on 23 June, 2011, in Entebbe, Uganda, under the co-chairmanship of H.E. Abdihakim M. Haji Faqi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Dr. Augustine Mahiga, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Somalia, and Ambassador Boubacar Diarra, Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission and Head of AMISOM. 2. The meeting was attended by representatives of France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uganda, Somalia, the African Union (AU), European Union (EU), Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the United Nations (UN). 3. The JSC reviewed progress made in the implementation of the decisions of its last meeting held in Djibouti on 20 January, 2011. The meeting also discussed the findings and recommendations of the “Somali Security Sector Scoping Mission Report, 2011”, the “Somalia Security Sector Assessment Report, 2010 and the Report of the International Shared Lessons Learned Workshop on Defectors which took place ahead of the meeting of the JSC. 4. Following discussions, the JSC noted that some progress had been made in enhancing the security sector in Somalia. In particular, the JSC recognized the major territorial gains made by TFG security forces, with the support of AMISOM, the countries of the region and other international partners. In particular, the TFG thanked those partners (USA, Uganda, AMISOM and EU) who have delivered the EU training programme so far. The JSC further commended the support of all international partners actively engaged in the Somali Security Sector Development and encouraged others in the international community to contribute towards these efforts as well. 5. In order to consolidate the gains so far made in this regard, the JSC: • strongly urged, once again, the TFG to immediately revise, in the light of the current security situation and of the recommendations the reports mentioned above, the draft 2009 National Security Stabilization Plan (NSSP) in order to facilitate its urgent implementation under a TFG guiding policy and institutional framework supported by the JSC and its working groups; • underlined the need for the TFG to improve its security partnership with regional administrations and friendly forces and urged all partners to provide the necessary support, including logistical, technical and financial, to the Security Sector Development efforts in Somalia; • took note of the findings and recommendations of the “Somali Security Sector Scoping Mission Report, 2011”, the “Training Needs Assessment Report, 2011”, “Somalia Security Sector Assessment Report, 2010, and the Report of the International Shared Lessons Learned Workshop on Defectors and called for action oriented programmes around which resources would be mobilized; • took note of the recommendations of the Workshop on International Shared Lessons Learned on Defectors and urged partners to urgently provide support for the management of the current caseload of defectors ”former combatants”, and also develop action oriented programmes around which resources would be mobilized for sustainable support for defector “former combatants” programme; • noted that there are still a number of outstanding tasks requiring support including support for the functioning of the Ministries of Defence, Interior and National Security, Justice and Religious Affairs, Parliamentary Oversight, Civil Society organizations on security and therefore urged the concerned parties to urgently implement them accordingly; • called on the TFG to take further steps in addressing the presence of children in the armed forces; • reiterated its commitment to convene on a bi-monthly basis. In this regard, the next meeting will be convened in Mogadishu. Thereafter, the JSC will consider the viability to convene on a bi-monthly basis, preferably in Mogadishu or elsewhere. The Technical Working Groups will convene on a fortnightly basis in order to progress issues in the security sector. 6. The JSC noted with commendation, the courageous efforts of the out-going AMISOM Force Commander, Major General Nathan Mugisha, in bringing about 70 percent of Mogadishu under the control of the TFG, while taking extreme care to minimize the adverse effect on the civilian population and enhancing the operational effectiveness, command and control and sustenance of the TFG forces. The JSC offered its appreciation to General Mugisha for his outstanding efforts and his contribution to peace and security in Somalia. 7. The JSC also noted the effective and strategic leadership provided in the development of the Somali Security Sector by the late Minister of Interior and National Security, H.E. Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah. It expressed deep regrets and condemnation for his murder and offered its condolences to the TFG and his family. 8. The JSC expressed its appreciation to the Governments of Burundi and Uganda for their continuing contribution to peace and security in Somalia, and paid special tribute to the courage and determination of their soldiers, especially to the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the current security operations. 9. The JSC thanked the Government of Uganda for hosting the meeting. Entebbe, Uganda, 23 June 2011
  10. Lol....Her (giggling away and showing me that I've been had): "MON-KEY". Smart girl. p.s allow her to defend herself..
  11. opportunist to the bones eeh yah Juxa. Now what is this barty your throwing? Here I was thinking you will be making me some samosa’s & malwaax.
  12. Is that the real JB or the crazy dude that was around yesterday? WCS Juxa- how ist going and what are you doing on sat?
  13. Loooooooooooooooooool@ if "wet dreams" are an admission of guilt ala maxaan danbi galay (with all sorts of things, including an a monkey).
  14. JB- I believe we have a music thread and that belongs there. Can you delete it.
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  18. It’s time to face the challenge of change and Wake Up For Somalia. P.s If you have nothing positive to say/or ready to accept the challenge by doing something positive today to contribute to the tide of change. Then please do me a favor and don’t write anything and make your way to the political section/open your own thread.