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  1. Xiinow, I only heard about the place and that it was once a thriving port town. If it is worth reviving, waxay ila tahay in magaceeda la soo cesho. Mise meesha habaarbaa ku dhacay?
  2. What's wrong with Qow Mr. Xiin? It's historian little town, a lovely little tuullo of mine i should add
  3. LX, if you don't see the file/folder in your USB flash, then the file or folder is maybe hidden. So when you open you flash drive, on the tool bar select tools then folder options. windows opens up then select view tab and then select "show hidden files and folders" box. I am hoping your file is just hidden and not lost. Try this and see if it helps.
  4. I read this couples months ago, it's long but nicely written. Nuune, ninkaan (Xaashi) Yaasiin Cismaan Kenaddiid aa dhallay, ninkii kasaaya Yasiin keneddiid lee waaye. Marka no wonder af-somaligaas iyo suugaantas meeshuu ka keenay. or so i think.
  5. MMA iyo Nuune, waxaaba adag kuwa Soomaaliga lagu turjumay in la dhaho ama la fahmo. JIL kulahaa, medicine=daawo. BIIRAA+leh kuyeh inta.. baba maxaa la isku geeyey inta waaye? "leh" waaba la fahmee "biiraa" fasirbal inta. Midba mid uu ka sii adag yahy. Kuwa Somaaliga ah intuu qoro inuu Enshlish ku turjuma aaba ka fududeyd..Waa ka haray ani :confused: :confused: Ps: brother put good effort though and need to be praised for that.
  6. Originally posted by General Duke: GT: Adeer the ARS is nothing. What I am refering to is the Clan Courts movement. Now what was it made up of? Okey Duke, do the Clan Court Movement=ICU? If you mean ICU, then majority of their foot soldier were make -up of a particular clan as that movement started in certain area(Mogadishu)and remember this, the whole of this ICU came as a reactionary to those warlords in Mogadishu. This was never been a political party. Yes there were clannish elements and even warlords within them(namely Indhacade,)but one thing I want to understand is this hidden clannish agenda you talk about? Do you think there is one clan that is fighting against the TFG and the Ethiopians? if not, then do they outsmart other Somalis to fight for their "hidden" clannish agenda? I think you should retire few words my dear, especially "clan court, clan movement, looters" and whatnot that's just an advice. Hope you won't mind my Q's?
  7. Originally posted by Qudhac: What does this sort of behaviour say about the enhabitants of these regions, lack of principles dare i say.... Qudhac, to generalize an entire region and it's inhabitants to be lacking principle is a big gaffe methinks. You should take that back. Yes these guys(militias)mostly unskilled poorly trained young men, would go where ever there is money and they don't represent the entire region and it's inhabitants as you put it.
  8. If the TFG is composition of different clans so are the opposition groups, namely ARS and Al-shabaab. One should acknowledge that fact. So, Generale why do you think entire ARS group are from the same clan? and I am not talking about the make up of their supports, no doubt that ARS has more support in some area than others geographically just like the TFG.
  9. Allah yarxamu Cabdalla Nuradiin.. Aammiin
  10. I been sarcastic with them pics, but anyway, you got some taste for baadiya ma istiri? here I get one helluva greeny one ya paragon. Just look at that blue sky and the white clouds. mmmm wouldn't mind been there to fresh my mind...
  11. Paragon will you rather be under THIS acacia? or THIS..
  12. You were supposed to have a date and she brought 4 other girls? mmmmm simply xaaaaaaaax..
  13. Is this from news portal or you just wrote it by yourself?
  14. I was just listening Sh. Xassan Dahir in here( )and he said in the interview that he did not have the required "votes" to oust the Sharif, but still sacked him. So how could he accuse them of breaking the party's rules (when they attended that Djibouti conference with out the consent of all the members)and here he is crowning himself when the majority of the ARS are in fact on the other side of the fence. I think if there is anyone to blame for the break up of this loose coalition(ARS,)is certainly not Shareef Ahmed as he is a genuine and brave enough to seek a peace in a tough time. As for colonel Dahir, he is too stubborn. His ego and bullheadedness will shadow his potential and that will keep him right where he is today (Asmara.)
  15. Why curse the man Mr. Hassan? Is that all you get. Com on you could do better than that. If you disagree with the dude lay it out man, but to curse him wont change a thing. Duke you are tough dude 4 real. keep it up man. I am just cheering you up man, I see ppl are ganging up on you lately.
  16. Ibtisam your soomaali is very understandable walalhi, but just watch those vowels. As for the these so-called defections, mmm just wait couple of weeks or maybe a month and you will hear the same militias going back to SL. Waa sii orod soo orad lee maalin kasta.
  17. Gheelle.T


    What a nostalgia mmmm, wish I was right there having some fun.. By the way it looks xeebta abaaayo dhaxan before Jaziira, that beach has qabri, though jasiira xataa small island with qabri laheyd.. it aint secundo liido though...LZ is it castuma baanyo or maanyo? just asking :confused:
  18. So Morgan is the only criminal in Somalia today huh? I bet was he from the North, he would have been the head of that enclave just like his mate Rayaale. :mad: And Marx FYI, Aidid was the one behind all that starvation in Baydhabo Janaay in the early 90s. In a serious note though, I doubt if there ever be any tribunals in Somali. This was/is clan vs clan and on top of that, the criminal/warlords who were behind the mayhem we are in today are/will be part of any government in Somalia. So, if you are expecting the "Hague" will bring justice to Somalis so be it. But Where their(west) interests lies, is where they make the noises if not, they don't give a darn of who is killed or who kills.
  19. such a good detective yaa Faarax brawn I am just wondering what has he (Nur Cadde)done that disqualified him in Duke book? I think Nur will do a great job and bring somalis together if he is given the time and resources..My 2 cents forks.
  20. Aren't they beautiful..? here are some more somalia Ugaar/dh Gazele(Golcas) Dikdik (sagaaro) Baciid (oryx)
  21. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: The dude is no newbie if he knows mIRC in general and DALnet in particular. Only an oldie and junkie of the internet would know that. Welkam, fella. An oldie and junkie indeed, what a memory of the good old days huh..MMA thanks widaayoy. KK, all is good, and no worries eeddo, I will get use to your qeylo. Lol@ gacmaha isa soo qabsada, BOB mahadsanid walaalkiis, by the way shaax waarikow waaba ka helaa...thank you all, i will enjoy my stay in here.
  22. Noble cause for real. Even though I would have preferred more schools(middle or high schools) to be built, but any project that will benefit our people should be praised. God helps ease this misery we in.
  23. Originally posted by NGONGE: Just because you used the word newbie I'm obliged to say ASL? Lol@ ASL, you reminded me of old days in MiRC chat rooms. Geelka, thanks bro
  24. Hello ya’ll, hope all is well. I am a newbie and hope I will get some sort of warm welcome. Thanks