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  1. Originally posted by -MARX-: I got a hot date waiting for me later on tonight! Marx since you mention that you are going to have a date on this special day, do you mind tell us how it went?
  2. If Benitez is sacked then rest assured that i will give up supporting liverpool for good.But Tom and Jerry dont have the balls to do such a thing. If Benitez goes then all the liverpool superstars will follow suit for instance mascherano, torres, reina, to name a few.
  3. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ Rijaalohaa. what is that suppose to mean?
  4. Whether the girl is into me or not is not the issue here. At first the confusion was about mixed identities but things went from bad to worse when one of them suggested that i buy them drinks. This was ofcourse a test straight from the textbook and i was not gonna let myself be bullied by women. My reply was that since the ratio was 5-1 that it was them that should buy the drinks.
  5. Is it only me or do somali girls look alike to the point you would think they are related? This is strange really. It dawned on me the other day when a girl i was supposed to meet up with brought four of her friends along. They were so similar in every way such as height, appearance,the way they dressed,body language, you name it. And when i said to the girl i knew from the pack that "it was very nice of you to bring your sisters along" They shouted at once "we are not sisters but friends". The simple fact that somali girls choose to go in large numbers makes things even more confusing. In America there is a show by the name"so you think you can dance" in Russia there is "So you think you think you can drink" and if my getting together with those girls was a show then it would have been called "So you think you can tell who is who" No disrespect to xalimos but i had to get this off my chest once and for all.
  6. Originally posted by Northerner: Hookay, hookay. The domestic season is over and it is time for the big tourny. I shall be the first to throw my hat into the ring and predict PORTUGAL to clinch it. Northerner it would have been much better if you had kept your hat, i mean trowing your hat for loosers is a big setback. Well i have been saying spain will win the trophy for ages, now its a fact. I wont be suprised if they end up winning world cup in 2010 in south africa.
  7. Nuune sleep safely because spain wont dissapoint us, la roja will lead the way.
  8. Originally posted by Maaxda: Heart says Turkiya but head says Alamal. Northy i am not quite sure what you mean by that
  9. Due to electric breakdown the game was not shown in full,but turkey played like lions and should have gown through.
  10. Abtigis i can safely say we are in the same page now, why not become his political adviser? I might have a change of heart.
  11. Originally posted by Paragon: Skipper, c'mon now. And individual can be critical at his own kind and yet not be ill-wishing. I mean being self-observant and self-critical takes a great deal of energy, and also, it shows how one really hopes to see positive change within his community. Now, in that process, MARX might have committed few gaffes here and there, but so long as he offers a sincere apology for his mistakes then it's all a clean start . Now be more forgiving and welcome aboard; the rewards - as A&T'll tell you - are quite good. What say you? Paragon just because he apologised doesnt mean you have to be emotinal and forgive him so easly. What he did is unforgivable to put it that way. And when you say the rewards are quite good i am not so sure about that either, what exactly can be quite good? Abtigis its appailing you calling that conditions, i would call them advice in my world.
  12. Abtigis and tusbax how much did this guy gave you for your never say die support? I would assume its alot, but why show him so much support when all this fella did was to criticise somalis at any given opportunity? The sums are not adding up adeer. After living few years in england the guy feels he is british rather than somali,so its beyond me why he would want to be president of somalia.
  13. Originally posted by The Zack: ^Well said Skipper! So if bantus were from Tanzania ethnically, living or being born in Somali doesn't change the fact they are still Tanzanians, right? Zack congratulations sxb you have conneced the dots. But still i sence that what i am trying to say has not been understood fully. Let me put it another way: If you throw a goat in an ocean it will allways remain a goat amoungst fish, but it will never be be a fish.
  14. meant to say be carefull with what you write
  15. Xiinfanin just so you know i happen to be a diplomat(or soon to become one) that you be very carefull of what you right adeer, you wouldnt want me to sue you.