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  1. ok thats all only 2 people.
  2. somalidu waxay dhahadaa wixii aragtidiisa aya ku qancisay ayay oontiisu ku qancisaa taasn ku xisaabtama dadyahow
  3. Is not a discussion topic, but I just wanna know who goes to university or who don’t Who live on campus or who don’t? I am doing a survey about young Somalis
  4. allahu akbar many people still have their beautiful cultures and religion not yet been brianwashed by this stupid socety's cultures(usa and their allies) iam really gratful to GOD hearing from all of you and see some nice reactions specially muslimah and others this topic was realy a rebutable topic and was actually irrelevant to all of us but my purpose was to prove it and see where most young somails are. this topic was not suppose to be here.
  5. Reason 1: Men can get sex without marriage more easily than in times past. The men reported that meeting women is easy: at bars, through friends, at work, and on the Internet. Though men want to become friends with a woman before becoming seriously involved, casual sex, they said, is easy to come by. Reason 2: Men can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabiting rather than marrying. Men think living together is a good way to test out a marriage prospect. They also view living together as less risky than marriage. At the same time, the men in the study like the convenience of having a regular sex partner. And several said they appreciate the domestic benefits of cohabitation, and the ability to share expenses, but thought marriage unnecessary at this point in life. Reason 3: Men want to avoid divorce and its financial risks. Men feel that their financial assets are better protected if they cohabit rather than marry. They also fear that an ex-wife will take financial advantage during settlement proceedings. Reason 4: Men want to wait until they are older to have children. Although men understand that women worry about their biological clocks, they say they don't have to. And they don't want to be pressured into marriage by women who want marriage in order to have children. Reason 5: Men fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromises. The men savor their freedom to enjoy hobbies, late nights out and freedom from extra financial burdens. They want to postpone absorbing extra responsibilities until they are on extra-solid footing in a number of areas.
  6. wow come back to the spot still somethin is missin
  7. i understood what u have wrote bro. and we all know that this spirit need a help from God cus God revealed religion when he created this world he knows what is good for his creation i think u miss your piont of view that God made u (which means to worship only himsself)thats why u let ur self hunging up some where u cant reach. bro this is a short trip you need to read the quran and u will not think about this world and his confusion everything will be easy bro and i hope God will make our behave(camal) good. if i say something make u mad i ask forgivness
  8. i think nothing is wrong if someone says what's up ma or what's up ma it just like they way people pronounce that word "man" sometimes they mess t up why u care about just let them say how ever they wanna say it sorry thats ma opinion if its hurts people have diffrent ideas
  9. lol hodan u funny u know why they aint gonna date younger girls cus they can't do their job well and may be there is a problem tha leads to u know what i mean like u tear a part and some stuff like that older guys may be they get big *******so they wont tear apart yougn girl's ***** lol aight
  10. mine is people smoke in the room hate that!!!! do u know that 3000 people dead because of your smoking the secondhand
  11. hey BARWAAQO you forgot ARABIAN GIRLS they say "baarakalaah" and stay for ever lol
  12. i hate people disrespecting my tradition my best clothes "macawiis" thats unusual na what am sayin' be respectful to your culture dont' *** bring to the table something we didnt know aight
  13. i dont wanna marry any other races and my kids be discriminated by otheres and being called "confused"
  14. i hate people has a snobbery they think they are the number in all over the world they knows everything