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  1. I really don't understand how with a name like LLCOOLY, you can judge nomads without checking yourself out first. it is the judgement that you perject on to others, that got us here in the first places. if you want to build up a somalian community you need to stop judging others.hip hop takes alot of expressing and advances vocubs,just keep that inmind. peaces out
  2. hey it's hussein02 the formal writter of this forum,first and for most i would like to thank all of my felo nomads who took the time to help and advise me in this particular situation. I would like conclude to my story that i've had a feelings of attraction for her about 8 years as a cousin and actually got the chances to get know her last year on a personal leve and fell in love with her. so I appoligize for my misleading information.I want you to know that I will take put this matter all behind me after it's dealt with and the final concludion of this approach will be posted on my forum. hopefully as soon as a travel to toronto and make the confrontation on a face to face basis rather then long distance call where facial expressions of the outcome can't be detected,so it's not an option to call. peace out/one love
  3. looool, I just can't help it but laugh. a dildo under the bed.what is the world coming to theses days.I wanna know was she somalian cause i just can't or put the though in my head. what i really wonna know is exactly how a guy can be compared to female's dildo."it can last longer" like it came with some warranty or something, so what some girls bust to quick using a dildo and that's just within 3 minutes,so how do you determine who can really last the longest,hey i know why don't we ask the dildo? just kidding
  4. I one thing that somalian girls have over me that other outside nationalities don't have is that at the end of all roads and paths, it is my somalian queen that will the mother of my seeds. I always beleived that it would be easy providing for your family if you are of one race,culture,religion and so on. HOnestly I think that somalian girls are genuine and beautiful as they can be.
  5. I onces had a feeling for this somalian girl who never knew I existed.see the this is that I was a new immigrant from somalia and she was born here.The problem I'm having is that she thinks were cousin being somalian and all but I simply love her and would hate to lose the friendship between us.I feel that this is the only girl for me and don't really know how to approach this situation, I've tried to reveal my secret and confuss but every time something would pop up,for example, I would fined out that she's dating some guy. As far as love goes and soulmate this is my first experiences and I wasn't expecting this or even planned it, it just happend.she doesn't agree with the cousins can marry each other statement and has a strong opinion about that.I strongly follow my insticts and if I don't,I know the conseguence before hand.This is affecting me to the point that it hurts and now I try to distances myself from the ones I'm dealing with. So what should I do in this case when you loved someone for nine years and never had the chances to express your true feelings or start a new chapter with your idle wife.Right now I'm at a point in my life were it's my destiney to take that approach.Don't get me wrong I'm not sensitive but the subject matter is. I hope that you be real with your advise and be realistic to help. one love and peace out Exile :eek:
  6. hey I'm really disappointed that my somalian ladies feel this way towards my felo men. Look all i can say is that i'm hearing this for the first time cause somalian guys talk to much and say so much about their spouse. I take offences on the stereotyping thou cause not all somalian guys act alike and you know how relationship goes for everyone. If your relationship is lacking the communicate and you demand for it then it's your job to put him in a position which is comfortable for him to open up and this is the same way females function. but don't complain and stereotype cause you failed to communicate with your luv
  7. I think that it's normal and natural for female to adjust the male to her desires. Sinces no men is perfect on this world, I came to understand that every female that ever tryed to changed me,it was for the better things rahter then things that were against my will. see the thing is that females are persistent with their man while males can easly wake away, no disrespect to my brothers but it's a known fact. peace out and one luv