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  1. In the university environment, students are often directly or indirectly influenced by Secular-Atheist ideologies. Some of these universities are full of Atheists and Orientalists that prey on young Muslims that lack basic knowledge of tawheed (Islamic monotheism). The so-called ‘free thinkers’ claim that for one to be truly free, one must detach him or herself from religion. In reality, these people are calling others to their own religion, the religion of atheism and democracy. So, are we going to listen to their call or the call of the prophets (Islaam)? Obviously, If we truly want success in this life and the next, we are going to follow the way of the prophets of Allaah.
  2. Salam alaykom. View the below. A. Articles: 1. &articleID=TAW020001&articlePages=1 2. B. Audio: 1. 2. all other info wa salam alaykom.
  3. Sorry ukhtee. Let me remind you the issue again. The statements annotated besides my name above were pointing out the mere fact that we need not dwell on welfare fraud, in a manner that we point fingers at this person or that person within the community. This doesnt help any one. For example: Originally posted by Raxmah: You will get someone who would come in and say I’m pregnant *Censored* In the citation above, what happened to client confidentiality? Ciao Seniorita and sorry just looking the topic from a different angle. MJ.
  4. King450 excellent analaysis. Futher Comments: Back to the drawing board. We are weak, we have shortcomings like many humans do, we need help not criticisms 24/7. Somalis this and somalis that its time to quit such nonsensical outdated rhetoric. Off to Sleep bye everybody
  5. Its an online rating system People vote for individuals from a scale of one to five stars based on the perception of cyber characters/posts; so on and so forth. From what I can see you are 5 Star rated just like a luxury hotel in Marakesh :cool: Good'ay. wa a'laykoma salam.
  6. "Its all about Docklands - great river views over the entire square mile, multi-billionnaire organisations, the original city of London, known as the second richest place in the world after NY Manhattan :cool: Mixed with poverty strucked tower hamlets area where a large population of asians can be found roaming the streets of poplar as far as whitechapel road" London is best described as a paradox. Rich or Poor, Black or White, its a place where anyone can get their little peace of London.
  7. Jaama' Bootan, can I point out few hints I ascertained. Firstly, researching the subject or career you want to embark upon before you select a degree is pramount. No one can pick out a course for you from the countless possibilities of subjects; only you know what clicks or doesn't click for you. Otherwise in the future you might be tempted to engage in various u - turns here and there and keep changing subjects hence wasting precious time. Even though this is a cliche, its worth reminding ourselves that sometimes the best career is not the one with the large quantities of money. Perhaps job satisfaction might come from a scenario whereby every morning you come into work you might have a smile on your face, helping people Also take into consideration we are ethnic minorities and must acquire above average grades to have a specialist subject knowledge in our fields. Hence job research is required within our vicinity to find out what sectors of the economy has good inter-race workers. Highlighting the sectors one can realistically initiate a professional career. Personally speaking, I like practical academic subjects that involve application and experimentation. Professionalism is the vital goal in this regard. Also there is salatul istikhaara one can perform when it comes to the crunch time of making that crucial decision - should I do this or that degree? Take your time and evaluate your strenghts and weaknesses, motivation, hobbies and interests, and stating the obvious its best for that the job be as halal as possible. Mujahid over and out.
  8. as-salam alaykom. It would be nice to hear from a few folks preferably from UK doing degree courses in medicine, human biology, pharmacy, microbiology, dentistry, clinical studies or life sciences - any thing to do with health studies. Or any one that works within the medical fields. Several questions: 1. What course are you doing and why? 2. How are you funding it? 3. What are the general academic entry requirements? 4. What is the work load like? Mujahid over and out !
  9. as-salam alaykom. It would be nice to hear from a few folks preferably from UK doing degree courses in medicine, human biology, pharmacy, microbiology, dentistry, clinical studies or life sciences - any thing to do with health studies. Or any one that works within the medical fields. Several questions: 1. What course are you doing and why? 2. How are you funding it? 3. What are the general academic entry requirements? 4. What is the work load like? Mujahid over and out !
  10. Where is Allaah? The Research that I have read are as follows. Allaah is above the Carsh which is above the above the Seven Heavens - Evidence is Suurada Taha - 'The Most Merciful rose over the Throne'(20:5) . Kursi literally a footstool or chair and sometimes wrongly translated as throne, the kursi mentioned in this verse should be distinguished from the arsh(throne) mentioned verse 7:58, 10:3, 85:15 and else where Prophet Muhammed (salahu alaihi wasalam) said "the kursi compared to the arsh is nothing but like a ring thrown out upon open space of the desert." if the kursi extends over the entire universe then how much greater is the arsh indeed Allah the creator of both the kursi and the arsh is the most great ibn Taimiyah said (a)to believe in the kursi (b) to believe in the arsh(throne) its narrated from Muhammed bin 'Abdullah and from other religious scholars that the kursi is in front of the arsh (throne) and it is at the level of the feet (fatwa ibn taimiyah, vol 5, pages 54, 55). More Evidences of Where Allaah is: 'Do you feel secure that He who is over the heaven will not cause the earth to sink on you?' (67:16) 'Then He rose over the heaven when it was smoke' (41:11) And the logical Proof (Logical Deductions): Well think of this way. Allaah is Perfect and Unlimited and Free of Needs. The Creation on the other hand is Limited and Imperfect and Dependant and Poor - Needy of Allaah. So Allaah who is Unlimited, Has no end or beginning cannot be inside something limited (like His creation such as on Earth etc) Hence Allaah is not everywhere but Allaah is above all His Creation. 'Glorify the name of your Lord Most High' (87:1) P.S. Caakifah walaalo the answer you are looking for is Shirk (The Major one). Evidence: Shaykh Salih Al-Fawzaan Kitaab Tawheed Book Published by Darasalaam only around 6 quids get it if you can where he quotes the ayaadaha below. ‘‘Verily Allaah does not forgive that Shirk be made with Him, but He forgives whatever is below that to whomever He wishes.’’ [sooratun-Nisaa 4:48] ‘‘Verily whosoever associates partners with Allaah, then indeed Allaah has made Paradise unlawful for him, and his station is the Fire. And the transgressors will not have any helpers.’’ [sooratul-Maa‘idah 5:72] P.S. Most things up there except the logical deductions bit reference is 1. Kitaab Tawheed Book by Shaykh Saalih Fawzaan and 2. salam calaykom.
  11. Salaam Calaykum X Quizit my sister in Islaam. I think you got the wrong end of my comments please forgive me If my comments offended you or anyone else for that matter. I was merely looking at the situation from a different angle not telling any one what to do or how to live their lives that is not my position. P.S. X Quizit walaalo give me more clothes I shall duely saw for you Peace out, Mujahid. P.S. Rahmah and all the sisters who are studying May Allaah make your matters easier- Ameen.
  12. Rahima is it because they used to follow them in whatever their priests made haram and halal blindly. The evidence can be the hadiith: It was narrated that ‘Adiy ibn Haatim said: “I came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) wearing a gold cross around my neck. He said, ‘O ‘Adiy, cast aside this idol.’ And I heard him reciting from Soorat Baraa’ah [al-Tawbah] (interpretation of the meaning): ‘They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allaah.’ He said: ‘They do not worship them, but when they permit them something they accept it as permitted, and when they forbid them something they accept it as forbidden.’” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and it is a hasan hadeeth). I found this hadiith on a website tho I heard it before. My Question is Where is Allaah? Plz becareful answer only with evidence.
  13. Sister Rahmah from analysing your comments I would like to make few comments If I might. 1. First and foremost Lets weight up the value of Education once and for all. Why do we seek education? Most people would say to find a well paying job. If this is correct it can be argued that Education is not the end itself but a means of finding ways to make money. Now keeping this in mind look at part 2. 2. Marriage on the other hand though its a delicate matter is thought to satisfy one's self and to improve his/her life both spritually and even wealth wise. Now the wife in a marriage does she have to work? Is her role to put food on the table for the family or is this role designated to the husband? If she has to work and put food on the table then its understandable that she should get educated to a level where she can find a good and secure professional job. Generally speaking it takes alot of time to establish herself in a job. Because nowadays a degree is not enough for modern day jobs and there are no such things as " a job for life". There are professional qualifications, soft skills required, graduate training programmes, phds, diplomas, promotions to seek and where does all this end? Is this achievable in a life time? I doubt that as soon as one thing is achieved people move onto a new challenge. Thus entrapped in a vicious circle. If the wife does not have to work in a high profile job earning big bucks for the family and this primarily is the role of the husband then why should she utilise big efforts and sacrifice going via such education systems and programmes if it is not required of her to work and earn the big bucks. What is the benefit if she is going to end up in a situation where she doesnt need to work? surely there must be reasons for studying all that time, delaying marriage etc for her precious degree or masters or phd? What you learn today if its not applied tommorrow it vanishes. Education involves sacrifice of time reading books, hard work and alot of sleepless nights etc and you are not going through all this hassle for nothing? You dont build a house and not move in ! You dont go to work not to get paid and obviously you dont study just for the fun of it. Taking this into consideration please view part 3 - the conclusion to my argument 3. In conclusion it can be said crudely speaking that the purpose of Education all comes back to money, money and more money. Some professor once told me "The More You Learn, The More You Earn" But consider a hypothetical scenario where a young woman with some level of education can get married. The young woman is supported financially by her husband, bills paid on her behalf, her clothes paid for, anything she wants given to her and so on - obviously this sounds too good to be true in some cases but then lets imagine this situation for argument's sake occurs. Now Rahmah which route appears more appealing and less daunting the decision is all yours? Salam calaykom. Mujahid over and out. P.S. Look what you made me do now...I feel like crying. Barwaaqo here are some hankies sowwie walaalo never intended for that to happen
  14. ^^ Taqwa? Someone done a disappearing act huh ! Welcome back and Salam Calaykum to you
  15. LoL@Khayr that has been copy-righted the 4 Halimos Joke Regardless good one braah :cool: Salam Calaykum. P.S. For marriage it was adviced by Prophet SAW to get married at young age at the hadiith where he addressed the shabaab so If anyone wants to wait around till they are old and grey cant enjoy or contribute positively to any potential marriage romance then that is their perogative but I dont think the market looks kindly at old folks for verily the likelihood of conceiving children decreases with age and why do you people marry except to have children. If some thing like University is more vital to someone who doesnt need to work then thats indeed lacklusted in my view but then who am I to tell you otherwise do as you please. Plus some degree doesnt mean that suddenly out of the blue your life will suddenly become rosy and comfortable and you will have a career that pays alot of money. Degree can help but trust me its only a means to an end but children and marriage inshaAllaah can get someone happiness. The reality of the world is that nowadays marriage is being viewed as something to be put off till education or what have you its really sad. Salam calaykum. Mujahid.
  16. ^^ MashaAllaah the brother is reaping ajar and getting paid for it. Good to hear positive things about somalis for a change :cool: salam calaykom. Mujahid.
  17. MashaAllaah I dream visiting and living around these areas one day inshaAllaah Tired of being in gaalo land rubbing shoulders with them. I dont belong here - its difficult to sort yourself out something always holds you back. Peace out, Mujahid.
  18. ^^ Barwaaqo ofcourse Ferrero Roches for all after all its kinda a festive season, sharing is good :cool:
  19. Armstrong

    Euro 2004

    I think Dutch might win it if they can sort out their defence with DeBoer there always look like conceeding goals and can somehow qualify from that group of death. Due to their calibre of players such as Van Der Meyde, Van Der Vaart, Davids, Seedorf, Sneider, Makaay, Kluivert and the goal Machine RVN. France with torpedo Herny and Mesmeric Zidane with rock solid soldiers such as Viera and Makalele always got a chance. But Me would like Good Old England to win but I cant be seen around with England Top tho dang it has a cross on it Northerner MashaAllah I heard weather is nice over there in the portugeese riveria and the algarve Come on England ! Like the Rugby playas bring back the cup home "seize the moment" jonny wilkinson style :cool: One can always dream salam calaykom.
  20. I love the pious although I do not count myself as one of them, so, my (love for them ) may earn me Shafaaca (their intecession in aakhira) " Bro. Nur plz elaborate on this part of the poem? Yacnii my understanding is that none can intercede (regardless whether there are salixiin or not) with Allaah accept the Prophet (SAW) in the aakhirah. And the evidence for this comprehension is the long hadiith of intercession whereby in aakhirah people go to plea for intercessions from the main anbiyaa starting with Adam to Noah to Ibrahim to Musa to Jesus (AS) till they come to Muhammad (SAW) who then intercedes. Narrated by Anas (RAA) In Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol.6, Hadith No 3.
  21. P.S MJ what up with greediness bro? What happened to my present, ya'll have to give us something in return. Ameenah would some ferrero roche do? so you can say wie ! wie ! "monsieur with this ferrero roche you are really spoiling us"
  22. Ameenah cheerz mate for the poem it was tentalising, mesmeric and uniquely constructed by the writer. Acolades from me for sure. salam alaykom. P.S. I think its time for a positive post - since its eid and all Ameenah yep tho its 26th Eid celebrations continue for three days innit and also friday is kinda eid day dang... make that four days hence we are expecting four topics as our present can you deliver? P.S.2 Barwaaqo Eid greetings to ya and every one else. Peace out, Mujahid.
  23. Amiin Taqabal-Allaah minaa wa minkum :cool: Mujahid over and out.
  24. First of all happy Eid to ya. Secondly,I wanted to discuss about the Eid Raves/Ruwaayad culture we maliz have appeared to adopted. Dam! there are flyers everywhere on the wall pasted. All I am saying is that we go through Ramadhaan a whole month trying our best. Isn't there better ways to celebrate eid than raving/ruwaayad on the night? When I say ruwaayad I mean a somali bash/rave. Not the other kind of ruwaayad back at home that we have. In my opinion, Eid day should be a celebration, a joyful event with so much memories. Something you can tell your grandchildren markaad oday ama islaan tahay without much worries. So I want to ask folks in this place what are the alternatives to raving/ruwaayad on eid day? Perhaps we can share some suggestions on what to do, in this thread have your say? Mujahid...