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  1. who actually says 'aboot' in canada? and i'm pretty sure its 'a to zed' not 'zee' that just sounds wrong. also, where is pucca and why hasn't she not creamed you yet?
  2. thinking a plan ride from here to minneapolis is not worth my hard earned $ 500 :mad:
  3. ~~~Late comer~~~ But whatever it is, i want to be included
  4. Emperor, I fully agree with you. I fail to see the amazing part of this video..i thought in the mist of hanging about, Superman or something was going come and rescue her. Now that would have been amazing. But nothing, she just kept hanging about ( waiting, i'm sure for some glimmer of hope) and then fell; subhanallah, some people have no heart. I would have been throwing rocks at him
  5. Am i the only one who fails to see the joy of squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a walnut??? :confused:
  6. Hahahaha...I'm sorry but everytime they said butt..i couldn't help but die of laughter!
  7. ^ I actually just deleted everything and programmed Microsoft Vista...much better,alhumdullilah. Before, it seemed it was beyond repair and i noticed everytime i downloaded some webdefender it would actually add more spyware and adware to my computer. Solution= start all over
  8. Delilah


    Moving is too complicated. I've been thinking of moving for some time, but the more i think about it the more reasons i produce for staying. If nothing else, the draw of free healthcare is far too tempting to give up. But i heard Belgium has free healthcare too?
  9. ^^ Maybe you're in a place where everyone else has THAT accent???
  10. Delilah


    Watching Oprah is like watching the country music channel. It's somewhat enjoyable, but when you catch yourself ( or when someoneelse catches you) you swtich it off quickly, and aviod a potential mocking situation!
  11. Pujah! Thank you. I was starting to feel abnormal. I suppose the Londoners do not see the sex appeal the North American accent can have. I must admit there is something quite captivating about southern accents...although I do not understand a word of what they're saying. But the English accent..I'm telling you the dude can read the phone book and there is something sensual about it comment
  12. Isn't that the essence of an arrange marriage? Someone you are compatible with but not necessairly attracted to. If on the list everthing is checked off and you come down the list and looks is not, maybe the rest will make up for it. But i can sympathise with what you are going through as a situation like that did happen to me. I didn't want to go through with it because i felt i wouldn't be as devouted to the marriage as he was. Besides, you don't want to be comparing your husband to every man you see down the street. Nevertheless, this is a serious issue and must be taken in high regards
  13. The ultimate summer jams has got to be 'This is how we do it' and ' Informer.' I remember when I was younger people walkin' around carry boom boxes on their shoulders blasting those two joints. For the longest time i thought Snow was a black dude with the way he jammed, but you would think with a name like Snow it would be a dead give away!
  14. Delilah


    I wouldn't mind relocating myself, getting tired of T.O. perhaps London? I see nothing wrong with relocating though, it is inherent to us, afterall. Anyways there are over 192 countries if we don't ping pong across them during our lifetime, think of all the expereinces we shall miss, whether good or bad!