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  1. marry young id incourge stright out of high school - 16 or 17
  2. FatB

    silk neck ties

    can someone clarify this ruling where men are not to wear gold and silk - gold is a given, but does silk include say a neck tie?
  3. reer london what can an aussie do in your town
  4. is there such a thing as absolute morality and what is the direction humankind is going when it comes to concepts of morality and ethics? where do these ethics stem from? from once religious contetation or are these universal value systems that transend thought to all people - and if that is the case where do they orinate from?
  5. ya salam and ramadan kariim question, i seriously can not be the only one who experiance this. is it normal to have increased shawhwa levels during ramadan? i thought sowm was supposed to quench your disires its as tho the oppitie has taken place.....
  6. meeting point: who is in egypt - ill be here for 6 months if any nomads are here let me know
  7. Wat a depressing and gloomy year 2011 was the year the most wanted man in the world was killed in his home infront of his wife the year the second most wanted man in the world was killed in an air strike the year houndreds died in mud slides/earthquakes/ tsunamis and neuclear radation closer to home the year were our brother in somalia died of mass hunger and famin the year 6 dictaorts have either been killed died or dethroned wat a year walahi on a personal note the year i got married, the year my son was born and the year i became a man... i wonder wat 2012 will bring
  8. lools malika i thought u were in teh uk? how do u know of soomali baadiyo dagan in some remote area of Oz
  9. laaa another deluded fool that believes "we" are the future someone do him a favour and wake him up...
  10. x convits offten make the best muslims for to go so low in life to seeing fredom again those who have reformed and are given that second chance out preform us lazy non confict muslims who take life for granted..... you'd have to be strong willed and tough skinned sister to take on that challage tho
  11. i have fallen in love with an oromo girl, her sweat lips her curvy figure someone teach me wat ever oromo ppl speak so i my say hi...
  12. i count 5, the three major ones raxween and 2 more, every thing els can be traced back to the three main tribes of somalia
  13. To go to the Eid prayer place on foot. looooools as a post to my horse and carage..... please!!!
  14. ur avitar is giving me an epileptic segue
  15. working holdiay in the uk 2012 for 18months is it worth it?
  16. buuxo ur aussie? i was watching this last night - a lil over dramatised but always good fun watching white ppl cry complain why they have to do this cause their aussies and not refugees
  17. o stop complaining u niqqas fill up ur tanks per the gallon we in oz are on leters and yesterday it was 157 per leter
  18. negro please the punck is an ilitrate fool....
  19. this is the biggest bull, i have never seen nor incountered such discrimination - hell masters in petrochemical dude there are like 3 companies in all of auss that need those qualies and seriously such qualifications are way to high for most of the western countries
  20. and i was looking forward to gracing you londerns with my precense for atleast a year maybe two.......