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  1. FatB

    somali trader

    do we have any front office somali trader/brokers here?
  2. indeed we are blind to our own prejudices
  3. loools @ jacpher well played
  4. lols cant belive i read all that... mate ur one wac old man
  5. FatB


    he had trouble assembling an ikea table....
  6. looooooools moonee vally weekly niqqa isa sheeg not many niqqas read the vally weekly
  7. bisad, mukulaal, yanyuu... a cat has three names buti can only think of one name for a dog... eey, anybody got anything els and why are we talking abou this?
  8. the fitness freak Val and cara, some of the new blood here isnt to bad, but are hubours at times ehm ally
  9. lols growing a beard i had this discussion with chick in the office today... who i quote "ur not a muslim, muslims have beards, u dont have a beard" lols at mimanka needing to cover up
  10. lols aalyiah that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard... allah doesnt burden us with thing we cant carry honey is a peice of matiral covering ur womeness from the lust full eyes of us men - saw this very beautiful sister yesterday as i was going home to catch the train maasha allah she was blessed with some fine features but miskiinta i dont know if she did it on purpose or wat ever was wearing the thightes tights and a small top i swear every guy who was in eye sight took a second their and most like me stood still and stared for a minute.... then i realised that not the thing to be doing and walked away ashamed....
  11. lols why is admin testing on this tread i too was a fan of k'naan long before the media hype some of his current work not only does not have same vibe as dusty foot philiosopher
  12. lols indeed am sure u can back it up but wajika ha iska xagxagina ee jibaabta quruxda ilaahey idinku nimceeye
  13. hate wat they've done to my beloved SOL this is trash - aviators is way too big the yellow? hell no! bring back old SOL
  14. FatB

    Monster in Bed

    JB this is a 3 year old post, reminising or just missing Mr DD???
  15. lools che miskiin mods dont like you....