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  1. I see. Hockey is nice.. only when my Bruins are in it. other then that, it's not like the same. ever since that strike i think hockey has hit rock bottom and lost its fans. Back to the topic at hand: New England Patriots all the way!!!!!
  2. Amir Sulaiman - She said I prefer a broken neck then a broker heart
  3. Amazing poem from Julian Curry. The word needs to go. The mentality needs to go faster. Acceptance of the word is acceptance of anything and everything from gumeysinimo of black people in the past, present and future.
  4. Although largely dismissed by Somalis living outside the United States, NFL Football is the most exciting sport to Watch in the world. Keyword: Watch - because little can compete in this harsh sport where concussions and career ending injuries can occur on any given play. My UK counterparts might argue that it's not tough enough because they wear pads and protection where rugby players don't wear any. I argue back that rugby players are not as big and as fast and as strong as football players. ANYWAYS let me get to the point. ARE there any NFL football freaks/hooligans/ and/or obsessed ones in here? If not, I will officially stop this topic and you can go back talking about your beloved soccer.