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  1. He is entitled as long as he doesn't get that pot belly most Somali men tend to get in their late 20's. Shidaad badanaa. I don't understand why people equate thinness with health or vice versa. There is no such thing as an ideal weight even the BMI is based on a range. I just think you owe it to yourself to eat right, exercise regularly, lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Do it for yourself.
  2. I don't feel like my age but then again I don't know what it is that I should feel.
  3. I would also like to see the Colts vs Eagles. So the Utes molested Bama and nobody saw that coming. We were all relying on Bama's defense to dominate but unfortunately Utah's offense was a beast and their defense wasn't half bad. Who woulda though? It was like watching a Cinderella story. We wrote them off, expected them to lose but they surprised us all. To have an undefeated season and then go on to win a bowl, Go utes, go!. At least VT and USC won. 2/3 isn't bad. Now, I just hope the buckeyes get their asses handed to them. I really don't believe OSU deserved to go to the Fiesta Bowl over Boise State I just like Texas. They got cheated out of the BCS Championship. This is a team that was tied with OU and didn't qualify for the Big 12 championship because of poll ratings. Not to mention they beat the Sooners (a plus in my book). They has McCoy, a Heisman finalist for a QB who leads the team in Rushing Yardage. Seasoned RBs and WR, Shilpy, Cosbey, Williams and Collins. . Hands down the Longhorns have a better offense than any team the Buckeyes faced. Defensively they aren't there but as long as they pressure the Freshman QB it shouldn't make much of a difference.
  4. ^Did he stutter horta? (Cheap shot I know) Please say yes. I wanna liven up the story for my nephew/niece insha'allah. He doesn't have to get on his knees but I do expect him to ask for my consent before he approaches the family. I don't care how he proposes as long as it is memorable.
  5. GIANTS!!! One step closer people! lol@Rudy. Yes, I've landed back safe and sound.
  6. I. Sea-Hawks were a disappoint this year; we were in a committed relationship until he decided to under perform from every critical angle you can think of from their Special Teams to their QB. It was heartbreaking. However, II. I was rooting for the Pat's until Brady's injury. What I didn't get however was how Cassel became a 2nd string QB under Brady when he never played in College. I promise you, when they played against the Chargers I was thinking he couldn't be that bad but we all know how that story went...down the damn drain. I just want to see the Giants and Eagels for the Bowl. III. As far as College Football is concerned: I have been rooting for Florida (partly Tebow partly Harvin= Love)the whole season even though most of my friends thought that was a joke. Aside from losing to Ole Miss they made Saturdays my best day. Sooners who?. IV: I hope The Trojans molest Penn State. They are a Pac-10 team so for obvious reasons I want them to win the Rose Bowl. VT (19)-Orange Bowl Alabama(4)-Sugar Bowl Texas(3)-Fiesta Bowl (OH. State doesn't deserve to go the bowl when Boise State had an undefeated season and better BCS standing) Finally: I think it's just sad that TT got booted out because the Sooners were poll favorites.
  7. ^That's a definite sign of old age: you are getting the lyrics wrong, Brownie.
  8. Making the first move doesn't mean asking him out.
  9. Daring? Not in the least. It's the natural order of things in my world. I have no complaints.
  10. If you want to then you should. It just depends on the way you do it. Personally, when a guy approaches me I get turned off by it. I like to do all the selecting then go in for the kill (it's the tomboy in me). Don't judge me lol. Lately though I am starting to feel different.
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    ^I thought that too.
  12. Madonna ey ayaa cunay. I play volleyball (love it), dogdeball (most painful of all; muscle aches for days) and basketball. I learned to do a lay-up today. I gotta work on my three-pointers because I "have the form but not the strength." I'm just a little bitter. I haven't tried pole-dancing but I find it appealing for some reason.
  13. ^May Allah Bless Him and Forgive him. May he also reward him Paradise. DISCLAIMER: I just wrote this so be prepared for plenty of mistakes. Mida kale, please if you read it then give me your honest opinion (in my inbox, on here...whatever have you). I'm thinking about publishing several stories and I would like to know if my writing style is appealing. They met by chance. At a time when he was open to new experiences and she had gotten tired only wanting to concentrate on her personal development. She was different from the kind of girls he was used to even unlike any man he has ever met. Unique fit her. Nerd and Weird were even better and he had no problem telling her this repetitively. You see, her personality was at odds with her looks. He didn't expect a girl of her physical beauty to be an intellect as a well. In love with all that science had to offer, rhetoric had to argue and psychology fought for. Reason and random were a perfect harmony around her although they could be heard in a distant arpeggio if he just listened closely. But she didn't want to think much of him. He was. Just was. Paid him no mind except to never mind him. Fear kept her glued at a fixed point. She couldn't afford to let go and let him in. He however was just waiting for the right moment. To make an impression, to understand her. The several conversations they had, had left him confused. She was an enigma. Hard and soft. Her weapon of choice was sarcasm and she used it perfectly deflecting any personal questions with it. At first, he thought she was one of those women who believed mystery left a man wanting more but he realized after their 6th conversation-and yes he counted-that she truly wasn't a seller in that business. He began to realize that maybe the interest was one-sided. But no, he had seen how she liked his company. Clinging to their conversations even as she pulled herself away from him. How passionate she got when she argued and how expressive her face was, every one of her emotions painted on it like a canvas. Naked and only for him to see. He also noticed the flicker of doubt as it entered her eyes, signaling her departure. Often times, she would make some excuses, homework usually and leave abruptly. Even as she left she would smile, always smiling with her eyes as they said goodbye. She was a woman conflicted, a woman interested. A woman who had broken hearts before and didn't want to repeat the experience with him. Whenever she listened to songbirds wailing about pain she felt as though they were talking to her. Not to relate but to condemn. She wasn't a bad person however. She was loyal, faithful, giving and discreet with whomever she was with but she couldn't love them. But because she was all those things it made it easier to love her and to fall in love with her quickly. She liked to take her time but before she could know if they were worth love, they had already fallen into the unknown. Under such imbalance the relationship would crumple under the weight. Her not yet giving in and them giving up too soon, too fast, and too quickly. TO BE CONTINUED. Maybe...
  14. I'm shocked that they charged the kids. They should've taken into account their mental health. Lakiinse, they planned the attack because she scolded them? I wonder what they would've done if she gave them detention...
  15. Lol Pain is a great indicator; it lets you know that your muscles are actually developing. Yoga is haraam? As long you aren’t doing for spiritual awakening but as a form of exercise I really don’t see what the problem is.
  16. My friends and I used to work out with one of the School's football players at the rec center until we began to feel like the lady in the story. I couldn't even climb the stairs without yelling my head off. It literally used to take me ten minutes just to move my legs off the bed but on the plus side, I got see results quickly. After three weeks though I couldn't take it so I stopped. There comes a point when the pain starts to actually feel so good that you keep pushing yourself only to pay for it in couple of days. Now, I just do Ashtanga Yoga. It's so relaxing and it's not as intense as core workouts. It makes you flexible, leaner, and just more energetic without a lot of pain. Lol One of my good friends is into Bikram which is only done in a 100°F+ environment. I tried it once but being in a heated room with bunch of sweaty people is not my cup of tea
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    Talk about being spoiled, I lived in absolute bliss. I grew up with 6 boys as the only the girl in the family and I wasn't raised as "the typical girl" by anyone's standards and I loved every minute of it. It didn't even occur to me that I was actually a girl until my 19th birthday. Weird but true. To this day I have a hard time adjusting to that... As for the topic, I don't have any kids of my own but I love my two little nieces to death ( ages: 7 and 10 mo.) I don't get to see them much since I'm away in school but whenever I go back to Seattle I make sure I get to spend time with them and believe me I take them everywhere with me much to friend's dismay I don't really know how I feel about motherhood but I guess one day I will, insha'allah.
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    The Wire

    Love Love Love The Wire. My all time favorite character is Omar even though he killed Stinger and turned out to be a closet "homosessual" [Lol, I have a thing for Family Guy]. I also like Snoop, that girl really is a problem child though. Marlo. Black whatever you want to call him, he is just gritty.
  19. Awoowe? War ileen balaayo. How old is Xiin? Hillary has become extremely sensitive as of late. Is it just me or does she win every time she cries. I think it is about time we are graced with another one of her waterworks. I don't see the big deal here. However, it has somewhat of a shock value because people just tend to think of him as an African-American rather than a product of a foreign import.
  20. Some of you guy are just being grossly judgmental. We don't know why she pulled out the FGM card. However, If you believe that she pulled it out as a ploy to advance in the competition then why can't you consider that she might actually be passionate about the discontinuation of the despicable practice? Mida kale, pain is relative and therefore an individual experience. Maybe she really can't have sex. We are not her gynecologist. B.T.W Our religion encourages us to be active rather than passive especially in the face of injustice. FGM is an injustice that robs women of their right to enjoy marital bliss; a bliss that God bestowed on his creation so that one may legally and bodily bond with their partner (stresses the importance and reason for duality: Husband, wife, male, female, etc). Now, women like Waris Dirie are heroes in my book because they are actually fighting against idiotic cultural practices that are detrimental to human progress and evolution.