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  1. A 12-year-old kid beat us SOLers to it! http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/21510-Writing-a-book/page3?highlight=writing+book
  2. She's really pretty mA. I think Somalia taking part in these contests is like Israel competing in Eurovision. Take a chill pill, folks. Ilaahey carab nagama dhigin.
  3. Jazakallah kheyr dear sister! May God reward you for your efforts.
  4. So Haatu, you were still 14 when you joined SOL in 2009? You're such a baby! Now it'll be hard to take you seriously
  5. The mother is being unreasonable. On the other hand I fully understand her; 19 is young. Too young these days in the Western world. But asking a young couple to wait for 1,5 years is slightly risky. If I were a mother I would never encourage my children to date - especially after they are in love and comfortable enough to marry each other. Adoonyo laga daba cararaayo one is unintentionally opening the door to zina and temptation. So my advice? Keep working, time flies, dec '13 will be here soon enough iA.
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    Bizarre incident today

    Maybe because nimanku have right over women. A woman cannot tell a man what to do, but it's a man's duty to tell the woman what to do. Maybe that gives some men the confidence to go up to any female and say whatever they feel like saying. And because men usually do not tell each other what to do (because men give orders, not take), these (some) men are oblivious to how they themselves are. Thankfully the overwhelming majority of men are nothing like this.
  7. I wasn't necessarily hinting that Ngoge & Aphopis are the same person. Just that someone who's been on this forum for less than six months can hardly be a veteran, unless! he's been around longer.. Sherlock who? 4hdwall.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Scooby_Doo_cartoon.jpg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
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    Bizarre incident today

    Apophis;901580 wrote: That is a bizarre behaviour. I have never told nor have I been told by a random Somali to stop doing something "sinful". I'd have to be a pretty self righetous to tell a random stranger something as banal as "cover your hair". That's the thing! Bal hadii aan madax feednaanlahaa that would have made more sense. But apparently to this guy who was wearing old jeans, qamaarka gadaal laga xiraayo is not a qamaar. Even hadii uu scarf wrapped around the neck. But yeah, as someone said, no big deal. Yaab un.
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    Bizarre incident today

    Haha no somali philosopher, that wasn't my point at all! I edited the long rant into a short to-the-point sentence! Nothing wrong with Somali men, just maybe the worn-out jeans users, Al-Shabaab supporters who live in the West.
  10. Long and boring rant* Point short & sweet: We Muslims can be hypocritically and ignorantly judgemental of not just non-Muslims but also each others.
  11. You're a sick and twisted man. And you're trying to mess with the completely wrong person. I can see right through you. If you think I'm like you,the type that does fake nice in public, think again. I don't need your fake smilies and bullshite. What I need is you to let me be. You lost, I beat you in your own game (when you still called yourself Marx and made that silly thread) accept it and MOVE the fc:uk ON.
  12. Originally I wanted to comment that with that wording, you just gave yourself away. But then I thought 'why care?' and decided to make a joke out of it
  13. Apophis;901551 wrote: .. the game over here is played differently; so let me, a veteran, school you on the how... If you're a veteran, then Ngoge is a fossil.
  14. Haha Aaliyyah, maalin waan in aan casuumaad kuu sameeyo Maalin uu walaalkeyga guriga asna joogo... cough.
  15. One of my all-time favourite geniuses is Nikola Tesla. I especially love the story about how he came up with the solution to the rotating magnetic field. In his own account he said that before coming up with the solution he couldn't visualize just exactly how to do it, but that he felt he was approaching a solution. Then one day as Tesla was walking with a friend through the park, the solution flashed through his mind. Quite literally. This is in his own account: "Just as the sun was setting I felt wonderfully inspired, and the idea came to me like a flash, and I saw the whole thing clearly, I saw my generator, I saw the motor, and saw the connections, saw it work, in my mind, and I took a stick and drew on the sand the diagrams which were drawn in my paper before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and which were illustrated in my plans as clearly as possible, and from that time I carried this image in my mind." (Upon receiving Edison Medal from Electrical Review & Western Electrician, May 26th 1917) Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Logic sometimes limits you. And because I like Tesla so much, I'm going to throw in a Tesla quote in which he is pretty much talking about cell phones, iPod/iPads, Cintiqs etc: " An inexpensive instrument, not bigger than a watch, will enable its bearer to hear anywhere, on sea or land, music or song, the speech of a political leader, the address of an eminent man of science, or the sermon of an eloquent clergyman, delivered in some other place, however distant. In the same manner any picture, character, drawing, or print can be transferred from one to another place." (Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony 1908) Our knowledge of the universe and what is possible and what isn't is limited, and because logic is very much tied to knowledge, our sense of what is logical and isn't, will keep expanding.
  16. Also, instinct doesn't occur too often so there's no real way of testing it. When it does, it's always right. Always. I've never heard of someone saying "I should've never followed my instinct!" I have heard of people wishing they had though Maantaana ugu dambeesay.
  17. HAHAHA @ Nin Yaaban!! I'm amused, but also very mad at you for you blowing my cover like that! Wadani, I'm in a line of work where youth brings you no edge or advantage whatsoever, it's reversal age discrimination. Lack of respect, incapability to take directions and poor quality of work were the reasons why I had to let her go. I also made a mental note to only work with young talented people from now on, as nearly every single older person has had some level of difficulty with taking orders. It could also be that they are so used to doing things their way, that it's very hard for them to try something new. So off to the next McD she went! Apophis, instinct doesn't make planes fly, but betcha it gave birth to the idea! Instinct is that strange feeling of certainty that tells you you need to try this or you need to do this, when you have no idea why. You just have to. And something good comes out of it.
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    Out of curiousity

    Dutch sounds really weird. I go back and forth Europe-US a lot and noticed that everytime I'm in the US I somehow seem to have an American accent, but then as soon as I'm in the UK and hear the Brits talk, my accent becomes Brehtesh. It's doubly especially weird because I didn't even grow up in either of these two countries. My first language is of course Somali and second is some obscure euro lingo. When I lived in the UK full-time, I'd sometimes call my sister and ask stuff like see lagu dhahaa 'curtains' in our euro lingo or some other words that had slipped through my mind, and write them down so I wouldn't forget again. This is also one of the reason why I'd want to marry a Somali haduu ilaahey idmo, he'd speak Somali to the kids but I'd teach them my little obscure euro language and we could speak our little secret lingo that nobody else understood mwahaha
  19. Of course speculation is different and often wrong. Instinct is that thing that tells you "do not take this road" even though that might be the road you take every day. There's countless of stories how people's lives have been saved by this single indefinable and indescribable feeling. I'm sure you've experienced it too at some point. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you better listen!
  20. 11/10! Where ya'll are cooks, ama chef I'm just (kind of) kidding! Don't want to sound too arrogant but cooking really is one of the few things I'm really extremely very good at, to put it midlly. And not just Somali food but other cuisines also. Imma so g00d.... (cue DJ Khaled's All I Do is Win) I can mak€ anyBoDEH faLL iN l0v€ WIFF €vEN veGetabLES! (seriously though, do make great kimchi) Cooking is fun, albeit time consuming. It's also relatively easy, look at every recipe as an algorithm. The more you practice the better knowledge you have, and the more knowledge you have the better you know what works the best, and creativity can come into play.
  21. Instinct, absolutely. Today I unfortunately had to fire someone for the first time in my life. I blame it on not following my instinct a few weeks back when I first met her and she came on board. I deliberately overlooked instinct in favour of logic (the person having over 20 years of experience) only to now later understand and appreciate the importance of gut feeling. If you ain't feeling it, you shouldn't be doing it. No matter what 'logic' tells you. At least, that's what I think.
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    Love is....?

    When I started uni and was 18, I thought this one person was so spectacular and awesome and smart. When I was in uni I was a quiet person, a sort of a wallpaper kinda person. Unnoticeable. So in my mind, I entertained the idea of marrying him whilst in reality, he thought of me as his little sister After a couple of years of loyally and safely admiring him from afar, he sailed on to new shores (got married) and I started to entertain dark thoughts of the notion of love. Love is terrible, love is awful. I hate love, Love doesn't exist etc. Now, I look back at it and laugh! Ah the angst and despair of puppy love Got two plays and a bunch of poems out of it though, so wasn't a complete waste of time lol
  23. I swear I think Apohis and Alpha are the same person. "you play near the line but you don't cross it"???