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  1. A lot of you are stuck with the civil war matter. Civil war is a reality that evidently happened and one we cannot dwell in it. Those who claim that we had "economist", scientist, engineers, and etc before the war fail to realise that these were few elite group of people out of 5 million people(1990 pop). The number of people that wouldve been experts on differewnt fields of persuation without the civil up to this date wouldve been emensely small for a nation of 10 mill as opposed to the experts that we have thanks to the education we've received from these prestigious Universities where even kings and queens send their children to. Therefore the greatest outcome from the civil war (if we can set aside the million dead from the civil war) is that we have under our disposal great masses of Somalis that have been enlightened.
  2. You see, there's this person in my town. He is not in my inner circle. We both are in the same sub-sub-subclan and evidently the parents are close friends. For the past year and so this dude been talking crap about me. We only know each other in general but not deep. Three diffrerent people have came up to me to tell me that this dude is on your case. Basically its abt a female that I broke up with. She is not his friend but yet he gets himself involved in it. He has gone on a character assissination. 2 years ago I took to the side about this same issue. The guy invoked god and his mother that he didn't backbite about me. I let it slide. Then once again multiple folks approached me warning me that this dude never ceases to backbite about me. Now, I'm convinced my only options is mano-a-mano. That I should put him flat on the ground. You see this dude never works out and is not a match for me bc I go to the gym on a weekly basis. One concern I have is that in the event that I break his tooth out that the tribes gona b involved.m So I ask this..A) should I confront him about this by way of a fight..b) ignore it bc at the end of the day this is a feminine trait on his part.. I really need your feedback brothers and sisters... Walaahi I'm set to beat the daylight out of him without any fear
  3. sharma-arke451;901929 wrote: checked-in for the flight. meel fiican ayad ooga hesaa, ee gabadha hooyadeed, wicitaanka kubadi. calashaan, barasho badate wax ma bi'iso. Calling the hooyo can have the opposite of the desired affect bc she can think I'm desperate which is far from the truth bc I have others ready to marry but I know this girl is a positive addition to my life. I'm way older than her yet she encourages me to pray. She wakes me up for salatul fajr. She tells me quit wasting money and put money aside to use later on. She even got mad tonight cause I was gona hangout with my homeboy who I told was myy good friend but who has extra-marital affairs(which is none of her business) but she hates him. She works so hard to save up bc she wants to contribute to our marriege, on top of that she goes to school. Even today which Christmas she will b work. While I was in africa I ran out of money and I couldn't access my bank account nd she send me money. Ma taas baan sii daayaa?
  4. Apophis;901912 wrote: How can you even think of marrying a teenager, quite disgusting really. I never go lower than 21. Hadaa ma islaan baan guursadaa? I honestly wasn't shooting for a teen it just happens that she turned out to b a teen, hadana wax kama qaban karo arintaas plus intent to have a lot of kids with her inshalah.
  5. Carafaat;901915 wrote: In terms of urbanisation, literacy, education and redistribution of wealth the fall of the regime was a blessing. With all honesty I think this was a disguised blessing. Can u name one country in the world that hasn't gone through an all out civil war? You not gona find it bruh. Now that we got that out of our symptoms we are ready to take off bc we got advantage over other African countries bc we got more highly educated folks from Unis that wouldve been hard to attain. We now understand the meaning of unity.
  6. This is my theory..if Somalia remained it wouldve went through political exchanges. In 1990 Somalia's literacy rate was around 30%. There were just handful universities and it wouldve only have grown just few more universities. It wouldve had command economy. It wouldv had stunted economical growth. We wouldve had lack of exposure to the world bc the Somali passport wouldve been limited. What has the civil war brought us. We got atleast 200k respected college's education. With another 1.1 million literate folks in the diapora. Even Islaamaha can read atleast and understand langues like English, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian and etc. We got highly educated young people who are ready to inject new economical ideas. We got the next fb inventor. We got the next instagram inventor. We can travel througout the world to bring new products to the country. We also gona have economist, political scientists, entertainers, leaders, and etc. Therefore...I ask that u compare and contrast.. Was the civil war a blessing in disguise?
  7. Odey Jacfar ""‎​Look..I ask one favor from u..in any moment, from now till that december date, if u wanna opt out of this let me know..just never mislead me..and I will b perfectly fine with it" My girl " My baby my love my husband why would I ever mislead u:( ma ilaha hoyada baan waax u diri laha would I bother talking to ur sisters would I bother fighting for u nd telling my mom about u nd u speaking to her"
  8. Nin-Yaaban;901869 wrote: Waxba ha sugin, ee iska guurso nin yahow. maxaan ku sameeyaa hooyadeed...suaashaa ka jawaab
  9. Alpha Blondy;901864 wrote: i hear you odey. sounds like you really like her. she sounds like a keeper. keep her close because the last time i was in love, i got burnt. man those high society folk sure now the value of love. layla, the only woman i truly loved and care for, is now married with a kid. i've never felt that weird sensation....since. every chick is judged against layla. she was smart, had a GOSH and know me very well. she made me laugh a lot but was also the only chick who made me cry. it was back in 2009 and we'd be dating for just over 11 months when i told her one rainy night in London that i couldn't give her what she wanted.......she wanted to get married, you see. i was a mere student, broke and dejected by circumstance. 6 months later, i tried to rekindle things but she'd moved on. at the time, i didn't understand why she was no longer feeling me but time heals and i now know why.....she was looking for calaf and i didn't know the meaning of such intimate fallacies, then. she's now married and walahi i still think about her all the time........ (in tears).........odey, if you find the one, make sure you hold her tight, so very tight until you press against her ribs and let all your inner feelings revealed themselves to her....because, otherwise, you'll forever ask yourself why? the why is why i came to somaliland and why i cannot love again. she's taken the best part of me and i worry, sometimes, i've become emotional dead, because she's taken it all from me....my love, my feelings, my life. i will forever be enslaved by the regret, the boyish can-do-attitude of yesteryears, and the second guessing of her true intentions towards me....she opened her life to me and i carelessly didn't reciprocate...as they say laakin....life goes on but what is left of my life without her....? sxb, I also suffered the same situaiton as you;ve had. Although you can make few changes here and there of your story to fit mine. I married the love of my life. Before the momentous day we were an item for about 3 years. We were married just 2 years before we terrifically nd miserably broke off. I dont no woman will ever make me laugh as how she use to make me laugh. She knew the inside jokes, the imitation of my character. She loved me way too much. She was a good stability in my life and she changed me in a profound way. Lastly, she was the rock of my life to an infinite degree. Then circumstanes beyond our control(maybe of our control) swept us away to the big ocean. Before I knew it we took sides. I saw betrayal in her and I couldnt forgive. She begged and begged me but I stood my ground. I ended up divorcing her. Fast forward to today. She has gone married. It does not bother me at all.The way I view it is that this dude is gona be dealing with the same stuff I come to learn, nothing of a big deal, its a left over. Now im with a female that I believe will be the hidden card that I pulled out on the fams. She has a lot of advantages over the ex. I certainly will have the last laugh inshalah.
  10. Aaliyyah;901859 wrote: lol I have the tendency to give an advice even when I am not asked. So I definitely would want to advice someone igu ducaynaya nasixaa. HOnestly though you made the right decision by compromising. P.s bidaartan walee inbadan oo niga mida dhibtey lets hope you got some hair by next december. Just kidding. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL...lewd u sound just like my sister bc we kid around just like normal siblings do and she was like " let's hope ur hairline don't recede further" she said been sarcastic. However, let me assure u that I aint scurrreddd bc I have couple of backups that want wth hair or no hair bc they know me pretty close. And alhamdulilah I never had any defenciency with females, ayagaan ba qaati ka joogaa.. @Apo...Bro this girl's background is legit. Her family is legit. Her dad is a high official in the Somali gov that if I disclose this info u would b like "man, how da hell you got to her, how did u maneauvre through the layers and layers of security that surrounds her" and I wouldve just told u "dude, I was just somewhere with my homeboys, she was with her homegirl, I approached her like I approach other females and one thing let to another and boom shalakalaka she addicted to me". Of course a month into the relationship is when I found out she from a high society. Laakinse maanan baqin and I told her "waxna iga ma galin, xataa haduu ku dhalay Obama"..why I said that? Bc u never share ur true feelings with a female, it can b used against u sxb, that's rule nimber one..btw I love her too, cause she good to me and been there for me
  11. I'm concerned! I have been talking to this girl for the past 8 months. Our agreed intention was to b engaged this month. Two month ago, for the first time I spoken to her mother(her mom raised her). Her mom said that this girl is the youngest of all her daughters and she is 19yrs old and she hoped she finishes school first. I told her that I am fine with her finishing school as llong as she is living under my roof. She said "eedo, guurku wax ciyar ciyaara maaha, baryahan dambe niman baa habla iska guursada kadibna reerkeedii ku soo celiya ayadoo laba laga soo tuuray". Long story short, her mother went on a background check on me. She all of a sudden got her interest peeked. She told her daughter that she made the right choice and she proud of her. Hase ahaatee, her mom insists that her daughter finishes half way her uni. When my fam spoke to the mother she said "I'm not against them, I am happy for them, but I want them to marry summer 2014. I also think there should b no meher in the meantime bc I aint gona like my daughter to b at home pregnant, hal goor ha igga kaxeysto qura". Once I heard this I gave my babygirl an altimatum. That I can only wait for her for 3 more months otherwise a man gota do what a man must do. She begeed and begged and cried. She saying that I should compromise, that we should do it next december. After a long hibernation on the thought I accepted that date. I reckoned that this gives me more time to work harder and save more money and actually buy stuff on a layaway type of procedure. Have I made the right choice? I mean my hairline is receding like the Namibian desert. Bidaar baa weerar igu soo heysa. Plus I got numbers on this girl (I did my thing and she hooked to me now, some chick I use to date from back in the days even tried to tell her that I'm just too old for her but still babygirl believes in me)
  12. *Blessed;901827 wrote: Allah Yarxamuh. Haye, how is he your uncle? Apparently I'm . Plus I'm his sub-sub-subclan..Indeed, alla yarxama kalah..and how abt u sweetheart?
  13. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sbhR2qbq5_k&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DsbhR2qbq5_k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  14. Alpha Blondy;901519 wrote: odey! flipping heck! can you stop posting all these pathetics threads. its getting boring! ROFF ROFF Come on bruh im the life of the party dawggg