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  1. Ina lilaah Wa ina ilahi Rajicuun samir iyo imaan illahey ha siiyo...amiiin Might Allah bless his soul in this holly month of Ramadaan...amiin
  2. NoVa

    Dear FutureMe,

    ^^^Waligeey maanan arkin dad'TTC saan u jecel'bal... lol@MMA..kaalay adiga lee ma ohoo maalin la arko kan dameerka dixon la cararo???... Back 2 the topic.....Feature huh???Its every overstated word 2 me for some odd'reasons after all we live in a fast-pacing world that we seem 2 be living in the Feature EVeryday rather than 2Day....but Insha allah tacalaa thought, I hope that our feature be a one that is in the Right Path...amiin...dats all i'm hopping 4. But most of all, MIght Allah make eaze 4 us in this dunya and the next one....amiiin
  3. NoVa

    The Ramadan Comer

    ^^^@ least u got that 1 right..their'as Old'as U R Grammaticuz Ramadaan kariim 2 u 2 and wlcm....
  4. ^^^loool...I thinks its just u brotha. Try making urself bussy, really u'll c that time will go fast....Read xadith or a book or the Quran...or just go work out or try doing the afur for a change if ur home. Then U'll c how time goes by so fast. I gurantee ya if u try at least one of them, then u'll c how time goes il-biriqsi;) Ta Ta'tiya
  5. T: .....waxaan kor kaa arkay adigoo aga gaarkaa Macmacaanka Al-Curaba bur ku ruugeysid oo nin koo gaaban oo yuul wallet kiisa gacanta ku heysta oo asaga u celinaayo.. N: Ala beenta daa wasaqyahoo madaxa weyn leh! T: see been ku sheegay! Ma anaanan ku arag adigoo 2000 oo jijimood qoorta kusoo gurtay sidii masaydii? N: Tuujiye your just mad because you did get a chance to see this beauty T: Beautiga aa sheegeysid waa soo jeedkaada mise siijeedkaada.. N: loooool..labadaba nooh!..loool loooooooool warheedhe Indhaha Bajaq Bajaqa aa ka siinaysid meel kalo fiiri wax la fiirshaaba iska jiree meeshaan...Intuusan Indhaha kaa soo dhacin 4 no reasonz Lakiinse i was hopping inaa ii jarjartid ...what happend??? lol...Waa jiljilacday runtiii, this isn't U...naah i was hoppin' some xrated Shit aa lakala cararaayo that even ADMINka kaa saaraayo meesha like what u did b4 the interview b4 mine ...Instead waaba i faanisay ajaaajaba... anaaba is checkout gareenaaya xataaa haha... Layziiiiiii i'm breathing girlllll alxamdulilaaah. How ya doing adiga??? its being long time since i last seen ya lazzy'azz ma is tiri????...i hope everything is going' greatttttttt alxamdulilaaah....
  6. ^^^Power 2 ALL the Drop-Outz... that reminds me i'm officially a DRop-out 2(feels somewat off saying it loud)..INsha allah tacalaa..I"LL Make it HAPPEND in the Top Ten Richest Women in the WORLD... I'll try my best 2 remember some of u afte all I need a productive team in my Company that have the potential and the skillz 2 work 4 the BEST So now instead of saying i'm nada 2 offer bein' Nice...Yes u might c Noviina one of those dayz being UP there and u'll say 'some drop-out she was' lol...INsha allah things could turn out good ...there goes the drop-out in front of ur eyez with a Big Smile
  7. Originally posted by Tuujiyee: Salama Caleykum Dhalinyaro.. I have noticed some people don't like the way I write here in SOL but you should all know by now that I don't care. taasi kow dhaha... War heedhe UR Right...we DON"T LIKE UR WRitting..YEs...Qasab miyaa??? Heedhe qeelada naga dhaaf...waxyahow iksu darsamay...yaah...Ee Leave NoVa'out of ur Interview2(Betta make it GOood or else waa taqanaa waxa kugu dhacaayo Waji Kaakiyahow)"know where ur azz LIvez...I'swear 2god I"ll post ur azz in ur pajama' Dadkaan iska dhaaf waraa..... Ninkaan wareersan yaa naga qabto oo qarasta ka saaro ee Qandhada badan
  8. NoVa

    To the New MODS

    Originally posted by LayZieGirl: Nova, you really wanna know? You have nuune on one hand, tuujiye on the other and you add Qaac quux and mr suufi aka mr jacaylbaro to the picture, you really wanna know the outcome of that meeting? I didn't think so. u'know it couldn't be worst than bunch of cali'faraxs eating jaad"mean lets think of the bright side on this meeting cuz u'll have a mid Sheikh ah, a Shaydaan, a Shooriye and Shuluble??.lol...At the end of this meeting' they'll be a Productive team
  9. Such a good'comedy ..Thnxs walaalkiis
  10. Ala, hold Up??? Rudy>Femme>Legend r Moderators?? or is it My eye's???I don't know whats going on in this place much did these guys Paid 2 be Moderators horta???? cuz i'm sure they must paid couple'grantz or probably exchange with some kind of Canjeero 2 the admins. Well well well FemmeFatal, Rudy and LegendofZ, did I ever tell u guys I was always FOnd of U??? lol...Now days the drill is be Nice 2 the Moderators b4 u'become their Top 5 on the Real thought sadaxdiina modernimadiina wax baa ku let me say COngggggggs still thought and also Sheh, Muhammad and MMA who'at least looks good at being Moderators. Next thing U c is Ilhaam, Xquzit, Lazzy, and TuuJIye being Moderatorzz :cool: ......then I sure will Quite SOL @ ALL....
  11. In a way Shyness is Beautifull. I don't see anything wrong with being shy. Just because u keep it to urself or isn't one of those people that interact with others doesn't mean u don't have confidence or ur arrogant. It mean's u just aren't outloud like some others r. Everyone has a limit where their confortable.....FOr those who say their suffering from 'shyness', ur good cuz many people wish that they had that 'shyness'within themselves. Just remember that Xishood is a beautifull thang in islam... p.s Note2Self....practise being SHY..
  12. NoVa

    To the New MODS

    Ina Baqti Laqe...warheedhe ma'saan baa kuu dambeesay???Inaa aa eheed Bajaq soo Mayacday waa'lagu ogaa awalba ee stop asking 4 Favour's meesha ka there will be a get together BARO family soon, everyone keep their heads down. let me imagine a Get2gether Baro'Gathering. The whole clan staring BaastoBaro, LUgoBaro, CanjeeroBaro, Feebaro, DhexBaro, BiyoBaro, BuufisBaro, LeexdaBaro and etc. will show up....well some crzy gatherin' it would be then... nuuniye i thought inaa ka reeysane the barofamily??? maxaa noogu soo kicineysaa??? iska bashaale' awalba Baro'family waa'lagu jiray ..
  13. I didn't know SOL had a Renovation Break'Throught ....well Congratulations 2 to the new cast...Rahiima, Wiilo, Checkmate, North, Soma, Mojam and nuune. Many of the Old'crew did a good job' 2...Congts 2 them As'well. LST yeah ur right, whateva happend 2 Lady fadumo....waw u actually remembered her...
  14. ^^^lol kalay r u telling me u'll say that 2 ur mother in law like dat if she was a control freak??? isheeda lee yeysan kugu dhicin....Treat her with kind and respect that u would want ur mother to be treated. Many people have this idea that "oh i'm going to try my best to Stay away from my Inlaws". You know in reality that doesn't work out like that. Once your married, you become part of that family also. Therefore, you have to try ur best on calling them just like you call ur own family and visit them. After'all, shis is your wife/husband's family. You ought to show them that u aren't stranger that is trying to take their son/daughter away from them. Another thing be polite, and if u'know that they need help, offer them the help that they need.(since u took their son/daughter that use to help them out). I"m sure when they realized that your very kind 2 them, they won't be hostile 2 u anymore as time goes by. SO show' them the kindness and be gratefull that they had that daughter/son of theirs as ur husband/wife.
  15. Originally posted by shyhem: Bishaaro Don't cry for me Argentina..........ok here is ashoulder cry me a river baby........let it out dear, just don't spoil some lipstick on my white shirt,do it for the heck of it Such a nice brotha like u 2 give a sista a shoulder 2 cry 4 Its such a Rainy Friday that I don't even wanna do anything...Lazzzy ka daran baa noqday!!!