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  1. DoctorKenney;991013 wrote: I doubt you've ever been to these countries. Why are you in attack mode, ditoore? I've been to enough Muslim World countries (including Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen) and every time a solar or lunar eclipse occurs these sheikhs come in packs claiming it's haaraam to believe what the kaafir says.
  2. DoctorKenney;990905 wrote: Right now we're talking about rulings, and Wizard claiming that seeking scientific knowledge is forbidden in Islam, which I stated is false. I said the Wahabi sheikhs preach against science and law which is true. Your average Muslim person living in the Great Middle East isn't knowledgeable enough about the Islamic religion and his source of information is the average Wahabi sheikh in the local masjid who wants to talk about science while his knowledge about science is big fat ZERO. We're in the 21st century and these local sheikhs still tell people that a man automatically becomes kaafir if he believes a mankind has ever landed on the moon or a solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth. Your average Muslim person takes the talk of these sheikhes in the local masjid as Qur'aan. Whether you like it or not, that's the painful truth in our Muslim world.
  3. DoctorKenney;990599 wrote: That is a lie, you don't know any of our Sheikhs, so it's best that you just stick to what you know, and avoid discussing topics you know nothing about. I know them inside out, brother. It's easy for me to post the countless fatwas banning the women drivers, basic scientific evidences like the roundness of the earth, or the teaching of the evolution theory (not that I believe evolution is anything other than hypothesis, but still it shouldn't be banned from being thought in schools). Allyourbase;990611 wrote: Oh, so now Iran is a Muslim country?! I thought they were Shia dirty Kafir according to all of you Wahabis. In a parallel universe of Wahabism, Iran is a mushrik state. They're below Israel in the statu quo of dirtiness.
  4. I'm interested to take part in the actual translation, not the rating. I wanted to build my own Somali/English English/Somali translator few years ago. The first thing I thought about was implementing an artificial intelligence system to detect the Somali grammar structure, which would make it easier to translate Somali into English later. The AI system was already in place. I pulled the source code of After the Deadline ( and while studying it I realized how tedious and daunting that task would be and I abandoned the whole thing Anyway, I discovered this Google Translate but the first thing that put me off is the misinterpretation of the Somali grammar. Words like "undisclosed" are translated as "sheegin". It seems that someone with poor Somali grammar thought adding the suffix "-in" at the end of the Somali word makes it a reverse action. That's not true. The Somali word "aan" is the equivalent of the English prefix "un-" and unlike English, it doesn't become suffix or prefix, it stands for it's own. So "undisclosed" becomes "aan sheegnayn". In Somali, to make the verb a reverse action, we make it a word-phrase by placing the word "aan" before the verb and suffixing "-ayn" at the end of the of the verb. The Somali suffix "-ayn" is used to form the past of a negative type verb. It's also used as modifier of a noun to negate the quality of the thing named. Te denote the quality of the thing in a positive way, we drop the "aan" word and the suffix "an" is added to the word (e.g. "sheeggan"). You can see the usage of this grammatical construction in this poem: "Magaankii* aan tamcaarnayn haddii, looga tago boorka Timihii qanoodiyo kolkuu, togayo haalqooqa Sida taarka duuluu hawada, sii tafahayaaye" ~ Keenadiid, Toogaysi The word phrase "aan tamcaarnayn" would become "untalented" in English. The word "sheegin" is "disclosing" in English. It becomes reverse action when used in a negative sentence in a past tense, e.g. Uma aanan sheegin (I didn't disclose). *** Another thing I've seen while observing the vocabularies used was that the people who trained the software didn't construct it to consider doubling the last consonant while adding suffixes to words ending with the letters "d, g, etc", Example: Adding the definite article suffix of "da" to the word "cadceed" should not vanish the last consonant of the word. The correct word would become "cadceedda". Unfortunately, the trainers got it absolutely wrong and their definite word is "cadceeda" which is unacceptable and unprofessional. Hope someone with better af Soomaali joins them soon. _______________________________ * Magaan = faras (horse).
  5. magicbird;989369 wrote: Haha like we're going to take the narrative of a white man that doesn't even clean his butt. When I say cadaans are najjas, I mean it, so next time you shake his hand, you better wash it seven times. Never thought a civilized person could write this, but then again, we're Somalis and most of us are suffering from extreme mental retardation. P.S. This is not personal.
  6. Religion, like race, has nothing to do with intellectual advancements, but Mr. Dawking has a point and his point is that the Muslim world is behind. Most of our muftis discourage science, technology and law for no reason except that the largest portion of these subjects were discovered or developed by Jews or Westerners. Ask anyone from the Middle East and Africa if they were thought evolution in high school and they'll tell you it's haaraam. Heck, I even remember this Somali teacher who once gave us an overview of the evolution theory in class III and all the students come against him; they almost stoned him to death.
  7. Wadani;990021 wrote: Another Kaafir. You'll feel at home on SOL, unfortunately. Please elaborate, because instead of playing the ball (the topic) you're playing the man (the poster).
  8. Lets see the supposed contenders: -------------------------------------------- 1. Chelsea: conceded 6 against relegation fodder Sunderland and Stoke. They're inconsistent and they have no good forwards. Torres is terrible striker, Eto'o is past it and Ba's prowess has faded. 2. Manchester United: I didn't know that a team can become terrible in overnight. 3. Man City: Forwards, forwards, forwards, nothing else. They're terrible away from home and their defense is disaster waiting to happen. 4. Liverpool: They've got the best strikers in the league and that's what drives them forward. 5. Arsenal: The have the best defense and the best midfield in the league by a mile. Their attacking is not bad either and apart from the striker, they've got two good players in every position. Potential champions?
  9. To be honest, the present day Hijab is overrated, much like the polygamy, the diyah and many other traits we, men, use to oppress our sisters. This could be partly because of a) our assumption that anything from the Arabian Gulf is deen; or b) pure masculine arrogance. Somalis were Muslims for many centuries and our girls were wearing go' and garbasaar, and even those who weren't wearing go' and garbasaar were better Muslim girls than the Arab traditionalist women influenced by the ego centered Pan Wahabist men.
  10. Jacaylbaro;803679 wrote: Taleexi anigu Somaliland oo dhan uma hadlo anigu xaajigaas baan ahay cumamaydasan xabashida aragooda noloshooda naftodooda hadalkooda cuntadooda xita ciyaar garboodkooda inta ba waan ka wis wisa. What a racist ..... Xabashidu waa dad Ilaahay abuurtay sidaada oo kele ,,,, siyaasad waad isku diidi kartaan laakiin bani'aadam ma nici kartid iyagaana inaga muslim badan ee hadda la soco. Haha... JB, saaxiib dadku Xabashi necebaa horta? Dadku waa is dagaalaa, deedna heshiiyaa, laakiin in aad dadka absaxankiisa dartiis u sii nacdaa waa ISIRTAKOOR. Haters will never succeed.
  11. Nice try, but the *international* term should not be abused like this.
  12. Che -Guevara;799423 wrote: Why do you wear Western clothes? Where did you see my clothes?
  13. Abwaan;799421 wrote: Cause karti ay dadka ku dhexjoogaan malahan... And some of them are there for money and adeer taageer so when they loose the battle ciyaalka xaafadda ayey iska dhigaan! Exactly what I thought; and it invalidates the *Jihad* terms and conditions.
  14. "if they [Arabs] jump off a bridge, I'll jump off a bridge too". That's the slogan of the brainwashed Somalis. I'm fine with an Arab woman wearing burqa, that's her tradition anyway, but why does this sod in the photo below need to wear it?
  15. Gheelle.T;799174 wrote: Qandawli, true that, but who else will you expect to help them poor Somalis if the diaspora don't go back and facilitate..! Diaspora's know how and investment are much needed. Oh dear! Diaspora my macawis. Last time I visited Puntland, there were more university graduates than those refugees in Europe and US of A.