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  1. which one? and why would I?
  2. ^^ You are complaining of sleepiness and yet you are here at this time of the day? maxaa ku helay?
  3. Wallee anagaa naloo yaabaa. Waxaan rajaynayaa ineey caruurta dadka oo dhan ka naxsato sidii one season ago and with arshavin giving them advice, they can put a decent run together. Arsene should start spending haddii kale ha na dhaafo, odayga markaan waa ku kacsanahay walaahi! As for who is a good buy in Arsenal shirt - One Striker - Huntlaar or Fabiano (don't know if we can afford Fabiano) One Defender - Nene (top class) DM - still I haven't seen any one decent (since we missed out on Melo) - may be Song/Denilson will do the job. Cheers
  4. Originally posted by Red Sea: Ethiopian troops 15-20KM from Beledwayne doesn't make much of a difference if they are inside Beledwayne itself. The current positions are inside Somalia, which is direct voilation of the territorial integrity of somalia. Are you into Somalia now? Man, you cool!
  5. ^^^mythbuster! There you go YoniZ, no need to panic... No Child Abuse is going on.
  6. ^^^LooL@ C Farell So are you willing to be in his movie? this is your chance for big break.
  7. LoL Ibti, at least you are alive now, or are you? Wanaagsan Juxa
  8. Well Siren, when I said is this an attempt to shock us... I was hoping (and ain’t I the ever hopeful) what I thought at that moment (silly me) won’t come into reality, I guess I was wrong, “Oh the shock eh!”. I have skipped through the responses from "Oh dirty baad tahay" to "how perverse are some Qs thrown at the imams in Women's Islamic lectures", not to forget those who got excited by the fact a Somali girl asked about fetishes in public. I have to admit you scored your goal and got your intended outcome from the topic. As for me, you will need more than fetishes to shock me and I am not the one who easily judges people after learning how wrong I was about many of those who frequent in this forum – good or bad If anything is shocking to me it is my second response to this topic and why wouldn’t I after you have innocently and tactically rebuffed my melodramatic “Oh don’t shock me, I’m holly person, lest I inkaar you” episode To that I say “Carry it on, my dear, carry it on”
  9. ^^^ this is definately Boosaaso... Ask Duke if you think i am lying!
  10. I got it matey! Masha Allah
  11. ^^^ lol...Skype, FB and Twittering are the new in thing using the smartfones. Cheers
  12. This reminds me back in the 90's when Madona walked naked to shock the public... Is this an attempt to shock us?
  13. Telephone shukaansi is the topic today.tonite?
  14. I think these sisters should learn that the words extravaganza and fundraising do not mix! the Irony eh! Cheers
  15. ^^^ Actually Amjedqaan muslin uu ahaa, waana dhintay faraha ka qaad bal! Showgiisa waa ka sii dhamaanoysaa, mar dhow in la kansali doonaa u malaynaa!
  16. Even back in Somalia there were Prostitudes...and they must have had pimps. So what is the shock? why do they all of a sudden excite you? :confused: whaddaheeeeeell! Cheers
  17. ^^^ Did you know you have take wudu after eating Hilib geel? Sup Trollies
  18. ^^^ I think you are brave! hang in there. I am tired and should hit the sack.... So long folks
  19. Torres, The Dude has gone AWOL... still angry about the draw! Everything is cool here..,cold