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  1. Waar Reer Trollers.... sidee la ahaa?
  2. Duke, Puntland will only be allowed to seccede once the puntlanders accept the soveriegnity of Somaliland and apologies for every time they have accused the Somalilanders for breaking up Somalia and you have to personally apologies to Oodweyne for calling him seccesionist
  3. Lol Malika, she is not ready yet! Who told her to venture to that zone without the company of ms DD and Malika... Lucky no one was harmed!
  4. Hello Trollers, What is going on? and who is the burcad
  5. LoL Oz... goormaa derbi la taabanaa?
  6. [edit] Malika am all good haajiyad, Nothing much.. Just Jillin! Well I think you are referring to the major and obvious decisions we make in our lives like moving to a new country/marraige etc but what you described there technically are not more than the basic decision making process everyone makes in their lifetime. What I meant earlier in my post is "when you make simple and uneventful decision and yet you get unintentional outcome that changes your whole life" Juxa, maxaad haydaa xaajiyo? lama roonoo
  7. I always wondered "can you ever know when you are at a turning point in your life?" can you hear the naration inside your head? or is it all in hindsight?
  8. Hooy Hooy Hooy! * luuqad bayzaani on * dad waxaa jiro masawirka aan ku soo baxaynin laakin live marka loo arko top eh! teeda kale... dadkaan ma peagant judge ayeey ahaayeen waaba yaabe? Calaa ayi xaal, gabdhaha curvaceous-ka ah Ilaahay ha noo daayo inta kalena Ilaahay ha idin gargaaro. Intaas ayaan idinku darsaday * luuqad bayzaani off * Cheers
  9. ^^^ nafta waa degtee dheh Me too
  10. Pilates I tell yuh - the one you use the machines - not the fake yoga like...
  11. ^^^ dhaxanta ku dhuumo maad leedahay?
  12. Ooh La La... Plenty of rest is on it's way to you Lily
  13. I have to admit if you forget the whole legislative and freedom/religious arguments... To me what is more perplexing is the French government is working so hard to waste resources/time for a mere 0.1% of the population if not less? Who by the way did not commit crime or harm anyone? I think the midget needs to be put on trial for France’s sake!
  14. ^^^ There was a rumour that he became a muslim while back...Imagine if he died as a Muslim...waa u dhacatay! then ilaahay waa ka waday ceebta aduunyadaan ku haysatay hadduuse gaalnimo ku dhintay...well Cheers
  15. LooL... Love the story! That is it - We can make a sitcom out of Ng and his family, a Somali version of "My Wife and Kids' NG, can i use "Daughter: I saw a dead cat but number one and three didn’t. Hahaha!" as my signature for a week? Cheers
  16. Ilaahay waa iga madoobeeyey music...Alhamdullila ah
  17. ^^^ You almost agreed with everyone of course except Ngonge, obviously who will agree with him? I skipped through the responses, what are we saying? we should not support Boi/Girl friend all together? or yes but with some limitations i.e. with some parental guide etc... Bal ii jilci! Cheers
  18. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^ Mohamed Abdi Yusuf as hapless, gullible and weak. Waar Umaddaan eega, maxaad odayga islaameed u cayn bal? just to get back at Che? Sxb, bal u kaadi, afkaaga odayaasha ka duw.
  19. ^^^ LoL Torres, See time itself has no value but what you want to do and how important they are to you is what determines its worth. I take you are purchasing leave time?
  20. ^^^ waad ka cabsatay miyaa? mise lagdintaadan ku dheerayn?
  21. [edit] Torres, Depends what you want to do! NG..loool..equal oportunitist voyuer
  22. NG you is qarxis your self...shy personality kulahaa...it is clear that you are Derriere-Man What is new folks?
  23. Originally posted by Torres: ^Early iftar for you guys right? Haa sxb Oz...that is right buddy! Striaght after the soccer game.... Hilib yaan kaa dharjinaa. I have Foreman Grill the best thing since muufo was invented! Cheers
  24. Originally posted by NGONGE: The workplace is a circus, LZ. In January, we had a new guy (who worked for us previously but was made redundant) return. He stayed for three months then quit (even though the management knew he was quitting when they hired him). The guy was replaced by his own brother (who is a university student)! This one too has just informed them that he will only be able to work for two days a week from the start of September (they seemed shocked but agreed to his request). Think that is funny? A guy who retired three years ago has returned today! He's back doing his old job as Chief Investment Officer and the whole office is in shock (well, apart from those that re-employed him of course). So that means you will always get a job there even after you retire but wait not only you but also your bro Love it!