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  1. You don't have to thank me walaal, check out the official website of the government for more good news and progress of our home country inshallah: here are more pictures!
  2. Waryaa Suldaanka, that story has been distorted by you. We all know that story, of the dumb guy who got 'missing' and after a intense search actually being 'found' somewhere in the wilderniss and the dumb guy saying to the happy congregation 'Why are you being so happy, i'll get 'lost' tommorrow anway and you all have to look for me again! Yes I agree with you that Horn's sidekick as you put it is somehow 'weird' but I don't believe by posting this kind 'question' actually he has committed any wrong action apart from 'offending' certain individuals of you and 'shattering' your hopes and imaginations of a 'mystical' army of over 30,000 soldiers with tanks ready to 'close' down a non-existing artificial 'border' other than that he actually made some good points and observations. So don't get too emotional my 'friend', for the 'sake' of your health and emotional well being! He 'challenges' you like he does 'challenge' the rest of us, and he is entitled to that, just don't get an 'emotional breakdown' yourself!
  3. Sayid, You would have sentenced him to death if you have met him a day before he took the shahaada... another way of showing you...Your concept of Sword is Simple Wrong! Legend of Zu, I don't get 'anything' from chopping of 'ones' head! I guess that you've totally misunderstood me, either because of me not putting my point across very clearly or 'me' and 'you' not being on the same 'level', intellectually that is my friend. Ah, let me make an analogy for you in order to understand. I don't get anything from killing innocent people or individuals for that matter e.g. I will not gain anything from 'killing' John and James but let's say for arguining sake 'Tony', Robert and George stand in the way of 'John and James' becoming potential muslims, that's why 'I' have to remove Tony, George and Robert in order for James and John to consider of becoming muslims or not! The same with 'Cherie and Laura telling lies to Jennifer and Jane about Islaam and in order for Jennifer and Jane to be 'given' a fair chance to atleast make up their mind on their own to whether accept islam or not without Cherie and Laura interfering, I have to remove both Cherie and Laura as the 'obsticles' in the way of Jennifer and Jane of becoming 'potential' muslims and excercise their individual 'right' of choosing what's best for them but 'if' Robert who is very 'wealthy' and got mediums of brainwashing people to believe in all kind of nonsense, it's my duty to stop Robert and the likes of him with interfering with the people and givign the false communications to regards to Islam, I hope you understand now what I meant. Muslims have a responsibility and duty to spread the word and message of Allaah by all kind of means, through diolouge, preaching and 'if' necessary by force!
  4. guess what i am trying to understand is; Islam emphasis the community, and the role of society rather than the individual and their own pursuit of wealth, does this make iSlam is ill-equipped for modern economic development which is built on the idea of individual enterprise and therefore not suited to material progress in this world. Wrong walaal, it's a misperception and I believe that you're 'confusing' islaam here with socialism! Islam encourages the 'individual' to persuit personal wealth and economic success through halaal means. The only responsibilty they have is towards their children, family and relatives. Actually Islaam is best in terms of 'material progress' because of the minimal interference by the khalifate in ones 'wealth' and money. In the west, governments exploit the 'people' by heavy taxation 45-50% of ones earnings and revenues is that fair? No thinking person, who makes a lot of money nowadays in the west keeps their money in Britain or the USA because the 'taxation' is simply to heavy, that's why tax-saving havens such as Monaco (Monte-carlo), Macau and Dubai do so well. In capitalism, states and governments especially the more 'advanced' ones in the system have made it into an 'artform' of stealing other people's money and wealth and because in Islam there is no such 'thing' as taxation, its advisable for that matter only for the folks in the west to 'convert' towards islaam and make it their way of life and ideology! The only 'thing' that is shared by the community are the god-given natural resources such as the 'rivers, seas, oceans, coal mines, oil', which nobody can priviatise because it is shared commonly by the community, this is a great idea so I would have not to pay for my electricity, watersupply and heating! Try reading 'Principles and Objectives of Islamic Economic System' by Sheikh Maududi, inshallah but beware this books contain 'chips' that report back to MI5 and the FBI! So if you're not put off by that, then certainly get that book and have a nice read!
  5. In the name of Allah the most gracious and high! Praise be to Allaah the exalted and peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammed bin Abdullah, his family and companions! Brother Liibaan, first of all let me congratulate you to your extraordinary path and soul-searching journey of finding the absolute truth, that is instantly recognisable when one looks at his heart and consults his mind, without arrogance or the love for this contemporary world interfering with it! I hope that you keep steadyfast in the religion of islaam and grow in imaan and cilm inshallah and I wish you all the best for the coming future! May Allaah the high increase you and the rest of us in imaan and knowledge and give us all what we desire in this life and the hereafter! Many muslims nowadays including myself have no real knowledge in this beautiful religion of al-islaam, they only carry muslim names but with no real substance or understanding of this great religion, but you're different because you went on a journey of finding what you believe to be the truth unlike many muslims, who have inherited this religion from their parents but are ignorant about it, hopefully a better breed of people will emerge in the coming decades, who can actually champion the cause of al-islaam and help this religion to become victorious again and a force to be reckon with inshallah. May Allaah increase us all in imaan, towfiiq, cilm and instore his fear in us! Ameen
  6. sijuiga af-soomaaliga ayaa habaar kaga soo gaaray oo dhib badan ayeey ku qabaan, believe me the 'majority' of sijui's know better english than their mother tongue and you're a living proof. BTW do you know what 'sarbeeb' is? If you do plz translate this poem for me, will you! >Qaar baa ka goor iyo Ka goor , Godolka daynayne >Qaar baa garqaadkana la barin , Gaalibna aqoone >Gabax lagu shakaalyaw duqii , Gaabi orodkiiye >Gacalnimo hadaad naga rabtaan , Go'aha noo doorsha >Haddii kale sidaad noo gasheen , yaa inoo Godob ah. It's another sarbeeb, car sheeg wuxuu ula jeedo Saahid Qamaan!
  7. Walaal the 'proof', that I knew it is here, they actually give the story in 'full' detail unlike the Xiinfaniin, who just 'gave' us a little inside to an incomplete story. Anyway enjoy it, although I highly doubt it that you'll entirely understand it because after all 'sijui' way habaarsanyahiin!
  8. Alla, raali ahow walaal Zu waan kugu khaldamay illeyn 'sijui' baad awalba aheed! Oh, my fault I 'should' never have put you in the 'spotlight', my sijui friend. Now that hodman has come to your 'rescue', I understand the 'dilemma you were in. Anyway don't even try 'decoding' it because I know you gonna phone someone, maybe a old fragile lady and I don't wanna in aan 'habaar' kabsado, so leave it to the experts mate.
  9. Waryaa Zu, just admit 'your' defeat! You don't know what it's saying baa ba ka fudud in aad been iyo qiiq aanin jirin isku qarin laheeyd! This, I repeat was the reply of Weerar after Saahid Qamaan Bulxan approached him with the poem posted by Xiin! Now get on with it or simply say that you're to 'stuppid' too decode it!
  10. Zu, I was only 'fooling' the illiterate ones like you, as I said before I've mastered all the languages in the horn! BTW Xiin sheekada maxaad u dhamaystiri waysay! Haye Zu bal tan noo decodegaray it's a reply to the poem by Weerar! · Waxaan dhinaca kuu saaray, waa Dhuubadii hore e · Dhididkii aan qardhaasaha baxshay, baad wada dhukaanteene · War haddaba dhabbaha qaadayee, dhirifka qaar daaya Or is that too much for you! P.s. Xiin don't assit him in anyway!
  11. Xiin, I knew it all! I was only joking.
  12. Originally posted by Xiinfaniin: Weerarow ninkii kula jidh ah, baa lala jadheeyaa • Ninkii jaahu kuu qabanayo, yaa lala jalbeebtaaye • Jidba ma aha xoolaha inaad, wada jeclaataaye • Jisha iyo aan Raabkaba la baxo, waa jaguugnimo • Hasha jillica ah iyo qaalmahaad, wada jelleecayso • War mid ku joogso layskuma darsado, laba jidhaamoode Help is at hand folks, don't worry Sayyid Qutb will 'translate' and decode the poem for you poor folks! Weerarow(an old-fashioned somali name), You should keep up with the one on the same 'path' as you! You should be 'close' to the one that 'navigates' (has the compass)! It can't be an 'option' or solution, that you fell in 'love' with all the 'animals' (woman)! (It ain't on) You 'taking' Jisha and Raabkaba is damn greedy! That you on the other hand 'leave' us with the 'unwanted' and rotten waste no body wants, yacni hambada! Keep to only one (woman), it ain't on that 'you' take two 'jidhamoode' (is a slice of a cake, meaning you can't take two because that would be greedy innit!)
  13. Waryaa Qurac, you have been following the news lately or what? Garoowe and laascaanood are brotherly city's in fact they're unseparatable twin cities, so what are you talking about? Tommorrow inshallah check when the President of Puntland and Vice President comes to visit to laascaanood. Yes you said that there was a 'large' delegation at the funeral but these were native ones together with some elders from togdheer. What a 'joker', he said that puntland were "no where to be seen", a complete lie because the city and it's nearby surroudings were full of ciidanka daraawiishta iyo booliska Puntland. How did the delegation come to laascaanood, they were given special 'permission' to enter the city by Xaabsade, the interior minister! Otherwise aricadeeye may soo dhaafi lahayn, lol.
  14. Good advice my dear brother, inshallah continue for the 'benefit' of those of 'us' less fortunate to have 'real' knowledge on this kinda issues. Celebrating christmas (just the name is enough to put you off), which the christians regard as the 'day' Jesus christ was born (their god) inna lillaahi wa inna illeyhi raajicuun, is a big sin against the believe of islaam. There is no god other than Allaah the glorified! As brother red sea already said he has no 'children', "Allah doesn't beget nor was he begotten"! On the other hand they celebrate 'easter' such as Good friday, Easter Sunday and Monday, which they believe were three crucial days in which the 'son of god' crucified himself for all the 'sinners' so that they might escape 'hell'. All you do fornication, adultry and mass murder will be forgiven if you confess that jesus 'died' on the cross for 'you', how absurd is that! Now Hitler, Stalin and all the other godless people would go to 'paradise' because they 'acknowledged that jesus crist suffered for them in order to enjoy paradise. Can you see the paradox and absurdity. Everyone is responsible for his/her sins and no body can take it away but 'christians' believe that small babies and children will go to hell because they have the 'original' sin from the prophet Adam on their shoulders and unless they're babtised they will all go to hell, how crazy is that? Someone will be 'punished' for a crime his father of 100 generations ago committed, islaam is a just religion and no one will have to carry the burden/sins of another person! Even celebrating christmas and 'joining' in, in the 'jolly' mood and greetings is 'haraam' sister, now sit down and reevaluate your belief and learn as brother Red Sea has advised you earlier. Thanks walaal Red Sea for the 'good' and sound advice you gave to the confused sister!
  15. Thanks Mumia Abu Jamal! I am also looking forward to it. I was actually 'thinking' of giving the 'natives' an opportunity to represent their cities because I believe that they're more 'emotionally' able to connect to this cities and represent them in the best way because it is afterall where their hearts at. Can I 'ask' the administrators of this fora to widen/brighten up this project inshallah and award a 'price' of some sort to the best contributor to this 'project', maybe you can set up some sort of an account at Dalsan, Dahabshiil, Amal etc. whereby every single one of us pays a net amount of £1 roughly $2 in order to award to the best city 'guide'. A price money/award of £7077 would be awarded to the best city 'guide', not bad especially 'considering' that the core of this fora is made up of broke 'students'. However there is one requirement, which is that you've to visit the winning 'city', this summer! A jury selected by Sayyid Qutb will anounce the winning 'city' inshallah after the completion of this project and subsequently 'award' the money of £7077 roughly $15000! All entries are welcome 'except' for the 'entries' listed/descriped at the end of this post. Initially the first 'city' guides will be made of the following cities: Baydhabo, Berbera, Beledweyne, Burco, Baardheere, Burtinle, Boorama, Bosaso, Buurhakabo, Badhan, Buran, Bacadweyn iyo Beled/buulo Xaawo! The closing date for the entries of the above-mentioned cities will be on 19-02-06 at 00:00 GMT except for one entry, which wil be made an hour later at 01:00 am. The winner will be announced at Monday 20th of February inshallah at 22:00 GMT. I myself will enter the race for the big price/award and I guarantee you 'that' there will be no "conflict of interest" for that matter although I select the 'jury' and it's up to them to select the winning entry! This would be a great PR and promotion for this 'SOl' because everyone would be talking about this for the coming weeks and month if not years and surely the 'winner' would be a loyal member of this fora for the rest of his life. Disclaimer: This is an important message/notice for all those of you who want to make an 'entry' into this promotion activity, all entries are 'subject' to acceptance and must be pm to Sayyid Qutb before the 'deadline' expires. Crap entries will be made priority and 'if' you even got a 10% chance of winning the competion 'you will be refused' and your 'entry' will be made void and send straight to the rubbish bin. Remember 'you got an 50% chance of winning the big price/award/money and if you do not hurry up and pm your entry than this 'might' be a wonderful chance truely 'wasted'. Hurry and don't waste time. P.s. BTW ignore the 'notice' in the small handwriting it's only serves for administrative purposes and nothing more to be worried about. I don't want this to be a 'scandal' or 'fraud' kind scenario that's why I will enter this 'promotion' with the intent of not 'winning' but making it more 'competitive' and 'if' I accidently 'win' it's a mere coincidence and it has nothing to do with me selecting/controlling the jury. This promotion is supported by 'Sol' in theory although in practise we expect them to aswell. You got a 'good' chance of winning so don't 'waste' it, hurry and pm your entry to Sayyid Qutb. Yours sincerely As-Sayyid Qutb, the holiday/vacation this summer is sorted inshallah. Imagine what you could do with all that money! $15000 is a lot to live up too. I wish everyone the 'best' of luck, believe me you need it!
  16. I really don't blame him for that, anyway who wants to be in the spotlight with such a face?
  17. You don't believe in that sh!t yourself innit? If you do then surely you must believe in easter rabbits bringing 'you' eggs at night and 'santa' bringing you 'presents' through the chimney of your house/roof. Don't be 'retarded' and face up to the reality!
  18. Yeah, I know! I've myself learned the language after some 'intensive' travel and I have succeeded in mastering the 'original' language! Today there is only one school in which you can learn the 'original' kiswhili. The school is located in Masqat! It's run by a 'famous' linguist, who even beats me when it comes to languages of the horn and east! His address is: Sultan Abu Khalifa Avenue, PO-Box 84392 Masqat the Sultante of Oman! Alternatively his house and mobile numbers are: 0096834938202 mobile/cell 09687438292112! Website: Traditional (Royal) and Modern School of Kiswahili by the famous tutor As-Sayyid Al-Qutbi as-swaahili aala Omaani! Webpage:
  19. you only have to remember 'this' "historian first and linguist second"! I've 'mastered' all the languages and dialects spoken in the whole of the horn and parts of the east!
  20. Thank you, walaal Red Sea! But I guess 'this' people will not understand how much you tell them. They know that valetine is a alien practise, which is prohibited in islaam but they continue. It's like christmas, easter, thanks giving and halloween etc. Anyway don't be 'surprised' if they dismiss 'us' as lonely individuals who are 'jeolous' and envious because they can't get a 'girl', that's why they play 'kill-joys' to the rest! Yes 'kill-joy'!
  21. what? That's what I've suspected to encounter with you. This is the 'real' kiswahili spoken in the 16th centuary and I've taken a famous 'poem' and reinvented it with few 'alien' words. Thank you a lot, you don't speak the original kiswahili and need to take 'tuition' in order to 'master' the original language and not the juma-mumbo you're speaking right now. It's a 'insult' to my eyes! I speak the 'royal' kiswahili. P.s juma-mumbo means 'slang' or broken kiswahili!
  22. Yes, I agree! We even left 'defensive' battles, nowdays 'muslims' have become the lowest of all the people on this universe because daily hundreds upon hundreds are murdered either by sikhs, hinuds, christians, jews and pagans. What do you say about that? Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Nigeria, Phillipines, thailand and china and across the whole world and what are muslims doing? They are spectators because they have 'left' their sword and it's a commandment of god the glorified to be 'ready' all the time in order to defend the honour of this religion and the people who 'believe' in it! Now our neighbours are armed to the 'teeth' and we believe in the 'UN' to protect us. Muslims have to start to defend their dignity like all other people do. I ask you this questions 'do you believe in a armed struggle'? do you think muslims will continue to be 'victims' once they raise their arms? do you think that this religion will go 'far' by preaching only? Yes we need to preach but one can only preach that much. We're kicked, humiliated and spat at and we do nothing about it. What do you say? No arms and self-defence? Now answer those questions.
  23. ^^fine, wkiyo mamba juma noma 'uniform', secondary hakuna matata, wylayo sakina my teacher back in kiswahili stage 1, nwyia kiki hahu fanu shalaka wyabo hi nimi swahili cha cha back in Kenya, ta rabubu nymbi shakalaka hu ha, no problems worries whatsoever 'hakuna matata'.
  24. I never liked the 'sport' of boxing! My earlier 'suspiciouns' have been confirmed, that it is indeed a sport for pathetic, inadequate people with small 'brains'. it's a dangerous and a unnecessary sport for ****** and lowlifes.