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  1. I like how some of these clan minded sites try to entertain their audiences. Knowing that puntland have dealt with the Galgala issues and it is all over. They are indeed running out of stories and are resorting to create speculations, hoping it might one day be true. Too bad for them and the wise ones know that the reality on the ground is far from that.
  2. ^ But who said they were the kids of the queen? must be someone else hmmm
  3. Very soon this thug will be captured and he wont hide in the mountains anymore.
  4. they should speak with the guy may be he wants a death penalty
  5. ^^ each is getting 10k as promised by a Chilean mining tycoon and there is also the possibility of getting book and movies deals etc. So yeah people smell dough faster than a mice might smell a cheese.
  6. Well this man's intention was purely to undermine the peace of which millions of people enjoy in puntland, so I dont think it is right for anyone to have sympathy for him. I understand a journalist has the right to inform people about what is happening in their state or else where but one must do so in a considerate manner. I think if CNN or NBC called Osama in their prime time shows without ridiculing him and made him sound like a hero they would found them selves shut immediately. In this case same thing is true for media groups that operate in puntland.
  7. That was a one dirty miner! The miners actually needed more twist to their story to get book and movie contracts and this one looks like one of them. Not really pleasant experience for the poor woman who were cheated on but then that is life and it has a lot of pitfalls.
  8. ^^^ I think if Atom was defending natural resources he wouldnt need the black flag of alshabaab or start bombing and assassinating people in bosaso. Adeer the world knows much better about the conflict in Galgala than you do and Mr Atom was on the UN list long before this conflict started. Save the clanish rant for someone who knows no better..
  9. I say If shariif was a chicken his eggs would not hatch because of incompetence.
  10. Even clowns know when not to laugh despite their peculiar sense of humor but i am afraid mr Xaji does not.. Originally posted by General Duke: A personal guard of a former all powerful Minister was executed in the middle of Hargaysa, and you laugh? You either have a warped sense of humour, or this is troubling you a great deal..
  11. ^ Imagine if a bag of a qat was dropped in front of these guys and do you think they would still be standing in line?
  12. Originally posted by Thierry Henry: I doubt these men were given a fair trial. They were guilty before the case even started What a moronic response! First they were caught in the act, then they were trailed with court evidences and at last they were given the judgement they deserved. So what more does he want them to be given? Typical anarchist does not understand what justice means anyway
  13. People never learn lessons do they? I think Dhahar and the rest of the towns the clan reside will end up just like Las Canood because you dont seem to be unified on anything at all.