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  1. Dude are you for real? What is this yarmugley business you talking about, you got something to share with us. P.S. I hope you're not another family member of a certain guy in here because we'd be better off without people like him, who have distorted and disturbing views!
  2. Yeah, I forget to add that we were not "defeated" because under the treaty we had to "give up" the whole areas that we liberated from the axmaaro qurunley! We should not forget the support we received from our brethren in Egypt, who sided with us and was even threating the combined forces that were attacking us. Subsequently after our retreat a coup attempt failed lead by Col. Cirro and Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad, one was captured and the other fled to the same people he was fighting against, the Ethiopians! Then they subsequently founded the first rebel group that attacked Somali soil for the first time, brothers against brothers! We all know what followed, gradually more and more guerilla groups arrived and it was a question about when and not if before the Somali government and regime collopsed and with it our statehood and nation! It's a great pity and disaster, however funny enough after the collopse the people, who welcomed the Somalis first were the Ethiopians after they fled to Ethiopian soil and til this day Somalis live in Ethiopia peacefully among their Ethiopian brethren, who welcomed them at the hour of their most need, for that we have to thank the ethiopian government and people!
  3. That's when we Somalis had glamour, greatness and prestige! Oh, I've seen so many veterans of that war some even with horrific injuries on their bodies marked as a remembrance for the rest of their days! I saw their army headquarters just outside Addis-Ababa, where all their tanks and areoplanes were and my uncle pointed to it and said "We came as far as here during the war in 1977/78 war", and I was astonished! I saw Diridhaba, Jigjiga and Godey and people were telling me commander so and so was killed at this same spot and they can even relate where he died and what happened at the moment of his death (Somalis are still patriotic, judging their remembrance of the heroes who perished there)! We Somalis are great people and our advancement took the whole world by surprise because we were better trained than those cowards (Ethiopians), although they had support from the soviet union. Somalis were on their own and they trusted their god because the Soviets have betrayed us in the last minute and sided with Ethiopia resulting in the deportation of high level officials from Somali soil, how great we were and the state we find us in is just totally incomparable! Somalis captured strategy places and areas, which surprised everyone our victorios war was stopped by Jimmy Carter, Soviets and combined Cuban and Yemeni troops. Jimmy Carter as a priest saw it fit to support the christian ruling elite of Ethipia as Ethipia is not a chrisitan country anymore despite popular believe, the muslims way outnumber them orthodox christians and fundamentalists! Long live the Brave nation of Somalia, back then we were the strongstest nation in the region, even the Saudis feared us! Anyhow nothing is lost we can bring it back once we sort ourselves out!
  4. Yeah, I suppose it is! Really sad atleast we got the memories to cherish on! We don't quite until we get what we want, it's something bestowed on us! P.S. please don't ask me who is "we", because I don't have a answer to that question. The "dream" goes on and refuses to be abondoned! Remember it took ina Yeey thirty years to become President of Somalia!
  5. The situation is really accute and intense and "we" need to do more for our brothers in this difficult situation. An elder left behind in a village to die alone! A dying cow! A dead camel! Village elder reporting about the intense state of the situation! Without clothes and starving because of hunger! Young boy, who is ill and mal-nourished! Women dying of thirst! Old lady, who is in her 100's, cannot remeber such a femine in her entire life-span nor in stories and narratives she heard, when she was a kid. She confirms that it's the most severe femine she ever came across!
  6. First set up a "bogus" question and make sure to put a reward for it, preferably a candy! Then next, when you get a reply to your "bogus" question get your net out and best chat up line something according this: "Well done for answering the question right, hmm in order for me to send you the candy, I need your contact details like name, telephone number and address" so forth etc! Classic, well done duco!
  7. Well done sister, now all you've to do is to send me your details, so in order that I can send you the candy, I promised and generally speaking I like to keep my promises! P.S. with details, I mean. What's your number, contact address and name etc.
  8. ^^If you were already thinking in taking up names from the zeroastrians, why don't you join the movemnet? Stop the harrassment Pi, I never stole any name or nick from anyone and if you continue you together with the "other" mob persuing this, then I have no choice but to "report" you to the releavant authorities and ask them to charge you for slander! Refrain from it, I am serious about this whole issue because I cannot allow people ruining my reputation and calling me a "thief", I never stole anything even if I would find money I'd give it in to the relevant authorities!
  9. Is that right? How fascinating. And to think I mistakenly thought Ahura Mazda was a cat's name. What are you alledging sister, that you belong to that fireworshipping folks of misguided crowd that calls themselves zoroastrian! If that is the case, then sadly you're no longer my sister and I've to retract it from the earlier statement of mine. On the other hand walaalayey anigu qofna maanu ku qabsanin maradiisu xashaa! You see there is a small difference between me (ducoqabe) and the other ducaqabe, who used to post in this forum a while ago! If I was him, it'd used his avatar. What was it? Remeber this avatar: I rest my case in here, before I get mobbed by the ignorant fools anymore, don't take it personally anyone for as I am the biggest fool in here! I am ducoqabe and not ducaqabe if you can spot the difference I'll give you a candy, promise!
  10. Ahura Mazda or Ormazd is the abstract and transcendant god of Zoroastrianism, the official religion of ancient Persia until the 7th century. The word "Ahura" approximately equates to "divinity" and "Mazda" to "wisdom". Acudhubillaahi! Ahura Mazda and Zoroaster's Teachings Zoroaster (also called Zarathushtra), the principal prophet of Zoroastrianism, preached that all things good and beneficial to humankind are the creation of Ahura Mazda and everything that is malignant is the creation of Ahriman. In Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda created the world in six periods. Zoroastrianism teaches that Ahura Mazda created humankind and the human body and mind. Mashya and Mashyana were the first man and woman created by him. Ahura Mazda is further the protector and nourisher of all. For example, according to Zoroastrian tradition, during "the deluge" an underground palace 'Vara of Yima' was built by Ahura Mazda for the protection of all creatures. Zoroastrians are expected to demonstrate unswerving devotion to Ahura Mazda. A devotees' worship includes bowing, praying and making offerings to Ahura Mazda.
  11. Thanks Khayr for reminding me, yeah ahura isn't it time for a name change as khayr put it before me? P.S. I'll provide explanations another time inshallaah. Wallaahi I was thinking about the same issue a while ago but forgot until now!
  12. I agree akhi, let's return to the seventh century because the best example is to be found there because the best of mankind lived during that era from who we can learn a lot. this might sound absurd or abhorrent to some but they don't know what they're talking about.
  13. First thanks to all the guys and sisters, who have some how commented about my pilot project to be tested soon to a mosque near you. Brace yourself levie, Amelia and the rest of you women folks. Tan kale I want just to reply to an "ugly ciyaala suuq" in here, I don't have much words for him but I say this "Get out of my way and don't direct your ugly face towards me, I hope you got the message", thanks duco! Next Levie and Zafir, Walaalayaal this is a pilot project to be tested soon, not by me but by other folks. Levie, I know exactly what you mean, those "foreign" guys and somalis straight from the "bush", act like that way and it's an observation that I was given by sisters and nothing that I would ever try even to do because I don't have the need, so I suppose it was a minor misunderstanding! Next Amelia, sister there is thin line/difference between me (ducoqabe) and the other ducoqabe (spelled ducaqabe)in that case. You see Sol has put a mechanism in place, where you can't nick other peoples nicks, I hope you got that. The other thing, I know it is quite worrying to see a proposal at the first meeting like it is equally worrying to see the guy you date the first time trying to "hold" your hand after the first date, what will be next? But equally sister if you are not after marriage, what is it that you after exactly? A romance, absolutely not! --------------- May I give a little insight into myself. First of all, I never experienced "love" (you know what kinda love, I mean) nor was I ever attracted to a girl to my two decades of existence on this planet! On the other hand, I wouldn't never dare to "speak" to a sister even if she would approach me. One more thing, I believe that I was bestowed with something called self-control and al-xamdulillaah, I don't get off to "womanize" or to impress women folk, in fact I like to ran away from them because if you "limit" the chances also the risk diminshes. I never shaked hands with a women nor did I ever kiss a girl, even my relatives are embarrassed when they try to introduce me to a girl or women and she tries to "shake" hands with me, I just ignore them and they think it's damn rude. Even potential employers, I never shake hands with them and even some of them, I have contact with if they try to hug or embrace me and ran towards me, I always switch to reverse gear to escape the onslaught! Thanks alot ducoqabe!
  14. Everyone goes thought moments of doubts in terms of their faith, even the strongest of Muslims. Subxanallaah! Sister no good muslim has doubts about their faith, it is only the folks with weak foundations, who have doubts. On the other hand don't you know, that one gets out of the fold of Islaam even having the smallest/slightest of doubts in one or more aspects of the diin. Sister repent to Allaah because if you have "strong" foundations in your believe, there can be no room for "doubts". Alla illaahiyo sahal! Amin.
  15. As-salaamu calaykum Dhamaan dadka gaar ahaan walaalkey Red sea! Walaal waad ku mahadsantahay runahantiina caqligaaga ayaad ka hadashay. Tan kale waa arrin layaab ah waxaad maanta laso shir tagtay, oo waxaan ku malaynayeey nin wadaad ah ee dadka kala qariya, laakiinse wax kale ayaad itustay. Cala kuli xaal, akhi I only say this to you, which is that there is a soomaali proverb, which means something along the line "Don't try to get in between (advantage) two brothers because at the end of the day, it is you who will loose out because brothers will always be brothers. Tan kale nimanka aad sheegeesid waa dad walaalahay ah, oo waxaanu nahay isku bah (hooyo) iyo waliba isku aabo, anagay nala (kamid)yahiin kana tirsanyahiin, oo dadka kale ayaan iska xigana. I am not applying in any way, that what he said was right but I hope you get the message I am trying to tell you! For example hadeey "habro" is diriraan oo aan anigu dhex galno si aan lilaahi ahayn oo isku dira ku jidha, aakhirkana markay "habraha" ay heshiiyaniin, soo meel cidla ah soo miyeenin ku soo dhicaynin because "habraha" ayagaa iska kay yaqaaniin, wayna iska kay jecelyahiin, sida aniga iyo kuwa aad hada tilmaamaysid aan isku bah nahay oo aanin kala maarmin, waana soo dhoweyneyna waana loo baahanahay. Wax kale ayaan kuu sheegi walaal, sida anigu businesska "habraha" u soo dhaxgelin adiguna ha isku dayin in aad nala dhex shaqaysid ama nala faaidaysatid, illeyn nin muslim ahi ayaad isku tilmaamaysayee. P.S. "Habraha" is an example relating to "old woman" and not necessary a clan and whoever interprets it like that, it's his own interpretation but I am not responsible for any grievances because I didn't meant anything with it. It's the only example I could think off because old ladies generally like to "fight" each other!
  16. Congratulations Jibis, you are 100% right my brother. May Allaah increase you in knowledge and keep you and us focused what the real purpose of life is, which is to worship Allaah to the best of our ability regardless the obsticles big or small. This world is a temporary place or a "transit" to the real life, which is in the hereafter! We've to work in doing good deeds and worshipping Allaah the glorified in a good manner in order to get hold of Al-jannah the paradise. Woe to the people who will enter paradise! Oh Allaah guide us to the right path and make us focus and don't let us enter the torment of hellfire because we would not be able to take the fire nor be able to deal with it and enter us paradise and forgive our sins and our relatives sins. Amin! P.S. Let's not get too philosophical about this issue nor should we "try" to divert this issue, when persuit by other issues. Thanks Ducoqabe.
  17. Conversation between two potential "lovers"! Brother: As-salaamu calayki yaa ukhtah! Sister: Was calayka salaam wa raxmatullah. Brother: Walaal, Kayf xaalakih! I want to keep it short and simple. Ukhti before I go any further are you married or courting with another brother at this moment? Sister: Alxamdulillaah! I don't know (she's shy a sign that she isn't married). Brother: I was thinking that maybe, you and me could discuss and talk about this issue (marriage)! I don't know you personally sister but let me assure to you, that I don't have evil intentions and that I am only after a Xalaal marriage, Do you want a halaal marriage? I gurantee you that I won't touch you in any way until we are married ofcourse, inshallah. Sister: Inshallah! Brother: It could be that we're destined for each other (calaf) we don't know but consider me anyway sister, will you that it is ofcourse if you're not persuited by another brother? Sister: Am, I don't know yet am not sure. Brother: Don't worry sister, it's early days but inshallah if we're destined for each other then we will be together whatever happens. Sister: OK! But I don't know you yet. Brother: Nothing to get worried about as I am your muslim brother and I won't touch you in anyway or form until we married. Can I have your phone number, I was thinking if it was possible. Or we could meet at this same place another time, just give the date and time(if she seems reluctant and shy, she'll probably give you a date and time but will not turn up, don't worry you have nothing to loose go for it!) Sister: Maybe! Brother: Ukhti, Listen I know that you're a little bit shy and reluctant and I don't know you as well personally but what attracted me towards you was your ellegant and beautiful Hijab, which attracted my eyes and I felt such warmth to see a sister practising her religion and fulfilling the commandments of our religion, which is encouraging to see especially considering the times and place we live in! Sister: says hm and knodding head! Brother: I want to know your character and personality and I am after a halaal marriage only sister! If we are destined we will get our way inshallah if not we will depart in goodness as we met in goodness! Sister: Ok becomes a little bit soft. Brother: I don't know you and I guess you're not the most beautiful nor the most intelligent however considering that I am also not the most attractive nor intelligent person however we would make a good match is up to us to find out. I don't go by looks but the most important thing for me is to find a girl that is true to her religion and is also a caring and good individual and possible a good mother to my progony! I would applaud you if you would give me the opportunity to atleast consider me! We will soon find out if we want to continue with our discussions and talks or to leave it! Sister: Ok Brother: Inshallah then I'll call you and may Allaah put us on the right path and make it easy for us(courting that is)! Sister: Amin. Brother: Wasalaamu calakih wa raxmatullahi wabarakatuh! Sister: Wa calayka salaam wa raxmatullahi wa barakatuh! P.S. Don't take it too serious nor as a advice because the technique has not been tested yet but inshallaah a pilot project will soon start. Thanks a lot Ducoqabe.
  18. Don't fall for it Idil! We're feeling desperate Zafir, don't we?
  19. I believe that I don't have to say much or explain myself to anyone because it is quite apparent and evident the hypocrocy and double-standards, that is coming out from people, who seem to be bored. I say this: What I meant was that a person, who has lived in the west for a quite long time and who has seen how good proper government and peace is to try to force his way back to government is quite absurd! On the other hand what are you doing in the West? You both live in the US and London! Why have you left your country of origin? It's because you can't live in your own country peacefully, that's why you had to flee to the "west" and seek refuge so that you could live in peace and without fear! Then what astonishes me is the person, who has been a witness to such kind of peace has to result to amateur politics of the late 16th century is quite laughable, anyhow you don't know what I am talking about and I would advice you next time before jumping to not so bright conclusions to think a little bit harder before you try to post in here. Thanks alot.
  20. Cade's speech to the joint sitting of the combined legislative parliament of the Puntland State of Somalia of the TFG, today 28-02-2006. Listen to it here:
  21. Sayyid

    About Iraq

    Brother I don't have any hidden knowledge nor do I know anything, only Allaah the glorified knows what will occur in the future! However there are signs and revelations and I don't believe that we can ignore them anymore. Our prophet in Islaam Muhammed bin Abdullah peace be upon him already made some prophecisies and it's up to us to interpret the signs. People talk now and then but I believe that this is really serious because the people have abondoned the trust and the untrustworthy is trusted whilst the most trustworthy is treated like he is a thief also the liar is believed whilst the person who speaks nothing but the truth is portrayed as a liar. Power is given to the most unworthy and corrupt whilst the best and learned of man are refused! This world is corrupted and it's the beginning of the end, believe me brother. We can't ignore this anymore. May Allaah save us from this ordeal!
  22. Sayyid

    About Iraq

    I can't understand the sentiments and frustrations that people express against the plight of the Iraqi people since the end of the Gulf war in 1991 and subsequent defeat of Iraq and the brutal sanctions that followed. Yes it is a global muslim virtue to feel for your brother in need and to sympathise with him/her and share the pain but what I am asking here is the sheer disbelief/shock and surprise of certain folks, who don't know the destiny of this country called Iraq. We know that there will never be peace in Iraq until for some time to come. The people of Iraq will suffer enormously and they will continue dying and starving in great numbers, I would advice everyone to leave Iraq behind because there is no hope for that country anymore. The same will befall Egypt and Syria in due time inshallah and the chaos and anarchy will be taken to a new level. This times are great testing times for this ummah and the prophecisies prove true everytime! This world is coming to an end.
  23. It's very unfortunate what has transpired today in my home town of Garoowe. This sort of incidents is totally alien to garoowe in particular and nugaal in general. However I knew that this guy maniac turned minister Mr.Faroole was a nutcase and against the PSS. I don't know why this guy, who has lived and studied in the west for so long and calls himself a Dr. has not learned from the countries where he lived in. No one is bigger than the democratic process that is going on in Puntland and because out of greed and possible lost of his ministership, he has to spill blood using youngsters who have been mislead and corrupted by this maniac and hater. Look, if this was a isolated incident maybe I wouldn't be so harsh on him but he constantly proved that he is against the Puntland State of Somalia and it's development. It was yesteryear when he had arguments with Abdullahi Yusuf the then president of Puntland and Maxamed Cabdi Xaashi, it is for all to see that this guy is a maniac that needs to be brought to justice! He doesn't have any powerbase nor support in Garoowe except for some corrupted youngsters from his sub-sub-sub clan! I applaud the president and pm for sacking this trouble-maker and lunatic, who has made it into a trade/art of sabotaging the government of the Puntland State of Somalia. Dr.Faroole has departed and he is history, why doesn't he return to his refuge in Australia is the question? He is no longer a minister and if he wants to stir up trouble he can do that in Australia, if he dares is the question? I never liked that guy because of his attitude and lunatic and unruly behaviour. Anyway this is good news today coming out from Garoowe, the sacking of Dr.Faroole that is! May Allaah forgive the mislead and corrupted youngsters, who have died today a unnecessary and avoidable death due to the lunatic illusion of a political dead animal that calls himself Dr.Faroole! This is a bold move by Cade and Afqurac and for that we congratulate and support them to the fulliest!
  24. Dadow haku degdegina! Wax walbe waxaa uu ubaahan yahay samir iyo in wakhti la siiyo. I believe that this was a delibarate and calculated move by the president and vice president to get rid of some "trouble-makers", who would never leave even if they were sacked! They see it as a "humiliation" and failure on their part, therefore in order to avoid "humiliating" them, they will be brought before the parliamentarians to approve or not to approve their ministerial appointments! Already Xaabsade and Xaaji Bakiin lost their vote and Faroole did a runner after he saw what is going to happen, even if he would pay them he realised that his time was up as a Pl minister! I didn't get "frustrated" or angry when I saw the "initial" appointments because I knew this was a face-saving excercise for Faroole and likes to be not making it into their respective ministerial office but rather that they were dismissed and not approved by the parliament of Puntland! We will see how the rest tommorrow goes, although the approval of Gaagaab was a major disappointment!
  25. Some people in here just make it out, that the language of the Somalis (af-soomaali) is only spoken within the borders of the Transitional federal republic of Somalia. Soomaali is spoken widely in the whole of the horn and parts of east africa. Let me stop here and congratulate the efforts made by the president of Djibouti Ismaaciil Cumar Gheele in preserving our language, cultural heritage and identity! Our language is a beautiful, single and unique language in the world and it obts to be preserved for mankind! There are other languages in the Cushitic umbrella of languages such as Oromo, which are close related to Soomaali! Everyone speaks and understands af-soomaali in the areas, where Somalis settle in the horn. From Erer to Haafuun, Raaso to Djibouti, Awdal to Kismaayo, Ras Caseyr to Wejeer (NFD)! Somalis are indeed homogenous people! Af-soomaali is our/mine bloodline! When I dream, I dream in Soomaali! When I think, I think in Soomaali! I am at the most ease and comfort when I hear terms like "hooyo, walaal, dal, dad, ehel, dhul, dhaqan, hiddo, soomaaliya"! Illaahayow ha ii geyn meel aan kalmadahas aanan ku maqlaynin! When you abondon your languages, take note that you did not only abondon a language but also your history, tradition, way of life, ancestors and all that you cherished so much as well. You become a "alien", somone who doesn't have an "identity", and someone who needs to borrow from other languages because he himself is insufficiet/backward to have produced a language of their own, therefore he/she will be someone without a language and existence. He/She will simply follow 'others' e.g. more advanced and intelligent folks and nations, who have invented a sophisticated culture and language on their own, which you haven't in other terms you'd be classified as a "handicapped" nation, which didn't contribute to the wealth of this world in therms of languages. Long live the soomaali language, our beautiful language in which we dream, think and communicate day in day out! In the quran there is a narration of a nation that could not speak, simply they were "handicap" as a nation! They were weak and subject to ridicule. I say this to the whole-wide world "I am proud of what my ancestors have given to this world as a cultural and linguistical heritage that is af-soomaali and long may it continue and survive"!