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  1. Originally posted by SeeKer: Brother Boonaa representing with a that starts of as one thing and ends up surprising the listener. Mashallah talented individual. Definitely talented, Masha'Allah. I love this one...
  2. Wow, nice turn out in Oslo! Thanks for sharing these pics, I enjoyed viewing them. Why can't we do such a nicely organized gathering in outdoors like that here in Toronto? I think we'd have more people involved that way.
  3. Allaha u naxariisto walaasheen, sabar iyo imaane ehelkeeda ka siiyo. Somalis! It's too bad this story was brought to SOL too. I've been hearing about this story for the last few days and it seems like people are preoccupied with the sister's lifestyle. We do not need to be debating why she was with with a cadaan man, and we don't know whether he was Muslim or not so let's not make assumptions. All the sister needs from us now is du'a. Hadalka iyo muranka badan naga dhaafa ee ducada badiya.
  4. Originally posted by chubacka: why are somali men always more pro marriage than women? I think they get more out of it. Looool! I swear I've thought of that too. I think you're right, there's more in it for them. For women, the gain is only in pounds of fat. Dhibaato!
  5. Iffah

    Moving for Love

    ^Right. You know markay islaamaha maqlaan gabar guur iyo furitaan ka walwaleeyso waxaay dhahaan nin maxuu yahay? Laba lee laga dhalaa horaa looga sii socdaa
  6. Lol@Choc. Faarax, I don't know about that. I think for women, it's the older one's who are into phones & sheeko.
  7. Iffah

    Moving for Love

    Waxaan anaga cabaadnabo, wixii u qoron waay dhacaayaan. I don't understand why us girls are so quick to bring forth stories of evil men who've wronged a woman anytime a girl asks for marriage/men advice. I'm guilty of this too sometimes, laakiin we can't base our decisions on what transpired between a Somali couple somewhere in the Somali diaspora. Ilaahay talo saarto and the take the chance nooh. Hadeey talada xumaatane, Ilaahay aa raxma badan oo noo baneeyay furitaan.
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    Duca Please

    Allaha caafimad siiyo, dhambigeedane cafiyo.
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    Moving for Love

    ^ Lol. That's a possibility, but he can also continue to exceed her expectations marka gabadha ka sii cabsiinin. If he turns for the worst, she can always pack up and return home. She sounds like someone who can fend for herself. Jurnee, I'm with Juxa on this, take the chance! But most importantly ask Allah for guidance, pray istikhara.
  10. Originally posted by Tagsiile: LOL I'm kinda getting a kick out of reading these posts. Okay, CC, obviously different people have different ideas on what poking means, but I won't explain them to you, I'll just let the Facebook groups speak for themselves...... Opinion #1 Opinion #2 Opinion #3 And while you're at it, why not join my useless group? Lol! That's ridiculous. I never really understood the purpose of this feature, I guess now I know.
  11. lol, but it doesn't look like I will be getting # 3 anytime soon as I have to put more time into that above mentioned place in # 1 after finishing #2 (due to a guilty conscious)... Ok, I'm now confusing myself with all these numbers. I'll be counting numbers in my sleep too I'm sure. I hate statistics!
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    JB, that's a easy request. And here it is SAADO ... CLICK # 6
  13. Post count over a 1000?
  14. That's what I was hoping to hear... I feel guilty as I got #1 so I can do #2 and eventually get # 3... I'm terrible!!
  15. ^^ I don't know about the rest of the menu as I only like their chicken legs anyway, and I think I can live without them too.
  16. Ok, so which one of you kind souls is willing to share their class notes with the rest of us? I'm serious... I want to get a taste of what these Al Maghrib classes are like before I attend one I'A. There is also this one particular friend, who keeps on talking about these classes and I'm really curious.
  17. Right now, I can think of the following.... -Days off from work -Finally, finishing a long assignment -8-10 hrs of uninterrupted sleep
  18. You definitely got my vote. I really liked Safari. Good service and great food! I'll be sure to stop by if I ever hit MPLS again. LayzieG, I feel you on that. The place is not the same. I keep telling myself I'll never return there but the family or the friends I'm with always outnumber me in the votes too. Did you notice they always seem to be out of moos too, I guess they have enough ajinabi customers now, ...who needs Somalis huh? :rolleyes:
  19. Salaams, Good to see you girls again, I hope all is well with you. I am glad to hear everyone is as excited about this event as I am. It's funny, the first few years, there were not many Somalis present at this event, but it was great to see our sisters really involved in the conference last yr. Taamiii.... (did you notice I seem to be screaming lately...no wonder I lost my voice) Instead of focusing on this paper that's due tonight, I'm here on SOL just because I knew you would have posted something about the RIS Conf.... As I've told you before, I'm soo looking forward to this conference insha allah. This event is top priority for me this year. Did I tell you I got it off? Yaay! I was just gonna attend the KR if I was unable to get the full week off, but alxamdulillah, I got my request. I can't wait for the KR...I loved it last yr! Do you still have the notes from last year? Pls do post if you do. Ok, I really gotta concentrate. I'll be back mar kale I'A. Take care sisters.
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    qac is here

    Welcome back Qac'Qaac.
  21. Originally posted by Viking: Eerie feeling to be looking around hoping the angel of death has left the building! Agh,I know the feeling. I don't mind the cleaning of the body so much now, but what always gives me the creeps is being in the room while the patient is taking his/her last breath. To think you were in the same room with the angel of death...subxanallah :eek:
  22. ^ You were smarter. I should've walked away after they told us we'd be selling knives too. You know they won't tell you what you would be selling until you go there in person and do all the paperwork. My family laughed at me too when I brought home a briefcase load of knives. Khayr, I got punked good walee. Since then I been warning people I know from being scammed by them. I've seen many complaints against them from students (their target audience) and online petitions too.
  23. The worst job I've ever had was working some marketing company that sells knives. It was the summer after I graduated from HS and I was eager to find a summer job. So after some searching, I found an Ad in the paper for this company that would pay $15/hr and needed students, no experience required. The interview was grueling, they took 2 at time and threw questions at us one at a time. After 3 days of training (unpaid of course) and paying $145 for a set of knives as a demo kit for my 'clients'... I had to make a list of names I would contact, family, friends, neighbours etc. and try to sell them $ 1000 dollar knives. Then I had to beg (pardon me, ask)for them to give me referrals to their friends, because we were not going to to do door to door soliciting as they promised. Yeah right! When your family and friends did not want to buy $1000 knives you had no other choice but to solicit :confused: Imagine a stranger showing up at your doorstep with a bag full of knives :eek:
  24. Ciid Mubaarak Everyone!