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  1. I have provided proof but you chose to ignore it. plus you claimed a counter figure so it is up to you to proof that figure. Also it is you with the lack of knowledge and all the questions so its you that needs to get their info first before they can debate on the issue
  2. Folks, ur asking to many questions at once. i would love to answer them all if i had the time but i dont. Anyway, watever i say you are going to dispute so i suggest the best thing to do for those like you who have the curiosity to want to know all the details of the attempted genocide i suggest you read up on the topics yourselves and research it because at the moment none of you has done that. i have done my research and i know enough about this tragedy and i have got my conclusions, its time you did the same. then post your sources and conclusions fair enough i would say
  3. Folks, I'll only be posting again 2moro, because unlike most of you i have a life to get on with Mods, just a joke not an insult or attack on anybody
  4. ps what was wrong with what i said. no personal attack, no gabiil, no swearing... The truth is cold, hard and difficult to take but i dont think it is enough to get me banned
  5. ME, I was on SOL long before you sxb so you got your facts wrong again before you started to post. Next time follow the three key stages. 1 Think 2 Think again 3 No matter what dont post because you still havent thought enough about what you are saying
  6. Khalaf, i think you are a lot like your allies M.E. and Xalane and i doubt you genuinely have the concern you seem to want to show towards my people. i think you like them 2 have a deep rooted hatred towards landers and pretend to act concerned just to look like a neutral. If you really was concerned about the tragedy you wouldnt even divulge M.E. lies and wouldnt be bothered about the actual figures from the beginning. so stop acting and show the real you. Us somalilanders aint looking for nobody's fake concerns sxb. we have dealt with this issue in our own way and have proved to be succesfull at picking ourselves up from the atrocity which Somalia tried to inflict on us. We have proved ourselves to be of great strength and resolve and that is what matters above all.
  7. Khalaf, You only believe that ME won those debates because you agree with his viewpoints. you are anti-somaliland like him therefore everything he says is the absolute truth and everything we say is a blatant lie. anyway i will divulge you're request. i have still the link to one report on the whole somali war and has that estimate that i have used. it is as independent as you can get so whether you biased folk believe it or not is up to you http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/files/portal/spotlight/country/afr_pdf/africa-somalia-2005.pdf. Section 5.1.1 has the details you are looking for
  8. Dear Fools do not delude yourselves by thinking this is the SNM. The SNM was the most lethal somali force of its time and Puntland would be razed to the ground if that was the command of the SNM. however Somalilanders are peaceful people who out of the necessity of Peace disbanded this great Warior entity. So dont think that its the SNM you are facing and considers yourselves lucky they are not. PS. The somaliland army is there protecting Sovereign Somaliland and will always do that.
  9. People are reading too much into this. it was a calculated pull-out because somaliland had more to gain from a peaceful resolution then a prolonged warfare. If you think it about it its simple and common sense which escaped many of you. Somaliland would never stand a chance of being recoqnised as a stable, PEACEFUL and sovereign state if every time it faced an enemy it put its troops in and eliminated them. it is better for somaliland to resolve this issue in the way that those who can grant it the recoqnition it wants so baldy. that is by peacfully negotiating a solution to a problem it faces. It would have been much worse for Somaliland had it taken part of a full on war with Puntland. I dont agree with Rayaale's actions (personaly i think he is an incompetent fool), but i dont think its the end of the world either. if Puntland troops were to really show agression towards somaliland they would be eliminated at first sight but that is not what has happened so lets not jump to conclusions people. For once let common sense prevail
  10. Khalaf, there you go.. You have just proved a point. i told you the figure that most neutrals have estimated the death toll be at. then along comes Mr. ME and makes a proposterous figure which is completely unfounded and straight away you assume he is right and me and all the landers and neutrals are 'a bunch of liars. How are Somaliland ever supposed to negotiate with that? BTW it wouldnt surprise me if the figure was higher then 50 thousand with the number of mass graves jumping everywhere that hadnt yet been accounted for in most estimations. M.E. Its a lie, the combined population of Hargeysa and Burco in 1988 wasn't even 50,000 So how many was it then 30?40? or is that too much of an exageration. You are on cloud cuckoo land and ignorant to the truth. There have been independent investigations that researched this attempted Genocide from whom most estimates (50,000 and more) have come from. I and every other lander would welcome any other investigations as we are people who always wish to prove the truth rather then spouting the ugly propaganda you and your uncles do here and in somalia on a regular basis.
  11. Khalaf the old regime was faced by rebels: SNM, SSDF, ect a threat to national security therefore they were justified to use force by any means necessary to eliminate those threats So the killing of 50,000 is justified to eliminate the threat posed by the SNM. Sxb, now i see why defending Xalane. First and foremost the attacks of the people in the north were purely attempted genocide to eliminate the majority clan in the north who Siyad barre considered to be his and his clan's enemy. the SNM stood up for our people and for that they will always be honoured. What is tragic is how you and many others are to do this trying to justify it by calling it merely and act to stop the SNM. you dont stop a militia by anihilating whole cities. that was merely and excuse and you seem to just regurgitate the hate that was and i suppose judging by your and xalane's support for the killings are still held held against my people. And you wonder why Somalilanders cant ever see a re-unification? sxb Common sense seems to have alluded you sxb. i suggest you go look for it
  12. Are you trying to convince yourself with these articles because you seem a bit confused sxb with this mad overposting
  13. Sxb, people just show patriotism in differnt ways and i dont see much wrong with what the folks in london were doing. i understand the point about throwing the flag though- that should never happen
  14. north, how is it abused sxb, people just proud of our country and wave the flag like proudly, whats wrong with that