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  1. Depends on what country you're from/are at. I have some friends that have been involved in the "Prime Minister's Global Fellowship" and such things as "Platform 2"
  2. Racism exists everywhere - blatant and otherwise. Sure immigration officials in the UK never bat an eyelid when I have my British passport, but when I use my Italian passport, immigration officials in Italy often make comments, which ranges from "oh you're Italian eh/were you adopted" etc But I have never in all my years in Italy been threatened with lynching, have had things thrown at me, or questioned why I was hanging around with people of different ethnicities, in Italy you encounter more cases of ignorance than racism. It is sad what is going on there right now, it is heart breaking the number of people that flee from the African continent during the summer months and make the dangerous trips on boats to reach "Europe" in hope of a better life. The problems Italians have is that they have nowhere to put these immigrants...not like in England where they offer to pay immigrants X amount of money, a ticket and then ship them back home. Life in Britain is better for most because they can enjoy the perks of being "citizens" but the race riots in bradford and other northern states was not that long ago.
  3. Ok I'll be the first to admit, when my cousin first told me this story I laughed. I mean what are the chances of a random Somali lady coming to your house with accomplises to steal from you? They would have had to watch your house several times to determine your daily routine, the number of people that go in and out etc and if its such common knowledge amongst Somalis, why has it not been reported by the media. But after having a strange Somali man knocking on my door at 10.15pm last night, who was trying to get me to open my door by flashing me a random ID *so that I could not even see the name or the picture properly* and asking me to open the door because "meel dheer baan ka imaaday and salaada baa iga tageyso" was just a little bit uncomfortable.
  4. I heard the story too lol with a slight variation of course...not jamacian but afghans
  5. Aaliyah, I would like to point out to you that Hassan was a victim. Please do not assume just because another Somali kid was killed that it automatically had something to do with drugs or because he was in a gang. He was funny, kind, loyal and always had a smile on his face. Those that knew him will miss him greatly. May Allah swt grant him Jannah, may his killer be bought to justice both in this life and the next and may Allah swt give his family sabr and imaan to get through this.
  6. I went to a bra fitting a few yrs ago with my friend...she assured me I wouldnt have to bare all... SHE LIED SHE LIED SHE LIED did you go to M&S too Ms DD?
  7. I found that if you ignore or decline a friend request the other person knows about it...then it just gets awkward... The type of ppl I get adding me are weird girls that make up stories....e.g the one that tried to add me yesterday send me a very excited message along with her friend request telling me it was heblayo hebel and she was the uni roommate of a friend of mine...and how we all used to have "such fun together"...Odd thing about it was that I hadnt met the friend she mentioned until after she was done with uni....and she lived at home... Since ppl I dont know cant view my friends did she come up with all this...and why?
  8. Handbag essentials are notebook pen ipod camera handsanitiser tissue handcream lip balm wallet keys
  9. Mowgli

    Today I....

    Today I witnessed the most amazing of sunsets from a hot air balloon ride.
  10. ^^ lol don't forget co-ordinated dancing when I was a kid I always thought ppl in india would randomly burst into song...and perfectly choreographed dancing...and then once the song was over...carry on with their shopping...washing..etc
  11. I've had it since I was a child... not the hallucination part but the paralysis and the breathing being difficult, it happens a few times a month but like Che said, the trick is not to fight it
  12. Mowgli


    'Contrasted against the small Somali castles and huts with straw roofs'
  13. lol@weak knees Thanks for the post
  14. least the bendy buses will be gone
  15. Mowgli

    Wow ,Snow!

    Yep it is We made two in the backgarden and one in the park Hope it lasts
  16. Mowgli


    Australia= Oostiliya (or at least that's how the local dhabshiil men pronounce it)
  17. Do tectonic plates run under england?
  18. lol it was ever so slight...i thought it was the chair that had become wobbly...then looked at the tv and pc and they were shaking too... Was talking about it to friends this morning...they were holding on to desks and things were falling over... An interesting night
  19. A few minutes ago...the ground shaking
  20. I watched part 3. oh dear god why...that's 8mins 49seconds of my life i'll never get back again
  21. Originally posted by me: So far at 14.674 Follow the smallest block. ooh that did the trick...25.984 seconds!
  22. Darn it...i can't get past 12 seconds!