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  1. Yaa ii wacay? And why are you yelling?
  2. Kheylo dhaanta ana waa isoo gaartay. Waad salamantihiin dhamaantiin
  3. Juxa

    Troll Corner

    Ma malika baa qofkaan? Salaams lovey Salaam Alaykum dhamaantiin it looks fresh paint everywhere
  4. A patient should never been told waad ureysaa but her personal hygiene should be discussed and guidence given as to how to improve. The only ceeb here is that you did not stand up and say sidaa ha ula hadlin islaanta, submit complaint and report them so they( doctor or nurse) could be retrained. Ps: ha isdilin please.
  5. Ibti first you should have learnt how to swim? Second difference between akhi and ukhti and finally rescue me
  6. The only home I could buy most likely will be massive mudul in my tuulo.
  7. I know more Somali men married to ajnabi than women marrying non- Somali Naga daa ...... Qof walba ha guursato dookheeda
  8. Eid Mubarak everyone. Waa inoo markaad soo ciidaan
  9. Juxa


    Am I the only one that sees banaanaha meesha saaran?
  10. Few raids in London too. Many were families of boys currently on extended holiday back home. All questioned over their whereabouts. Police took laptops and mobile phones. Allow sahal amuraha
  11. 2 young guys from London has already been named in tonight's papers. I expect dadla xerxerto this week.
  12. Salaam alaykum people. This place ma dhiman karo inagoo joogna although young Alpha is doing great job and has given us our last rites. bal warama?
  13. What difference does it make? as long as there is a proper diyaarad landing in hargeysa dhagaxley?
  14. Calling hiba a C-list deserves in dacas lagugu tumo
  15. Juxa

    The inlaws

    Ula dhaqan your in laws like you would your own mom and dad. Ha dhibsan what they say. That is the best way if you want to marry their son/daughter. Most Somali in-laws waa dadleh dhaqan iyo diin and they leave you be, unless aad guursaneyso reer dhibka iyo buuqa lagu yaqaano
  16. No ee weji book buu isbaaro dhigtay.
  17. Don't dismiss the locals so easily. They do study hard and try to further their opportunities. The diaspora returnees are often odayaal, did nothing whilst in the west and now have cushy jobs because of qabiil. Who do you think the educated and the qualified work for? A punch of non qualified qasaaro-joog Having said that the qurbo joog should live like locals and not segregate themselves. This will keep the living costs down and thus the resentment. I will be emailing the afhayeen. Run sheeg waa ceeb sheeg
  18. At least my next visit I will land Hargeysa:) Now all we need is proper planes where you don't melt mid flight and you don't land minus your luggage.
  19. Dumarku qabil malaha sow lama yiraahdo Alpha I heard the recent surge of rapes in Hargeysa as well. My point is any crime committed against a Somali woman is a taint on every man's macawis. So say something about it and speak up.
  20. Rape and violence against women be it in Mogadishu or Hargeysa is completely unacceptable. Something needs to be done to address the issue. The dowlad must bring about death penalties for those who commit this despicable act.
  21. Waa kusugtay. Brother or not, he has no right to beat her up