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  1. Toronto's liberal media are truly disgusting, look at what they're doing to this man property? I really hope Toronto re-elects him as a mayor again. This man is saving taxpayers money and that's all the voters should care about.
  2. Safferz;983410 wrote: Sources, citations, provide concrete examples and evidence to back up your nonsense. And again, what have you read from Khourchide and Abou El Fadl? Critique their work and deconstruct their arguments here for us, since you take issue with their work. Pinpoint what you take issue with in their writing, or you have nothing to say. . Okay, lets begin with this; he said in a book that heaven is accessible to anyone that lives a good life - regardless of whether one believed in God, do you agree with him?
  3. His a business man first, let those nappy haired broads cry a river all they want.
  4. Safferz;983111 wrote: It's not rich, that's life in qurbaha and the expenses associated with the cost of living here. Have you forgotten? When topics are being discussed on public forums try to not personalize it, try to not make it about you (ex. I am phd student, the school you go to, how much you make, posting pictures of your family etc..) debate/discuss on issues without all that. And yes, I agree with you; it's matter of becoming a renter for life or getting a mortgage, because not too many people have large sum of money sitting around somewhere.
  5. *Ibtisam;982655 wrote: No, my friend- it just went above your head- it is okay it is not your fault. Ap: You have graduated from pretending to be an atheist to sitting on the sides make childish remarks- congratulations. Truth be told I haven't read your post fully, just skimmed through. I don't plan to read it as well, have a good-day madame.
  6. How do you feel about getting a mortgage in order to buy a house? Do you already own a mortgage? if so, what's your interest rate like?
  7. Tallaabo;982600 wrote: And what am I?:confused: Safferz left hand?
  8. Apophis;982589 wrote: Paragraph after paragraph of substance less nothing. Haha indeed. She hasn't said nothing at all. You can tell that she was not trying to direct anything to our friend on the far left.
  9. Everything is subject to scholarly debates? hmm, what about the Hadith? People like Tariq Fatah claim to be a Muslim scholar and you have some people quote him in debates. The question of who do you consider a Muslim scholar or follow is extremely important.
  10. This debate is not going anywhere, people lie about the religion all the time, and introduce innovations. Remember God causes whomsoever He wills to stray in error, and sets whomsoever He wills on the straight way.
  11. Classified;982307 wrote: One last question Safferz, what do you think of Irshad Manji? Also, is it okay in Islam (be it religiously or in Islamic Shariah) to be a homosexual/lesbian? Have in mind that Irshad Manji advocates for a total reform/overhaul in Islam/Quran, so to speak. The 2nd question has been answered: Safferz;978380 wrote: I identify with the far left, and I support same sex marriage as a civil right, though I think there are more important issues for LGBTQ people. She's entitled to her opinions.
  12. Classified;982294 wrote: Did she just referred to a Sudanese politician as an Isamic scholar? *scratching his head* He also said "drinking alcohol is not a crime unless it turned into a hostile act" & " women can lead at the front in prayers" among other bizarre things, go figure.
  13. SomaliPhilosopher;981715 wrote: Why couldn't we give him a a less attractive xaliimo, at the very least? Haha, say more power to him. She is beautiful though, he stayed away from the chubby ones that we have.
  14. She doesn't have the cutest face (she's alright looking though), but she can definitely get a little leaner. Force her to workout with you MO.