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  1. When I'm feeling rather melancholy and withdrawn.....
  2. Absolutely GROTESQUE! That almost made me vomit! JB, please refrain from posting such fulgar pictures, walaahi that was disgusting!!!
  3. ^ Talking from experience then, bless u. Hope you're feling better
  4. ^ LOL. So true! Those pharmacists and their scissors- makes me chuckle
  5. Ameen inshallah and thank you for your advice but i think i'll wait until i MUST go. Maalin wanagsan
  6. I've done okay up til now without them so may that long continue... Sleeping helps too and the 5 daily recommendations of fruit/veg. I don't see the point in an annual check up, it's as though your wanting for the doctor to say 'oh, looks like you're suffering my asthma young man'. If you're feeling fine then what's the point in going?! I wouldn't waste my time.
  7. ^ Haha, really? Speak for yourself dude!
  8. ^ LOL, Nin, ur a joker. You see it's all about their 'business' they WANT you to become reliant on them so you can keep returning back... Yes you said they're free but some organisation of somewhat will pay on your behalf and it's a way for your GP to keep you on their patient list 'oh, look how many aappointments I have today!' I self medicate personally...the drugs I use are called ' let your immune system deal with it'
  9. (Clears throat) Jacaylbaro, can I have your number please?
  10. LOL sadly, you're right! Afur wanagsan guys, i'm retiring from this today.
  11. ^ Really? Hmm... It's difficult to be eligible for it though right? And I bet they're stricter about the period of time you can claim for... Enlighten us sis, I may need re-locate myself