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  1. http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/news/child-of+-13-stoned-to-death-in-somalia-20081031 I tried to find a discussion here on somaliaonline, but couldn't find one. I can't understand such a bestial and deranged mentality as those people have. It is dark to live in a world where people do such thing. What is done to prevent this from happening again? The fact that it happened at all is unacceptable, how will those people be held responsible? How can a group of people plan and execute such a thing without any where along the line feeling the most basical human instinct: this is wrong.
  2. Originally posted by ORGILAQE: You do understand that by playing you are setting yourselfs up for "some rude moves" by the opposition like touching you at the wrong places etc during the game to get you off balance.think you can live with that? so far the rude moves have come mostly from the own team :confused: also maybe we striker girls also know some rude moves to upset the defense :rolleyes: i think we do... the opponents might also touch YOU in the wrong places ... ever thought about that:D :cool:
  3. Originally posted by Wilo: Hay waite a minute guys, don't you all know there is a girl in SOL named Wiilo, who plays little footy :confused: I don't know about sharing locker room, and passing the soap, but I can dribble the ball very well. P.S. Scoring gaols is my Specialty : GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!! :cool:
  4. Originally posted by QUANTUM LEAP: [QB] Oh by the way what do you see in this rat looking fella with stamps all over his face :rolleyes: isn't that obvious: cute, hot, great and only getting better ... but i give you an idea... :rolleyes:
  5. Originally posted by QUANTUM LEAP: Zla there is no such thing as 100%. Perhaps you an alien to the footballing scene.....every good footballer needs acheck up and I would suggest you get one ASAP Originally posted by rokko: quote: Originally posted by zlatanfan nadja: [qb] my physical stats are 100% and i'll make sure it stays up there your physical wellbeing will be well taken care of dear :cool: QUANTUM LEAP maybe there are other players in more desperate need of having their physical status examined ... and i can just wait while you take care of those in greater need... :rolleyes:
  6. hey, "vd vaart" unhappy with your spot in the team haha ... wanna get rid of me?? :cool: or maybe you fear meeting me in the showers?
  7. you'll never beat the hell out of BARCA ... keep dreaming while you can, soon enough it is time to wake up!!!
  8. Originally posted by QUANTUM LEAP: Well Im ready to kick some balls if anything Zla...oh btw Roko has just landed the best job of physiotherapist and guess who would or wouldnt enjoy that haha, tell me how you liked it and then i decide, ok? :rolleyes: i might not need a physical right away...my physical stats are 100% :cool:
  9. i wanna see juve barca in the finals!!!!! the best hottest teams!! :rolleyes:
  10. Originally posted by BOB: Miss Ibrahimovic, You can talk the talk all right but I wonder can you walk the walk? Sorry, you have to settle with Orgilaqe, Ngonge, Northerner, Quantum Leap and yours truly and the rest of the team instead of Del Piero & Ibrahomivic Ok? but would you mind doing the shaving at home because we don't want you distracting the boys and the girls with your shaving, Pronto? Oooh, one more thing, forget about dribbling all over the place, we are going to play a simple "Give & Go" style of football where the ball will do all the running and movement for you and not the other way around but you are more than free to express yourself when the opportunity arises. absolutely give and go is nice but sometimes grab and run is better but i'm learning to be more and more professional by the day and dribble less .. hehe ... although it still comes in handy every now and then, and my assists are great and unbeatable!! :cool: haha, in juve all players are busy shaving there own legs so there is no time for looking at somebody elses legs...but if you have a problem with that then i'll do it at home... and just so you know, i am determined to play in one of the worlds best leagues one day ... but in the meantime i don't mind learning a couple of things from you ppl :rolleyes:
  11. Originally posted by QUANTUM LEAP: North if she cant score then she can be agreat goalkeeper are you after my spot in the team or what??! haha LMAO i will fight for it!!!!!!
  12. Originally posted by Northerner: ^^^yes but can u score?? sure i can score haha!!!!!!!!!! i can be a target player on top but i can also go down and dribble my way up and create a lot of space ...
  13. Originally posted by ORGILAQE: some honest sharing never hurt anyone... Boy oh boy! you are eager arent you? oh, haha ... just showing you bantering guys that you can't scare me away from footy , i can be a team player and pass the soap when needed ... but mostly i like to dribble ... :rolleyes: Originally posted by Northerner: Goalie: Ngonge 2: QL 3: Orliqe 4:Viking 5: Vanquish 6: Sujui 7: Beeneyal 8: Mojam 9: Norf 10: winger 11: Zlatan fan nadia i have the physique, the strenght, the stamina, and also i have very technical feet!! :rolleyes:
  14. Originally posted by Northerner: 5 mins, please not AC Milan or Juve,,,,, :rolleyes: who said anything about milan... JUVE ... or BARCA!!!! well i can't say i'm happy about the draw ... i don't like real!!! but we will beat them good (and fair) ... :cool:
  15. haha... forza juve ... forzzzzzza ZLATAN!!!!! last game was a disaster, juve played like little boys in their first game!! c'mon ... you will have to do better than that or milan will win!!!!! (but i have faith...they will deliver...) and ahem from a woman's perspective: even if you can't bat for both teams you can still enjoy...looking... :rolleyes: shevi kaka (omg) and what a player!! nesta, just to mention the most eye catching of the lot :rolleyes: 2-1 to juve