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  1. It is a waste of energy to discuss whether the President or PM has more power; they have complementary responsibilities which are spelled out in the Constitution and we prefer that they co-operate by working together as team. It may be more useful though to discuss the following discrepancy which Dr. Osman presented. Article 97. postulates that The Council of Ministers is the highest executive authority of the Federal Government and consists of the Prime Minister, the deputy prime minister (s), ministers, state ministers and deputy-ministers. Down in the article it continues to read that PM's responsibilities include quote.....(a) Be the Head of the Federal Government....... unquote; Well the Prime Minister as the First Minister of the Council of Ministers which is the highest executive authority of the Federal Government has to be the head of the Executive branch not the head of the Federal Government as written above. In the Somali version we find the following: Awoodaha Ra’iisul-wasaaraha waa (a) Madaxa Xukuumadda Federaalka ah; Translation: The responsibilities of the PM are (to): (be) the Head of the Executive ( branch ) of the Federal Government. The translations and wording of the Constitution in different languages, including the Somali, may need to be looked at by concerned authorities. The Awakener2
  2. The decissions of the Councils of ministries and Prime Minster has to be appproved by other branches of the government; likewise proposals come to the president from the other branches; that is how checks and balance could work. No branch of the government has sole power. The Awakener2
  3. Don't be confused by the separation of powers. It is for checks and balance which without it one branch of the government will become powerful and in consequence might misuse it. The Awakener2
  4. I see the problem now. It is the translation! ( click on the english translation) The word xukuumad = The executive- The Prime Minster and his Council of minsteries. . The word dawlad= The government or State The Prime Minster is the head of the Council of Minsteries ( xukuumad-). The President is the head of the State/government ( dawlad) which includes more than the Prime Minster and Council of Ministeries. I think this settles the confusion and hopefully it will be corrected ( if I'm right ). The Awakener2
  5. The president and the PM share the executive role In my book the words 'of the executive branch' are omitted regardless. But I'm not sure if what the Dr. Osman wrote in his query is correct; if it is correct and the executive role is shared then at the same time we see that the Constitution is conferring the responsibility of the head of the Federal government ( I read State in here ) to the Prime Minster. In that case the distinction of responsibilities is unclear. The Awakener2
  6. The responsibilities of the Prime Minister are to: (a) Be the Head of the Federal Government ; . This can't be right: I'm not lawyer but this seems to be a mistake. The words 'of the executive branch are omitted ( willingly or unwillingly ). A correct way to say it is:. The responsibilities of the Prime Minster are to: a) Be the head of the executive branch of the Federal Government. (b) Appoint and dismiss members of the Council of Ministers; © Present the Council of Ministers and government program before the House of the People of the Federal Parliament to seek their endorsement; (d) Carry out any other function conferred upon him or her by the Constitution or by any other law that complies with the Constitution and its underlying values. The other points are clear and there is no visible confusion in them in my opinion. The Awakener2
  7. Life in here is not a picnic holiday but in fact our reality is a school where Life presents to us problems we have to solve. So from the bright side when you have 'rough and winding road ahead' it just means that you are ready to face it by drawing from your prior experience and creative ability. In that perspective for everyone ( and nation) there is always rough and winding road ahead but in accord to his or her creative ability to navigate through it. In other words don't worry. It is going to be fine. The Awakener2
  8. At last! The future is here. There is always now. Future events happen in now. For now they did it right and during the MPs short life we know now that they are competent and are capable to take right steps. Twice they did and you have right to 'flicker with expectation' !
  9. NGONGE;867777 wrote: ^^ This time, I can't spoil your thread. Your name suits your sentiment. I also feel your positive sentiment.
  10. It is clearly a new dawn for Somalia Waa baa beryey, bilicsan, arooryo baxsan, maalin boqran. Hambalyo ayaan leeyahay Madaxweynaha cusub; Ilaahay xilka aad qaaday ha kugu garab galo. In an another verse in another song we find the following: Inkastoo nin geesiyi, rag u geed adayg yahay, haddaan garabka lala qaban, guri oodi maayee. Regardless of the ability of the president it is ultimately those whom he lets to surround him that will make the difference. In extension that naturally includes every Somali man, women and child as they are all contributors to the welfare and wellbeing of the State; it also includes every non-Somali person, organization or State that has relation with us in some capacity. Hence surrounding the presidential office with competent, honest and people with serve-for-the-others attitude is essential; geo-politically surrounding the Nation State with Strategic Friends is indispensible for its enduring survival. I have an urge to add that before now we , Somalis, have experimented with the effects of nation dismantling and sectarian strive but that is the past. Now we reached an age of nation building; this is a time which a unity of purpose is paramount, a time to look forward, reconcile our difference and work together in order to realize our common dreams. Today is the day we have turned a corner, which our children and their children might remember as the inception day of the Somali Republic. This is really a day to become optimistic but let me not forget in my euphoria to thank those who contributed to make this happen both outside and inside actors. Let us grasp the opportunity then and march forward together to unity, peace and prosperity! The Awakener2
  11. NGONGE , I agree that Somalis like many others in the third and second world have tendency to hardly make plans for the future. They just role on with the tide of events and enjoy or suffer according to the whims of time! I step aside for you buddies to continue your discussion. carry on then The Awakener2
  12. NGONGE , You have progressed ahead of me but if I may add my two cents in here. Many of the points you raised are valid still a reader would conclude that your pieces in this thread paint despair, doom and gloom about the future of Somalia. It seems that you feel that Somalia is broken and beyond repair in the foreseeable future. I mean you could empower us by offering positive analyses or at least show exit strategy from these seemingly intractable challenges in Somalia. Now in analytic terms we have to remember that we, Somalis, have fallen from the grace of nationhood; as you rightly said it is the clannish mindset of our people that has brought the nationhood down and truly it is that same mindset that is hindrance to reconstitute the nation-state now in a qualitative way. Regardless of whether Somaliland is independent or part of Somalia the problem is the same because clan mentality can not co-exists with national identity as the two are antithesis. The gatekeepers of the nation demand credentials of national identity from those who wish to belong to the nation; but alas that is why many of us are wandering outside because we hold on into clan identity and loyalty to tribes. But you would agree that lately Somalia has been taking baby steps towards re-emergence of the Republic of Somalia: a well known idiom says ' a long walk begins with one step'. That is what Somalia is doing now: taking baby steps to reconstitute the nationhood; it is my view that like raindrops which accumulate into streams, rivers and lakes so will these baby steps in Somalia in time accumulate into qualitative and quantitative systems of government; and eventually peace, social emancipation and prosperity may be restored. As you know there is no hurry in the scheme of Life. That is why I applaud now when a learned figure is nominated as the Speaker of the Somali Parliament because this potentially strengthens the administrative capability of the house and eventually overall administrative health of the National Institutions of Somalia. The Awakener2
  13. Che, no I wish to put my feeling in record in this section. There may be wind of change!
  14. Xiin, there is always tomorrow and it is never late to apply your talents to where they belong. Mooge; the challenge is ' put the right persons to the top posts'. The Awakener2
  15. I'm opptimistic for the first time in many years. The Awakener2